complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


14. just a bad day

authors note: god guys im so sorry i havent been updating fast! but i have 151 readers and that is amazing! ily guys soo much!! alright well im still really sorry, i know your probably tired of me saying this but huge writers block, but its true and im still really sorry! im really trying to think of some ideas for the story! i hope you like it enjoy!




Niall's pov.
i sat where liam was because hannah decided to join us, and is sitting next to alex on the couch. right as i sat down, the door behind me opened, i turned and harry walked in smiling at everyone. i stood saying,"hey thought you wenrt coming?" he said,"oh yeah im alright now, took a pill' i nodded sitting back down, harry pulled up a rolly chais next to me, getting on his phone. i looked back at alex and hannah, but hannah looks like she just saw a ghost, she starred at harry and i could see her eyes start to get glassy, alex touched her arm saying her name, but hananh didnt move. then liam walked out of the booth, he pasued looking at harry then hannah, he pretty much ran to hananh, she broke her eye contact with harry as liam grabbed her hands and lifted her from the couch, they walked out in the hall way shuttung the door behind them. i turned to alex, she said,"well that was weird" i nodded looking at zayn who had the same expression as hannah, and starring at harry! i got up, walked over to zayn and said,"dude why are you looking at harry like that?" zayn looked at me, giving me a half smile, he shrugged it off saying,"no reason, just um didnt think he was coming thats all" i stood there while zayn walked away to the sound board, i walked back to my chair and sat down, why is everyone acting weird? harry tapped me on the shoulder, i turned to him and he said,"umm who was that girl?" i looked at him weird saying,"what girl?" he said,"the one that was next to your girlfriend" wait what?! i said,"um hannah? you already know who she is harry we have already told you" he shook his head saying,"um no" i..i..what?! i stood up saying,"one second" and i walked out in the hall way, liam and hannah are standing talking, hannah is in tears and liam is trying to comfort her, i walked up saying,"liam! why dosent harry remember somewhat of hannah?" hannah threw her hands in the air and started crying, liam glanced at her then looked back at me, he said,"i dont know, neither dose hannah, he just somehow forgot again" this time i threw my hands in the air. what the heck is going on! liam said,"okay umm, did something happen yesterday or the other night? do you remember anything?" i shrugged saying,"i mean the first day we recorded, when we got home he went back out, and didnt come home till that morning, but i mean he seemed fine, he walked in saying he just got caught up with some friends" liam nodded, i said,"dose zayn know?" liam nodded i spoke again,"so know one else knows but me you hananh and zayn?" liam again nodded, i said,"well we have to tell the louis, and alex, and managment, god chris is gonna flip" liam shook his head, he said,"no chris cant find out, you can tell louis and alex but no one else" i said,"but why?" liam sighed then said,"because we dont know what chris will do, he might think its like hannah and make us leave, or just make us leave in genrel and we cant do that" i nodded, looking at my watch, i said,"okay when we are done here, come to the flat we are gonna need to figure this out" liam nodded, and i walked back in the studio, harrys in the booth since liam kind of left, a few minutes later, liam and hannah walked back in, alex got up and sat on the arm of my chair, so liam and hannah could sit on the couch together. i wrapped my arm around her waist then pulled her in my lap, hugging her, she smiled and put her hands over mine. i feel like she the only good thing in my life now a days, he always there for me and always will be. thank god i found her.
harry's pov.
as soon as i got done recording, we left, i got in the range rover with louis and zayn. i didnt drive here, i got a friend to drop me off. i got in the back seat, buckled and louis started driving, wow that girl in there looked so famillier, maybe shes liams girlfriend, i honestly dont know where i saw her but i have before. i mean the way they where all hugged up on eachother, i wouldnt doubt it if they are dating. she was pretty though, she kind of reminded me of a snow flake, she seemed delicate, and there seemed like no one else like her in the world. wow i need to not think of liam's girlfriend like this, but i mean shes beautiful, i would never take his girlfriend though, that would be wrong. we pulled up to the flat, i got out while louis and zayn stayed in the car, zayn rolled the window down saying,"hey we will be back later" i nodded walking inside, niall just pulled up with alex as i closed the door, i flopped on the couch, getting on twitter,the door opened and in walked niall, alex then liam, and his girlfriend, well i didnt expect too see them here. i got up about to go into my room, when niall said,"whoa wait harry um stay here" i turned shrugging then sitting back where i was. liam, niall,alex and liams girlfriend they all sat around me, i should stop calling her that, but wait whats her name?...haily? holly? hazel? no no hannah! her names hannah, thats her name. okay well, she sat furthest from me, while liam and niall sat the closet to me, i looked up from my phone, and they where all starring at me, i smiled saying,"hey guys?" niall smiled, looking down. there is a long awkward scilence, the air filled with tension, everyone avoiding eye contact with eachother. i finally said,"well you wanted me to stay for a reson? if not im gonna um go" i was about to stand when liam said,"okay um just sit alright?" i nodded and leaned back in the couch, he continued,"um alright i know this is going to sound crazy to you, but its all true, so just listen alright?" i nodded, confusion waved over me, but i sat back prepared to hear what was being said, niall started,"harry, um the other day you didnt come home, and you told me you got caught up with friends" i nodded he said,"okay well before that well, acctually a few weeks before that, you got in a accident losing your memory form the whole summer" what?! i stood up saying,"wait