complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


26. might as well

Harry's pov

Allison or Allie isn't actually that bad.

she's really sweet. but I know it's all a game. an act to trick me into thinking I'm in love with her.

she's nice, but she's not really my type.

I glance and Hannah and Liam across the cafe

they arnt talking.

Liam is on his phone and Hannah is sitting there looking down as if she's about to cry.

what's wrong with her?

it's taking all my strength to not get up and comfort my baby.

Harry stop she's obviously not yours. she's Liam's now

I roll my eyes back to Allison who has now gotten to her side of the booth again

she's eating french fries and texting

one of my pet peeves is texting or being on your phone while on a date.

why are you even gonna come to a date if your gonna be on your phone the whole time, not talking to anyone. it's quite annoying if I do say so my self.

our waiter Peyton comes back and places the bill on the side of the table.

he smiles and leaves without a word.

I pay for the food and leave a 10 dollar tip.

"we could go to my house"

I look up and Allison is smiling a little shyly

"sure. if that's what you wanna do babe"

it makes my stomach churn using this type of language with her. because she's not my babe or my baby.

Hannah's my baby.

or she use to be anyway.

Allison gets up and pulls me out of my thoughts.

I stand with her and began walking as I feel her hand grab mine and tangle out fingers together

in the corner of my eye I see Hannah and Liam talking again.

I open the door and Allison and I walk out.

"did you drive here?" I ask looking for her car

she shakes her head "I walked"

I look at her. she's smiling.

"alright there's my car. I can drive us to your house"

she nods in acceptance to my offer

we get in my black car and start driving off

I see Hannah and Liam following behind us as I'm driving down the road.

"baby iv really missed you" Allison's voice is a low whisper

I feel her hand approach my knee and grab is lightly

this action starts to make me uncomfortable.

her hand slowly starts going up to my thigh

I feel my breathing pick up, she takes notice to my breath,smiling at me

"turn here" her voice still low

I turn into a apartment complex

"B 24"

I nod pulling In front of the B building.

she removes her hand and my breathing becomes some what normal again.

I step out of the car, looking around for Liam's car. but I can't seem to find it

Allison gets out "come on Harry"

I turn to her and she's walking up the stairs.

I jog a little to catch up to her now at the door

when I get to her she opens the door walking In and into the kitchen.

her apartment is simple having a light yellow couch in the middle of the living room with cream colored pillows and a cream colored chair to the right of the couch.

the couch and chair are facing a tv on a wooden stand. and I between the tv and the couch a matching wooden coffee table with some magazines on it.

her apartment smells like apples and a hospital.

it's not a great smell but it's not awful either.

I shut the front door and join her in the kitchen , she's pouring tea as I enter the small room

"here you go" she hands me a white tea cup .


she turns around, I smell the tea. it smells kinda like mint.

I take the tea cup to my lips and before I can drink any my phone rings causing me to drop the tea cup.

the tea cup shatters on the wooden floor below me.

Allison runs into the living room, her eyes wide but then go back to normal when she sees me.

"I'm so sorry my phone rang and it scared me"

she smiles as I try to pick up the tea cup pieces

she bends down next to me

"it's okay. answer your phone I'll get it"

I nod grabbing my phone then walk out of the apartment.

I look at my phone screen

Liam Payne calling...

I slide and answer with a whisper "hello?"

"Harry don't drink the tea!" he basically screams In to the phone

"why not?" I question

"it's called Z tea that tea will knock you out... doctors prescribe it to patients who have trouble sleeping"

"how did she get it the?"

"hell if I know. but she has it."

"how do you know it's Z tea?"

the line is silent and then a little static

"Harry did it smell like mint?" Hannah's voice chimes threw the speaker

my heart races as she talks to me. I long to kiss her right now.

"yeah why?"

"because Z tea had a strong mint smell to it. so don't drink it okay?"

"I don't get why it's a big deal to sleep"

I know why it's a big deal. because she is crazy and I will be vulnerable. but I wanna hear her say it. I wanna hear her say that she wants nothing to happen to me

" Harry she's crazy! that's why! who knows what she could do to you! she could really hurt you.... and if she hurts you she will hurt me. please Harry promise me you won't do anything stupid. don't eat or drink anything she gives you.. please baby"

baby... she called me baby.

I smile "alright I won't drink it. I love you"

she pauses

she not gonna say it. she dosent love me anymore she loves Liam I need to remember that. she's done with me. she dosent wanna sit here and be with me everyday. I bore her.

"I love you too. be carful" and the line goes dead.

I can't help but smile bigger then I ever have.

Harry your so stupid! she's not saying that cause you don't know about Liam yet she's still pretending to love you. that's why it took her so long. your such an idiot

my subconscious is right she doesn't want me anymore. this is all a game.

but it's okay because I can still win.

I'm at Allison's she's waiting for me. I can still show Hannah what she will be missing and that what I'm gonna do.

I walk in Allison's apartment.

she's sitting on the couch watching a movie

"hey babe come watch this with me"

I walk to her and place my arm around her waist and pull her on to my chest.

she cuddles into it

"your so warm baby" she whispers into my chest

"iv been told"

my mind goss to Hannah and all the times she has cuddled up to me while we are asleep



"what's Hannah been up too?"

he question takes me by surprise and I feel my heart speed up

"I-I'm not sure. I haven't talked to her"

"really? because I thought you guys talked a few days ago"

ahh idk did we? I don't remember!

I suddenly hear a small voice in my ear

"you didn't see her! she tricking you!"

I take the voice and trust it

"no I haven't seen her in awhile"

she nods "oh okay"

I feel her smile on my chest

where the fuck did that voice come from?! it freaked me out because it kinda sounded like Liam

about 30 minutes pass as I stare at the movie titanic as it sinks into the ocean

I'm kinda into the movie rose just left the little boat to find jack

all the sudden I feel a hand on my hip

I look down and Allison is watching to movie.

I turn back to the screen and then her hand moves inward to the middle of my upper thigh

I feel my breath pick up

she looks up at me as I look down at her

"have you missed me?"

I don't know what to say.. so I nod

"I bet he's missed me too" she says as he looks down at my crotch

her hand lightly brushes against my jeans

my eyes get wide as she keeps brushing her hand over me

"I missed him" she whispers as she started leaning down.

oh shit

I grave her upper arm and pull her up and before she can object I press my lips against hers

her lips are soft but cold and they don't move with mine right

but none the less I kiss her. I'd rather kiss her then have her suck my dick

she slips her tongue in my mouth and moves it around slowly

she starts moving her self getting on too of me with legs on both sides straddling my waist

she runs her fingers threw my hair and starts grinding on me

alright this isn't how I imagined this evening going but if this is the only way that I can get a reaction out of Hannah so be it

I kiss Allison deeply and she grinds deeper on my hips

Wait Hannah and Liam can't see us. so to them it just sounds like kissing and such.

a bad thought crosses my mind but fuck it I'm doing it.

I grip Allison's hips and start thrusting into her too

and a moan escapes her mouth

exactly what I wanted

her moans escape I to the air around us


I continue to make out with her and I feel myself getting excited

might as well enjoy myself too.

I feel really bad about doing this but what Hannah did to me was basically the same thing.... right?

alrightttt lol sorry if things are misspelled I wrote this chapter on my phone at school soooo yeah I love all of you you guys are the bestest! next chapter tomorrow maybe! or maybe even today! who knows!!! thanks for reading!!!! love you!!!

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