complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


18. maybe not

authors note: hey guys god i feel like iv been gone forever! but im back hopefully! anyway i love my 227 readers! you guys are amazing! remember to follow me on twitter @xxQxeenHarryxx ilysm! im so happy you guys are still enjoying the story! i really loved writing this chapter! so i hope you like it!




continue on alex's pov.
i sat in the car for a good 15 minutes before harry walked out of the house in a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and black boots. he got in the passenger seat of my car shutting the door he said,"alex i dont know if i can do this" i smiled, pulling out of the drive way then started to drive, the car was silent, harrys leg was bouncing really fast as he looked out the window. i spoke up," harry, are you really that nervous?" i turned his attention towards me saying,"yeah, im terrified, i cant get my heart to stop beating fast, i have no idea what im gonna say to her, what if she sees me and then throws a pan at me or something?!" i said,"whoa harry calm down" i oulled into the driveway, he sighed and said,"oh man" i turned off the car and said,"look, iv known hannah for a very long time, harry she wont hurt you, she wont be rude to you, all you have to do is tell her how you feel, she will listen to you, she always listens to you, now breath, get out of the car and talk to this girl!" he smiled saying,"thanks alex, you wanna know the real reason i stayed home?" i gave him a confused look, but he continued," the real reason i stayed home was to be closer to her, to be able to get to her fast if she needed me" i smiled then said,"now just go in there and tell her that, come on lets do this" we both got out of the car, and walked up to the front door, harry took a deep breath as i knocked on the door. i nodded towards him, when the big door slowly opened, and a healthier looking hannah was standing on the other side. she has on black work out pants with a matching pink tanktop, and pink tennis shoes, her hair is in a french braid down her back, and she has 1 ear bud in, her hair line and shoaulder are sweating which shows that she was working out. her eyes widdened as they fell on harry, she opened her mouth but nothing came out, thats when there was a noise behind her. i looked around her as a tan built guy came down the stairs, he has a buffle bag on his shoulder, his hair is spiked, his white tank top and shinning sleeve of tattoos showed his sweat, he walked up to the door next to hannah. he said,"oh who is this?" hannah glanced at him then said,"oh lance this is my best friend alex, and thats harry styles" he shook our hands then said,"alright babe im out of here, ill see you tomorrow alright?" hannah nodded as lance kissed her cheek and hugged her bye. he squeezed past harry and i, then was gone. hannah finally spoke to us, she said,"oh um come in" harry walked in with me behind him, hannah shut the door. hannah said,"um no offense or anything but what are you guys doing here?" i looked at harry who was bitting his lip, obvisouly not about to say anything. so i said,"harry and i are here because he would like to talk to you" hannah raised her eyebrows then said,"wait why?" her question was more directed towards harry so i didnt say anything instead i sat on the couch, waiting for everything to unfold.
hannah's pov.
harry and alex where probably the last people i expected to see at the door, lance and i where gonna order sushi, then probably go for a little run, but they just had to show up. i stood waiting for harry to answer me, instead he looked at his feet awkwardly, i nodded saying,"alright well while you think of why your here im gonna go get water" i walked past him into the kitchen, i grabbed a water bottle out of the cabnit, filling it up at the fridge, i screwed the top on, and tilted it up, taking a few sips. i walked back into the living room, harry hasent moved an inch, i walked back infront of him then said,"have you figured it out yet?" he looked straught into my eyes and said,"hannah...." he stopped, then walked to me, and wrapped his arms around my neck. is he....hugging me? it took me a second to understand that he in fact was. i slowly brought my arms up and around his back, when my hands touched him he hugged my tighter, his head was buried in my neck, i heard him say ,"im so glad your okay" the vibration of his voice on my neck gave me chills, but i smiled at his comment, then said,"harry why wouldnt i be okay?" he didnt let go as he said,"i just didnt know if i hurt you again" i felt tears in my eyes, no no hannah no you are not going to cry over him, you are strong, he is not the only thing in this world, you are you for you to be you! i pushed him away, he gave me a confused look, i said,"harry you dont hurt me anymore, you will never hurt me anymore, because i wont let you hurt me anymore..... im stronger than i was a few  days ago. after liam taking me too fucking 5 hour therapy classes everyday, i realized i wasnt put here to be with you. i was put here to be me, and im not me around you anymore..... " he has no expression on his face, hes just starring at me, then oddly enough his face turned alittle annoyed, he said,"so what? you are you around lance now? is that it?" my eyes brows furrowed as i said,"what?" he said,"you heard me, be honest are you sleeping with him?!" i rolled my eyes smilling, harry said,"dammnit hannah this isnt a joke! are you?" i crossed my arms saying,"harry its really none of your business anymore on what i do or in this case who i do" i took in a big breath, running his fingers threw his now long hair, i shook my head then said,"okay if we are talking about this, then who the fuck was the blonde bitch