complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


22. its her

a/n: hey guys im so sorry it took so long! i was trying to put things together! and again my computer charger is i have to barrow one from my grandma lol but here it is! again im sorry i hope you enjoy it!!





liams pov.
i left the studio a little before everyone else, because i was done. i got on the interstate and started driving to the guys house so i could take a nap. iv been so tired, i would prefer to take one at hannahs but with harry being there if wouldnt be a good idea. i wish she would just go ahead and tell him, like harry liam and i are together im sorry it happened while you where out, its not you its me, shit she could say anything and i wouldnt care as long as we got to be together. i drove down the highway in silence as i got off and started making my way to the house. i cant wait for this nap im about to take, the closer i get home the more excited i get. i finally pulled in the driveway and got out, i basically ran to the front to then into harrys old bedroom. i flung my shoes off, took off my pants, then slid under the covers, i closed my eyes and began to fall asleep. when someone started banging on the front door!  i groaned loudly ,"are you fucking serious!" i got up grabbed a pair of sweat pants off the floor. i walked threw the living room and to the door, i swung the door open and it was allison. oh fuck. i smiled saying,"hey...allison....what are you doing here?" she smiled big flashing her teeth, she pushed by me into the house, i turned around to her leaving the door open. she looked around and said,"where harry, we had a fight last nihgt, and he hasnt been answering his phone, where is he?" i shrugged saying,"im not sure, but hes not here, he left last night, not telling anyone where he was going" she nodded and said,"so he was mad when he left?" i slowly started walking to me, my heart started beating really fast, she is an inch away from me when she said,"i need to find him soo then, hes sexy when hes mad" then with out another word she walked out the door and too her car. i shut the door fast, then leaned on it, god shes so creepy. i locked the dead bult and walked back to bed, i layed back down closing my eyes, letting my thoughts take over. huh what if she kissed me, ew that would have been gross, shes such a whore, i dont know what harry sees in her, or what he did see..... what he did see....what he saw....what he heard.....what he said....what she said.....she....her...allison.....allie....oh my god! i shot u[ out of the bed, i snatched my keys off the night stand, and violently out my shoes back on, i ran out of the house and to my car, i started it and began driving to hannahs. oh my god, why didnt i think of this before! its so obvious! i feel so stupid! but hey im the only one who figured it out so ha! oh shit hannahs gonna flip!
harrys pov.
i sat on the couch next to hannah as she took a breath, im a little nervous because usally when people say they need to talk its bad. her hands are in her lap and are moving around anxiously. i said,"what is it hannah?" she jumped alittle then said,"okay okay....listen harry... this is gonna be tough but.." she paused, my heart is beating fast, i have no idea what it could be, iv been gone for awhile. she finally said,"i think we should have a spring wedding" i let out a breath of releife, i nodded saying,"okay babe whatever you want, spring is fine with me" she looked down, smiling weakly, i out my hand over he knee and said,"hannah is there somethingelse you want to tell me?" she shook her head, looking up at me she put on a freak smile, i rolled my eyes pulling my hand back. i got up and said,"hannah i know what your real smile looks like and thats not it. did i do something?" she shook he head saying,"no harry no im just so tired" i nodded saying,"well ill go make you some tea then" she smiled for real this time. i walked into the kitchen when my phone rang, i grabbed it off the counter and the name allison is popped up, who is allison? i answered it saying,"hello?" she said,"harry baby im sorry listen i overracted, i know okay. i miss you so much! please you can punish me for acting up baby, please." oh my god who the fuck? what? i said,"umm excuse me?" she said in a sorrowed voice,"baby please forgive me, just punish me i know that makes you feel better. get all of your anger out on me, tear me up. im sorry. okay tomorrow night im all yours baby. okay tomorrow! i love you" shit i dont know this girl, i hung up with out saying anything else, she couldnt have had the wrong number, shes saved in my phone. maybe hannah knows. i walked out of the kitchen saying,"hannah?" she looked at me i contiuned,"who is allison because i just got a very weird phone call" hannah shook her head saying,"dont worry about it, just dont answer her anymore" i nodded about to walk in the kitchen when the front door opened. i turned around and liam is breathing hard, wearing my sweatpants. okay? i said,"liam you know there is this new super cool thing called a door bell, you should use one sometime"