what?!" niall continued,"you where in the hospital, we all came down here, and harry you are engaged, and live here" i said,"with who?! who am i engaged too?!" niall starred back at me and in the cornor of my eye i saw someone stand, i looked over to my left and hannah stood, my eye brows furrowed, she spoke softly,"me" my eyes widdened, i shook my head saying,"no no you arn't" she raised her eye brows saying,"yes i am harry" i still shook my head, i said,"no hannah you arn't, you are dating liam and we are not engaged" she set her purse on the couch the said,"no me and liam are not dating harry, just because he's staying with me dosent mean we are together, and like it or not we are engaged, see"she held oout her left hand and on it is a engagment ring, it has a big squared diamond in the middle,little diamonds making a bigger square around it, and it has more little diamonds around the whole band of the ring. i rolled my eyes saying,"you could have gotten that from anywhere" she has a angry expression on her face, she pulled the ring off holding it out to me, i rolled my eyes again saying,"i dont want your stupid ring" she said,"no read the inside of the stupid ring" i hesitated for a moment then grabbed it, i postioned the ring so i could see the inside of it, around the band ingraved in the ring it says ' all my love -harry' i looked up at hannah, her mad expression turned sympathetic, she said," do you believe me now?" i have no idea what to say, so i just handed her the ring back, i shok my head saying to myself,"this makes no sense" niall stood then said,"we will give you and hannah a minute" alex and liam stood too, liam whispering something to hannah before kissing her forhead then dissaperaing into a bedroom, i looked at her, then said,"well that looked like you guys where dating" she shook her head saying,"no liam and i are just really, close friends" i rolled my eyes saying,"yeah sure, friends" she said,"harry what the hell is your problem? i dont understand why you cant just believe me, i mean do i look that bad?" i sat down taking a moment to think, then said,"i mean you seem like you have a timper" she groned sitting down, i smiled saying,"im kidding, but hannah put yourself where i am, i dont know you like at all, what if you came home one day and i was in your room and you didnt know me but i said we where engaged, would you believe me?" she shook her head, i said,"see thats my point, i mean you seem nice and sweet and everything. but" she inturupted me,"but you dont know me" i nodded, she sat there for a moment then said in a aggrivated tone,"but it like you dont want to know me, your looking for a bunch of flaws and reasons no to like me" i said,"no?" she stood saying,"yeah harry you are" she stilll has the tone, i honestly dont know whats pissing me off more, the fact she is getting a tone with me or that shes still here, either way im about ot blow up.  she started snapping her fingers, i looked up at her she said,"have you heard a word i said harry?!" still with that freakin tone, i stood yelling,"no and thank god too, iv known you what 3 hours? if even that, and you are already nagging me, basically telling me who i need to be and who i am, thanks for telling me but i dont need your help on telling me who i am, because iv known who i am for awhile now" she yelled back,"obviously not! harry this is the 2nd time you have forgotten me! im just telling you who you a-" i cut her off instnatly, with yelling,"no! hannah no no no! you really dont seem to get what im saying! hannah i dont not need you telling me who i am, i know who i am thank you, so stop telling me what i do and what i use to do, im sickof hearing all the stuff i 'did' when i acctually still do that stuff, but its just not with you anymore!" she took a few steps back, her voice shaking as she said,"what are you saying harry?" i let out a breath then closed my eyes, i opened them then said calmly,"hannah look-" she apparently got her second wind because she yelled,"i dont understand whats wrong with you! why are you acting this way! this isnt you harry!" okay thats it! thats fucking it! i yelled louder then i ever have,"hannah! this is me! its always been me! stop saying iv changed because i havent, i dont understand how you keep saying this isnt me! honey this is all me this is the full package! i dont know where you have been, but STOP saying this isnt me! you obviously dont fuvking know me well enough to that THIS IS ME! i dont know how i could have put a ring on your finger because all you do is want want want, im tired of it, im tired of trying to be the harry you want and the harry everyone wants me to be! im not him, i never was, and never will be! i honeslty dont know how i could have ever loved you, but i guess we all make mistakes huh" she threw her hand over her mouth, tears are now falling from her eyes like bullets, her whole bpdy moved when she took in and let out breaths, her make up that was once simple and perfect is now all over her cheeks, she took in a breath then said,"so this is how its gonna end?" i nodded saying,"yeah i guess, oh and just so we are all on the same page, the wedding or engagment, is off, and is never going back on, bye hannah" i turned to walk away but she called after me, i stopped but didnt turn back to face her, instead i heard her almost whisper,"harry i love you" after the words left her mouth, i started walking again, i opened the fornt door then stepped out, i started walking, did i really just do that? did i say all of that to her? i guess the saddest part is i didnt really care. i felt no pain , no compassion for her, no anything, i just didnt want to deal with her anymore, wants wrong with me? why am i being suck a ass hole. i dont understand. so i just kept walking, i walked for who even knows how long, all i know is by the time i looked up fromt the ground, the sun started going down, i ended up some where weird too, im at a apartment complex. hallow achers apartments.



alright nest chapter when it hits 158 readers! or 6+ likes! but dang harry is a freakin ass hole in this chapter, he snaps! comment like fav! i hope you guys like it :/ ohh check out my cover for the first one! tell me what you think or if you have any ideas for a cover for this story!!

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