in my hospital room huh? allison? yeah you sleeping with her harry?!" he turned to me saying,"what?" i said,"are you sleeping with that blonde bitch allison?" harry smirked at my question, i just kept giving him a cold stare, he finally looked me in the eye and said,"No....when we are in bed we dont sleep" i laughed saying,"wow harry looks like you really are a man whore" he took a step towards me but before he had time to say anything alex jumped between us saying,"guys! what the hell are you two doing? harry you came here too tell hannah everything, and hannah you are here to fucking listen to him no matter what!" i said,"he started this!" alex said,well im finishing it! and hannah you of all people know he uses anger and insults to cover up what he really feels" i nodded because i do know thats what he dose, and i  knew thats what he was doing, but he needs to know that he dosent control my life anymore. alex spoke up again,"now harry tell hannah what you cam here for, and hannah listen to him" i nodded, as alex walked out form between us and back to the couch. i looked at harry whos face was now back to a worried expression, i unfolded my arms and said,"harry, just say what you need to say" his jaw clenched as he took in a breath, i also took a breath to prepare myself for his words, he finally opened his mouth saying,"hannah... i spent what seemed like forever in that hospital waiting room, and i knew i was the reason you where in there, in the back of my head i knew, but i didnt want to admit that i was wrong. me, the boys, alex, your family, and the world alomst lost a beautiful, strong and amazing women, and it was my fault. i will never be able to take back the things i said, although i wish i could every day. i treated you like shit, i treated you like you where nothing, while in reality you where everything. i dont expect you too ever talk to me again, nor ever be around me, but i just wanted to come here and tell you, if you ever and i mean ever need me, or anything, that i am and will always be here for you. i love you and i always have, i just didnt know it till now" i felt a tear come down my face, i whipped it away fast, i took in a breath and said," that it?" harry nodded saying,"yeah...thats it" i nodded back at him and said,"thank you." i walked to him hugging him around the waist, while he wrapped his arms around my neck again, alex stood saying,"umm ill just go in the kitchen, give you two a moment" harry and i laughed a little as she disappeared into the kitchen. we pulled away, i said,"that was really sweet of you to come tell me all of this" he nodded, i got close to him, getting on my tipy toes kissed his cheek. he looked into my eyes after my lips left his face, and his hand met my waist keeping me up to him. he always has been a mystery to me, his eyes say one thing and then he says another. he started slwoly leaning towards my face, our lips not even a centimeter apart, when the door bell rang 4 times in a row. i leaned away from him, and saw his small disappointed smirk. i open the door and again there his someone who i wouldnt have thought to see, she smiled and basically braged in past me, i turned to see harry was gone, she turned to me and said,"where is harry?" i said,"umm i dont know" she rolled her eyes and said,"how about you stop lying and tel me where he is....or so help me honey i will make your life living hell" i said,'is that a threat or a promise?" she smiled again saying,"both" i said,"allison hes not here, i havent talk to him since the hospital so you get your skinny ass out of my god damn house your self or would you like me to assist you?" she smiled walking out the door, slamming it behind her as she left. i turned and looked around for harry and alex, but nothing happened, i heard allisons car start and drive away. then harry came out of my bedroom, and alex stepped out of the kitchen, i said,"umm what was that?" harry said,"shes very uhh protective i guess you could say"  i rolled my eyes, when harrys phone started ringing, he said,"god its her, alex we have to go" alex nodded, she said,"hannah ill talk to you later okay?" i nodded as she walked out of the house, harry was on the phone as he walked past me he waved, i waved back and he pulled the door shut. im kinda upset that it ened like this. and i know in reality that hes dating allison, and he will never like me more then a friend soo thats why im moving on, and im not gonna worry about it anymore, hes moved on and so am i! i turned around and started walking to the kitchen when i heard the front door swing open, i turned really fast and harry was there, he ran up to me, pausing as he grabbed my waist with one hand, and he gently pressed his lips on mine, i never wanted his lips to leave mine, but after a few long moment, our lips seperated, and he sarted backing away with a smile on his face, then he said,"sorry allison i didnt hear a word you just said, sorry i got distracted" i shook my head smiling at him, as he acctually left this time. okay maybe im not over him yet, but he kissed me so maybe hes not quite all that over me either.



whooooa!! yeah! yes! next chapter when it reaches 234 readers!! lol okay guys great news i think im going to write a larry fanfiction..... and i wanted to know if anyone would read it?. its really scary for me to even ask because, some people are very annoyed, and or mean about the subject... but i will never tell you what not or what to believe in, i would just like to know if i have larry readers that wouls read itt? if not i might not even do it...but yeah.. just thought i could do it if some of you where interested in it.. :) but anyway yeah comment if you would! lovess


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