complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


4. its all happening so fast

authors note:im sorrys its so short guys but the next chapter is about to be hella long! and im gonna start doing like ill post another chapter after i reach 35 readers, cause i think that would be easier for me to keep up with when chapters are up. okay so next chapter when it gets 35 readers! i love my 28 readers tho! hope you enjoy!




hannah's pov.
"then what am i suppose to do! forget about him!" i yelled at louis as the doctor walked away. louis shook his head and said,"hannah you know what the doctor said he has to ease into this, show him stuff that he would remember, i cant help that he dosent want to go home with you!" he ran his fingers threw his hair and he took in a breath. i looked down and said softly,"im sorry, lou i just he forgot me, its so hard the doctor said he may never remember me again. i just dont know what to do" i felt tears forming and start to fall on my cheek, when louis said,"hey hannah" and pulled me to him by my arms and hugged me.i hugged him back and cried in his shoulder, he said,"hannah he will remember you i promise, it may not be soon but he will remember you" i nodded and pulled myself away from him, a nurse walked past us and into harrys room, louis started walking to the door when i said,"wait!" he turned to me and i said,"what if he dosent like me this time" lou looked down and smirked, then said,"he will trust me" and then he dissapered into the room, while i stood in the hall, alone, trying to work up the courage to even open the door. i reached for it, but before i could touch it i heard alex say my name i turned to my right and she walked up to me, i gave her a small smile, she didnt give anything in return, instead she said,"come on ill take you home okay?" i nodded she smiled this time, and we started walking down the white covered halls, and to the parking lot, we got in her black bug and she started driving me home, i looked out the window as we left the hospital, and watched as the trees and grass went by, some houses here and there, is he really gone? he is... the reality of this is so unreal, i feel as if im dreaming but i know im not which is the worst part, this i cant wake up from i cant run away from its here and it always will be, he may never remember how he use to look at me how we looked at eachother, how every thursday we would try to have a movie night or some kind of night where we spend time together, how he knew just the way i liked my coffee, and exactly what i get when we go out to eat, how we laughed together over the stupidest things, but it was okay because it was funny to us. he will never remember how we use to be he wont remember us. i felt a tear roll down my cheek, im to deep in thought or i just dont even care enough to whipe it, im so broken, the way he looked at me when he first saw me in his room, i should have known something was wrong but i was just so happy he was okay to notice anything. the car stopped, i looked out the front and we where home, i unbuckled and got out, alex following behind, she said,"hanah you want me to stay for a bit?" i nodded, as i opened the front door, i walked straight to the couch and fell on my butt,i let out a sigh, alex walked in and shut the front door and sat next to me, she said,"hannah? are you okay?" i shook my head answering,"no im not, he's gone, he dosent know me, its like half of me is gone, half my heart is missing with out him here, and i dont know what to do about it, i i cant do anything about it." alex stood up fists clenched saying,"no you can, when we left they where getting him out of there, takinng that we took the long way harry was home about 30 minutes ago, well not 'home' but in a flat the boys rented untill hes better, now i say you get a back pack out of that closet get some stuff you too have, and little stuff like that and take it to him" i nodded she smiled quite pleased with herself, she said,"uhh you want me to drive you?" i shook my head and said,"no this is something i have to do alone, you can go" she nodded and walked out the door, i got up and walked in the bedroom, i opened the closet, our walking closet, my stuff was on the left his on the right, right across from eachother, i went to the back of the closet and grabbed a black northface back pack, i walked out and went to his nightstand, i opened the drawer and sat on the bed, i pulled out, pens and 2 year books, i put them to the side, i grabbed a photo album labled 'us' i flipped threw a few pictures and nodded, i put it in the backpack, then grabbed this book, i looked at it for a second, then opened to the first page, wow this is like his journal, and he started it the first night we where in california, well that seems important, i put it in the bag, i grabbed the year book and pens, putting it back in the drawer, i closed it then looked in the bag, is this it? huh wow well its all i can think of right now, so this will have to do. i went to the closet and grabbed black legginigs and a put shirt, and put on white keds, a grabbed the keys to harrys audi r8 i walked outside and got in the car, louis gave me the adress to the flat in the hall, so i followed the directions and drove there, it took about 15 minutes, i pulled in the driveway and took a breath, i grabed the backpack and knocked on the door.


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