complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


2. somethings wrong

authors note:well second part i love my 5 readers you guys are awesome thanks for reading. next chapter might be up tomorrow idk depends on if i have time to write it! so keep reading and like, fav and comment!!





niall's pov.
i just walked out of this little coffee shop in ireland, i sat down in a chair at a table waiting on alex to come out. she met my family over the weekend ins monday, and we are leaving tomorrow for tennessee, so i can meet hers, she insisted she meet my parents and family first, my mother loved her and my brother did to everyone loved her just like i knew they would. and she was so scared to meet them, she just walked out of the shop and she found me sitting at a table, it was a little past 1, she sat next to me and said,"god that line was so long" i smiled at her, she said,"so you ready to meet my parents?" i smiled nervously and nodded, she said,"niall that dosent sound promissing" i said,"well its easier for people to meet my parents they are awesome, im honestly terrified to meet yours"she smailed and said,"you should be" right before sipping her coffee, i instantly felt a pain in my stomach, im so nervouse, what if i say soomething wrong and they hate me forever. im just so scared, i let out a breath as we both got up and started walking to the car, i got in the drivers side nd she got in the passenger side, i started driving to the hotel we where staying at since she instisted we couldnt stay at my parents house. its fine with me as long as shes happy and everythings good, the break weve had has been going really well, besides the fact i havent seen the guys in forever, it sucks we all go difrent ways when we break. i wish we could all just hang out one day, but they all wanna see someone diffrent, so i mean its their break too not just mine. right then alex says,"niall honey are you okay? you have been really quite latley" i nodded and said,"yeah im fine just tired is all" uhh thats not all, iv been so worried about when managment is gonna call and take me away from alex, i want to spend as much time with her as i can before i leave, it could be anyday we have to be in the studio, or back on tour and it kills me i cant tell her im gonna be with her forever, and for everything. ohhh my thoughts are getting the best of me. i just pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, we both got out of the car, i waited for her to walk to my side as i took her hand and we walked in the hotel, the one thing i like about ireland is theres not as much poperazzi everywhere, i mean yeah there are some but not as much as the u.s. and i just love being home! in my home town, with things i recognize.we walked in and up the elevator to floor 12 and walked to room 1235, i opened the door with the key card and walked in, alex closed the door and said,"okay niall we have to start packing if we re leaving for nashville tomorrow" i nodded and sat down in the floor next to my suit case, and then said,"hey babe you wanna pack later?" alex smiled and said,"what would we do if we arnt gonna pack?" i got up and said,"i have a few things in mind" smileing at her seductivley.she laughed as impulled her by her hands to the bed, i laided her down on it an hovered on top of her. she gigle as i kissed her neck, i took off my shirt and kissed her lips, as she started to mess with me pants, i messed with her, mine where off and next where hers, i started to take off her underwear when my phone started ringing. i let oout a breath as alex said,"who is it?" i took my phone and saw hannah was calling, i said,"its hannah?" alex gave me a confused look and said,'well answer it" i nodded and answered,"hello?" hannah was breathing hard like she just got done running, she said,"hello? hello? niall?" i said,"yeah? hannah whats wrong?" she kept gasping for air, she said,"umm harry something happened to harry, i dont know what but hes in the hospital and its seriouse i need you and the other boys here now! and i need to call his mom but iv never met her and it woould be weird to meet her now" i said,"whoa okay ill call harrys mom, and the other boys okay? you just get to the hospital and find out what happened" she said,"okay thanks niall and come as fast as yall can" i said,"okay bye" and hung up, i got off of alex and pulled my pants back on and put my shirt on, alex said,"what happened?" pulling her pants up, i shrugged and started throwing our clothes into the suit cases, alex said,"niall whats going on?" i yelled,"i dont know alex!" she stood there frozen as i zipped up our bags, i stood up straight just now relizing how loud i yelled, i said,"alex im sorry i didnt mean to yell, somethings wrong with harry i dont know what, all i know is that we need to get to him now, would you call liam?" she nodded and grabbed her phone,i grabbed mine and called our manager, he answer and i said,'have a jet down to ireland in 10 mintues to go to nashville, the flights have been changed" he said,'okay bye" and i hung up, i grabbed mine and alex bags and walked out the door as alex was talking to liam, i gave the front desk the key and walked to the car, i put the suit cases in and got in the drivers seat, alex got in the passenger seat and said,"okay liam said he will be there as soon as he can, which dosent sound anytime soon" i let out a sigh and handed her my phone i said,"here would you call zayn?" she nodded and took my phone as i backed out and started driving to the airport, i listened to alex and zayn talk, the phone was loud enought where i could here, zayn said,"hello?" alex said,"hey zayn its alex, hannah needs everyone in tennessee, something bad happened to harry and hes in the hospital" zayn said,"ohh gosh, okay ill be there as soon as i can' she said,"okay bye" and hung up, alex sighed and said,"again dosent sound to convincing" i nodded and said,"iits okay, harrys okay, everyones okay" alex placed her hand over mine on my knee, i glanced at her and she said,"baby breath, im sure harrys fine" i nodded as i pulled into the airport, i got out and security gaurd where waiting for us, they grabbed our suit cases and ran us threw the airport, to the plane, we got on and sat in our seat and buckled up, and took off instantly. alex sat infront of me in the big tan lether chair, she looked out the window at the sky. i got my hone and called louis, he answered,"hello?" i said,"hey lou umm, something has happened to harry " louis said,"what happened?" instantly, i said,"louis i dont know, all i know is that hes in vanderbuilt, in tennessee, and we all need to get there, all the guys should be coming can you make it?" louis line made staic then he said,"yeah packing im on my way" i smiled to myself and said,"okay see you soon, bye" and hung up, i put my phone in the cup holder of the seat and let out a sigh then said,"all the guys are coming, ill call harrys mom when we land" alex nodded and said,"you exciyed to see the boys?" i nodded and said,"but then again im freaking out because somethign bad has happened to harry, and whats even worst hannahs all alone dealing with it right now" alex looked down and said ,"i know, i feel so bad for leaving tennessee now" i noddd and said,"u hope its nothing serious, so hannah can get threw it easly, i just cant help but feel bad for her" alex nodded and said,"well we will be there right next to her threw the whole thing by tomorrow morning" i nodded and alex said,'baby till then you should get some sleep, i know you havent been sleeping good lately" i smiled slightly ad said,"you know about that?" she nodded and said,"i do, you wake up every night at 1 and just lay there, sometimes youll get up and eat" i smiled and she said,"now go to bed baby, ill make sure everythings okay, okay?" i nodded alightly, honestly i am exsahusted, i dont know why but shes right i havent been sleeping good at all! maybe now is a really good time, i closed my eyes and listened to the airplane noises, and alex moving every now and then in her seat, untill i thought, about her, i really love her, she dosnet know how much i care about her, i wonder how i could show her? and with that, i drifted to sleep thinking of all the ways i could make her smile, because i love that smile.


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