complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


5. my things.

authors note:okay guys i rlly dont think any of y'all read my authors notes. so i might just stop writing them, but okay next chapter will be up when the story get 42+ readers! love my 35 readers! but all im asking is if you guys could be more active? please.but anyway enjoy!






harry's pov.
we just got home and im in my 'room' for now. i didnt really have any clothes other from the ones i came home in which is nothing but blue hospial pants and a white tee. i layed one the nicely made bed white a black comforter on it, and i couldnt help but think about hannah. she looked so sad when she found oout i didnt know her. i wonder if we really where 'toggether' or if everyone was just tripping.i honestly dont know, but i do know that she was beautiful her nice dirty blonde hair, fell down her back and over her shoulders like a waterfall, and her eyes where just amazing, she seemed like a nice girl too, nice bright smile, but i didnt know this girl, but.. i kind of want too . louis and the guys seem to know some about her, i should probably ask about her, okay. i got up and walked out of my room and into the living room where the guys where, i stood infront of the tv which they where all looking at, louis turned it off behind me and said,"whats up harry?" i took a breath and said,"uhh well its um nothing really just uhh a question or uhh a few" i was stummbling with my words, i didnt want the guys to think i liked this girl i was just curious. niall said,"okay whats your questions?" i shrugged and smiled a little saying,"uhh i dont know just about that girl hannah, nothing big really" louis smiled, and looked down, zayn smiled too and said,"okay sit donw and ask" i sat on the couch with niall. he smiled at me too, i said,"okay uhh she umm when did we meet, no how did we meet? do you guys know her? did i ask her out? or did she come on to me? what is her favorite color? ho long have we been together? how about this -" "whoaa! whoa!" one question at a time, louis said interupting my blabbering, i smirked saying,"oh sorry umm okay how did we meet?" niall said,"well you guys met at the airport, then we ran into them at the beach, we all played some vollyball, then we went out to eat and thats really how it started" i nodded, and said,"okay well, this girl hannah, was i happy with her?" louis smiled and said,"yes very happy you would text me all the time everytome she did spmething you liked, and you where probably the happiest person in the world when liam br-" he stopped, i said,"when liam what?" louis continued,"when liam uh got her number for you" i nodded then said,"okay one more question, where we inlove?" niall opened his mouth but stopped when the doorbell rang, louis got up and answered it, he said,"hannah? he come in" and in walked hannah, she had a plan pink t-shirt on, and skinny jeans with white sandles, her hair was straightend, and she had a back pack. louis shut the door, and said,"harry hannah is here to see you" i stood up and said,"oh umm hi" she smiled slightly, niall said,'harry how about you take hannah to your room" i nodded and started walking to my room as she followed behind keeping her distance. we eentered my room, and i shut the door, she stood with her back facing me, looking around, when she said,"nice room" i said,"um thanks, so what did you need?" she turned around and said,"oh umm here" she took the back pack off and handed it to me, i grabbed it and said,"well whats in it?" she said,"umm just some little things i thought would uh help" i nodded and sat on my bed, while she stood infront of me, i opened it, and pulled out 2 books, i put the bag to the side, and opened a brown lether book, that had like journal entrys in it, she spoke up,"umm thats your journal, you thought i didnt know about" i looked up and she smiled vaguly, i pulled up the other book, she again spoke up saying,"and thats um a photo album, of um picture of, us" i heard her voice crack, i looked up and i could tell she was about to cry. i out the books down and said,"please dont cry" she took in a breath and said,"im trying not too, im sorry harry i think i should go" i stood up and yelled,"wait!" she turned around waiting for me to say why, but nothing came out, i just said,"thanks" she nodded and walked away. a few seconds later i heard the front door close. damn.i got up and went back to the living room, where louis was gone, i said,'zayn wheres louis?" he pointed to the door across the room, i nodded and walked toward it then knocked, i heard him yell,"yeah?" i opened the door and he said,"yeah?" he was sitting on his bed, i walked in and closed the door, he said,'harry whats wrong?" i walked over and sat next to him, i siad,"why did she cry?" louis sighed and said,"harry she loves you" i said,"yeah but she got to see me shoudlnt she be happy?" louuis shook his head and said,"no i mean yeah, but thats my point she loves you and you dont love her, because you dont know her, and she knows you dont love her and