hannahs pov.
i stood up as liam shut the door. ignoring harrys comment he walked to me and yelled,"hannah shes allie!" i looked at him confused and said,"liam, honey what are you talking about? he said,"shes allie hannah!" oh my god dose he not know how to explain anything! i grabbed him by his arms and pulled him to sit on the couch, my hands slipped down to his as i said,"liam allie is in a hospital" he took his hands shaking his head he said,"hannah no allison, is allie, they are the same person!" i shook my head saying,"no.... are you sure?" he nodded standing again he said,"she died her hair blonde, she wears heals all the time to make herself taller, she got skinnier, and shes tanner, her eyes are blue from contacts! hannah iv never been more sure of anything. she came by the guys house asking for harry and then she said she better frond him soon because hes sexy when hes mad! hannah she said that to harry when she took niall in california!" my mouth dropped, i stood saying,"oh my god liam its her!" harry said confused,"so allison is allie? but who is allison?" i turned to harry and said,"umm while you didnt know me, you dated this girl allison, but allison is really allie, allie pretended to be someone else so she could date you harry" his eye brows came together as he said,"so allie thinks i still dont remember you?" my eyes widdened,"oh my god she dosnet know harry remembers everything." liam said,"harry she cant find out you know" harry backed up a little saying,"well why not? we could expose her and turn her into the police" hes right we could call the cops. liam said in a stern voice,"because harry, if she got away from a mental hospital once she could do it again!" i nodded agreeing because i mean she could. i sat on the couch saying,"alright harry liam sit down" they both came and sat down around me. i said,"okay harry you said she called you what did she say?" i looked at harry and his face got red, he said,"um just that she wants me back....." i said,"harry what else?" his face stayed red as he said,"she said she wants to talk tomorrow night" okay its obvious hes not gonna tell us. so i nodded. liam said,"harry you have to be there tomorrow night" i looked at liam and said,"um i dont think thats a good idea" liam said,"why not?" i said,"because what if she hurts him or something" liam rolled his eyes saying,"she wont she thinks harry is inlove with her and we need to keep it that way so harry your gonna meet up with her and just act like......umm..."i spoke over liam saying,"act like your talking to me harry" harry turned to me smiling. he nodded and said,"alright but what if um she tries to do something else, like you know" liam said,"then do it" i hit liam in the shoulder, liam said,"hannah can i talk to you alone" liam got up walking in the kitchen, i let out  breath walking behind him, the ktchen door closed and he whisper screamed,"hannah do you want him to get hurt?!" i shook my head, he said,"then he cant even act the slightest bit diffrent or she will notice! your the one who thinks she had something to do with harry forgetting so this is the perfect time to find out!" i nodded. i hate when hes right... he smiled at me, i said,"what?" he pulled me to him by my waist saying,"your just so beautiful" i smiled. he leaned down kissing my lips lightly.he pulled away then whispered,"hannah remember hes gonna find out sooner or later" my body losened as i whispered,"i know liam....i just dont want to hurt him" laim said,"i can always tell him if you want me too" i shook my head, he shrugged saying,"alright, whatever" i wrapped my arms around his next bringing his face to mine, i whispered,"soon" he smiled and i kissed him. we both let go as we walked out of the kitchen. harry hasnt moved, i walked liam to the door as he said,"i should go its getting late, ill come by tomorrow" he leaned down pecking my lips fast. oh my god what the fuck! i felt my face turn red as he winked at me then closed the door. i turned around and harry was now standing. he starred at me hard , as if he where trying to read my mind. his eyes where solid... i had no idea what he was thinking of. he opened his mouth and said one word. one simple short word. he said,"explain"



oh shit.... but i mean hannah & liam are acting like harry is stupid... lol QOTD:was anyone like omg i cant believe allison is allie! or did you guys know? remember to follw meh on the twitter @xxQxeenHarryxx or updates and such! next xhapter when it  reaches 287 readers! or 5 likes! you guys are amazing i love you!xx

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