complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


17. I'm scared.

Authors note: i'm sorry guys my laptop charger broke so I couldnt write on my laptop I'm writing on my phone right now so please sorry if you know there's typos and stuff really hope you like this. I'm really trying to make it where it's better! ily!

Alex's POV.

it's been two days since Hannah got out of the hospital. When Liam took her home he called me that night saying she started talking again he's not sure of how he's gonna try to get her to eat yet but he said he thinks she's going to do a lot better. I feel very responsible for what's been happening to Hannah I know it's because of Harry and I know that she tried to do that because Harry didn't love her anymore didn't remember her and I know she was tired of it but I feel responsible because she is supposed to be my best friend I was supposed be there for her and I wasn't that makes me feel like I could've probably done something about it. I don't know if it was because I was so focused on Niall or college but I know that I haven't been there for her for a long time. ever since we got back from California I've been so focused on something other than her. I looked up at my black computer screen in my apartment I was so deep in thought that I forgot what I was trying to do. I know I need to write a grocery list and write in English paper but I have no motivation nor inspiration to do either. My phone buzz on the table, I looked at it, i have a text from Niall 'hey babe can you go to the guys flat and see if the song notes are there?' I replied 'sure' I was looking for a excuse to get away from this computer anyway. So I got up and walked in my bedroom I put on ripped skinny jeans, with a army green T-shirt and I threw on brown combat boots, it was starting to get chilly outside. I grabbed my purse and phone then walked out the door, I got in my car and started driving to the guys house. I haven't heard of or from Harry in awhile. It's sad because we use to talk a lot. It's probably because Hannah. I'm not blaming anything on her but if he doesn't remember Hannah he wouldn't remember me. Which is very upsetting. I pulled into the driveway, got out of the car and walked up to the door. I opened the door knowing it was probably unlocked. I stepped in and walked to Niall's room, he would be the one to have the music. I looked around his night stand and in his drawers but didn't find anything. I turned around and was greeted by Harry holding a rolling pin in the air. I screamed,"whoa whoa Harry it's Alex Niall's girlfriend!" He nodded, slowly putting the rolling pin down. I let out a sigh, he laughed saying,"sorry didn't know" I nodded then said,"why aren't you at the studio?" He shrugged saying,"I don't know.... Just have things on my mind" I said," oh well if you wanna talk about them I'll listen. You use to talk to me about a lot of stuff" he looked at me with a smile. He said."alright but promise me you won't say anything about it" I nodded. He came into the room sitting down next to me on nialls bed. He sighed looking at the ground then said," you know Alex. Iv been thinking and even been dreaming a lot about.... Hannah" my eyes widened. Hannah? I said,"ummm wow. Last person I thought you'd think about" he nodded saying,"yeah.... But I have been. I feel awful Alex. I know what she did was my fault. I just got tired of everyone saying I'm not the 'real me' and I took it out on her. Truth is I'm more confused and scared then anyone... And now I'm having like dreams about her and me on a beach. Or at a party. I don't even know this girl but I feel like I do" I'm honestly shocked I never knew Harry was scared. I put my hand on his knee, he looked up at me, I said,"Harry I know when we are scared we do stupid stuff. So now I know why you did something stupid. But Hannah doesn't know why. I think you should tell her, like right now" his eyes widened, he shot up from the bed and said,"are you crazy?! No. No. No. I can't just tell her- no Alex I can't and I doubt she would want to talk to me anyway" his eyes filled with worry. I stood In front of him saying,"Harry just talk to her." he looked down and said,"Alex....I'm scared" I smiled at him. Then said,"don't be. I'll be with you through the whole thing, she's not gonna kill you" he said,"yeah but Allison might" I looked at him confused saying,"why?" He said,"I don't know she just doesn't like Hannah. She says Hannah is a attention whore and doesn't really love me" what the fuck? Who is this girl I said," ummm she doesn't know Hannah. I do. Sorry but Allison needs to get over herself. Not everyone is a attention whore like her" Harry smiled and nodded. I said," so are we going?" He nodded again then said,"yeah just let me change. I'll meet you at the car" I nodded and walked out of the house I got in the driver seat of my car and sat there waiting for Harry. Awwh it's so cute how Harry's scared to talk to Hannah. I wish Niall was here. I miss him already. Now this Allison girl is a bitch, why is Harry even with her? Where did she come from, where did he meet her. I guess these are some questions that Hannah should ask not me. I should probably tell her we are coming over. No because if I do she will say she doesn't wanna talk to Harry. So I'll just leave it alone. Surprise her I guess.

A/n: okay guys sorry this one is short. But again wrote it on my phone so it was harder. Alright next chapter when it reaches 220 readers. Umm idk why the font is like this. Sorry!!! Remember follow my twitter @xxQxeenHarryxx for updates on this fanfic & short imagines. :) I'll follow you guys back!!! Promise!!

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