you might never love her again, and thats what hurts her the most" i sighed, and said,"i feel bad, i feel like i could do something to not make her cry but i dont know what, i dont know her, i barley know myself right now" louis nodded saying,"yeah i understand" we sat there in scilents for a good five minutes when i said,"umm do you know where my phone is?" he nodded and said,"yeah its at yours and hannahs place, ill take you if you want" i nodded and said,"yeah i need clothes too" he smiled and we got up and walked out of his room, we walked outside and to his car, a black range rover, he said,"rented it for as long as we are staying" i nodded and we got in and started driving to my house. wow that feels weird to say, my house. it took about 15 minutes, less time then i thought, the house was nice, pretty average, not to big not to small, good size. i got out and said,"umm stay here ill be back" he nodded and i walked up to the fornt door and knocked, no one answered, so i knocked again still no answer, umm welll i mean it is my house, i could just walk in, i took a breath and opened the door, i took a few steps inside then closed it, the living room was nice, im guessing she did the decorating. i walked threw the living room and to the left was a door, i opened it and hannah was in bed, i froze, when i noticed she was asleep, i took a breath, and walked in the room, i looked at her from the foot of the bed, she was wrapped up in a white blanket with black flowers on it, her face was expressionless, but you could tell she had been crying from the tear stained face she has, and the red cheecks with a red nose to match. i looked away form her and started looking for a closet, i found it the door was open right infront of me, i walked in and grabbed a diffrent bag from the back, it was just a pblack duffle bag, i grabbed some jeans and some black skinny jeans, and some plain shirts, a few flannel, a few button ups, my black and brown boots, some bandanas from the top shelf above my clothes, mt tennis shoes, some backet ball shorts socks, underwear. i walked out and she hadnt moved from the position i left her in, i walked into the bathroom, and grabbed my tooth brush, tooth paste, hair stuff, body spray, i dont know stuff of that natrue i was honestly just grabbing stuff. i walked out and watched her as i walked out of the bed room, i put the backpack on the couch, and went into the kitchen, just too look really, i walked around the island, with a stove top on it, and i looks at the dark brown cabnits, and the grante counters, stainless steal everything, i want to open one of the cabnits so i reached for one, and all the sudden every single thing fell out, good thing it was all plastic, but it made some noise, i froze and let everything fall, i held my breath, and waited for her to wake up but she didnt, huh, i turned around then bam the bedroom door opened, she came out in some grey sweat pants and my t-shirt with hands on it. when she looked at me her eyes widdened she said,"wha-what are you doing here?" i said,"umm i needed some clothes" she nodded slightly, then said,"okay did you get them?" i nodded in return saying,"i didnt want to wake you but looks like that plan didnt go to well" she smiled then said,"you could have woken me up you know" i shook my head, she just smiled at me then said,"is that it? or do you need something else?" i nodded and said,"yes do you know where my phone is?" she walked over to a kitchen drawer not saying anything the pulled out my phoner and its charger, she handed it to me, i grabbed it then she said in a faglie voice like it would break at even the slightest touch,"harry if you need anything im here okay?" i nodded but she wasnt finished,"if you ever need help or someone to talk to or if your in any trouble if anything harry you call me please okay?" i nodded and said,"okay i promise" she nodded then said almost in a whisper,"you can um show yourself out i guess" and she dissapeared into the bedroom. wow that wasnt the most saddest thing in the world, well i dont know what to do! do i stay? no dose she really think i would call her if i was in trouble, i wouldnt not because i dont trust her or anyhing but because i wouldnt wanna get her in trouble with me. i walked out of the house duffle bag in hand, i got in the car and put the bag in the back, louis said,"how did it go?" before i could eve buckle up. i said,"uhh she was asleep" he nodded and started backing out, i looked out the window, i wonder how i ended up in the hospital because it seems like no one has told me or even really knows everyone just says i was in an 'accident' but like what accident a car accident? a stage accident? like i dont know. i should call someone, and ask, maybe hannahs knows? uhh i dont really wanna bother her i mean i just left her house. ill call tomorrow. im really tired, im probably thinking wayy to much into it, i always do this, i dont know just something about this whole thing just dosent make sense to me.

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