complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


24. i'm capable

harrys pov

i sigh getting up knowing since liam is now here i have to get up and get dressed. i walk into the closet grabbing black skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt, something i always seem to wear but its simple and you can never go wrong with a white t-shirt.

just as i was about to walk out of the bedroom and greet liam, i hear faint whispering. why would hannah and liam be whispering? i cant think of a logical reason as to why they would be. i lightly press my ear against the door trying to hear what is being said among them. i can whos hannah and whos liam because of there voices.

hannah starts,"i cant do this anymore"

"so your just going to forget about it?!" liams tone is a bit harsh

"i cant hurt him"

"would you rather me tell him then?"

"no because you wont care if hes hurt"

"yes i will! i love harry hes my best friend"

hannah sighs "best friends dont do this to other best friends"

"well in all honesty he shouldnt have dated you after you and i broke up anyway"


"hannah no i love you and you love me dont you?"


"then we are telling him tonight. after hes done with allie. okay?"


she loves him.... i knew she still loved him but i didnt know she loved him more then me. what am i suppose to do now? just wait until they want to tell me, "hey we are dating sorry the engagment is off she played you hahah bye harry" i cant believe she would do this to me! iv done nothing but love her and care about her and iv always fought for her, yet when she has to fight for me she gives up and goes to liam because im sick! 

my stomach turns at the idea of liam and hannah being together again. why cant they just leave each other alone!...... because they love each other? if they really loved each other they would have gotten back together a long time ago. and hannah acting like everything has been okay? wow. you know what fine! im gonna show her exactly what she will be missing. i grab the door handle opening it walking into the living room. 

hannah turns to me, suddenly rushing to me ,"whats wrong harry? are you okay babe?" she asks frantically whipping my cheeks. i just noticed from my tears being spread that i was crying. i was so angry and caught up with my thoughts that i hadn't noticed. i remove hannahs hands from my face and walk to liam. 

"when is that date with allie?" 

liam smiles lightly saying,"you two are meeting at 10 and spending time together all day"

i nod, glancing at my phone for a moment to check the time.


"so you and hannah are going to follow us around?" liam nods at my question, then reaches into his pocket taking out a little black circle. he hands it to me.

"this is a microphone, clip it on your shirt or you can stick it in your ear so me and hannah can hear what is being said"

i nod putting the small microphone into my ear. because if i put it on my white shirt she could see it because its black. 

liam looks at his phone "you should call her and tell her to meet you at mall or a cafe or something" 

i glance at hannah she still stands where i left her, shes looking down at her shoes, and playing with her fingers.

i look up at liam who is on his phone.

i smile at my thought, and before i can talk myself out of it i walk over to hannah gripping her waist in my hands pulling her up to me i crash my lips on hers. 

she seems shocked for a moment because her lips just sit there but after about 5 seconds her lips start to move perfectly with mine. her hands go to my shoulders as she presses my lips harder on hers. 

after a moment i hear liam clear his throat, i pull alway slightly, looking at liam, the room fills with mine and hannahs gasps for air. liam shifts a little uncomfortably and clenches his phone in his left hand.

he speaks harsh,"are you two done?"

i pull all the way, away from hannah and nod saying,"yeah i think im good"

he rolls his eyes in annoyance to my comment. i laugh to myself because i know exactly why hes mad. but he dosent know i know. 

hannah speaks threw the small silence between us.

"we should probably get going now" 

"yes we sould. after you harry" liam motions to the front door.

i take his offer and walk ahead of them. i walk to my car getting in. waiting to start it untill hannah and liam get into his car. 

i back out slowly and start driving, with hannah and liam a comfortable distance behind me. i slide my phone out of my pocket and call 'allison' 

the phone rings 4 times before a slightly high pitched voice comes over the speaks.

"hey harry, where are we going babe?"

i cringe at her calling me babe and it not being hannahs voice.

"hey. um meet me at that cafe 'city limits' okay?"

"okay i cant wait to see you! i have missed you so much!" 

"i missed you too. i should be there in 5 minutes so ill see you then, bye"


i hang up with a deep feeling of guilt. i know she has done some bad stuff to me, and the rest of us, but i feel like no one should be led on no matter what they have done. it sucks but i kind of need her for something. i might feel guilty because im actually using her for selfish reasons. but if i wasnt here for myself id still end up being here for liam. i dont understand why im even going back out with 'allison' if shes crazy. 

i pull into the cafe parking lot. stepping out into the cool day. i see liam pulling in a few parking spaces from mine. waiting for me to walk in before he gets out. i close my car door locking it and step into the warm cafe, i see 'allison' sitting at a booth in the back.

shes looking down at her phone, obviously not really paying any attention. i walk to the booth and slide in quickly avoiding any physical contact with her right now.

she looks up at me smiling,"hey babe. im so happy we are going to hang out today"

"me too i feel like i havent seen you in forever" i smile playing along.

i check the front door to see if laim and hannah have walked in yet. they havent .

"are you still mad at me baby?" 

i look up at allison who is looking at me with a concerned face.

before i could answer, a guy in a white button up and a name tag that says peyton comes up to our table with a notepad. 

"im peyton im your waiter what would you like to drink?" 

"2 waters please" i say with a fake smile plastered on my face

he nods walking away.

then i notice hannah and liam walk in and take a booth on the other side of the room.

i look back at allison and continue to answer her question

"of course not love, i could never stay mad at you" i reach for her hand thats sitting on the table and take it in mine, holding it lightly.

allison's cheeks turn a light shade of red as she smiles at my response.

"good because i thought you wouldnt forgive me for throwing myself on you that day. baby i was just really upset, i thought you where getting bored with me and that you where about to leave me" 

her voice sounding a bit fragile as she speaks. i sigh

"baby i would never leave you. your amazing. and just the thing i need in my life right now and forever, dont ever think for a second that i would leave you because i got 'bored' being with someone as special as you everyday is an adventure. even if we are just sitting around at home. no one can make me feel the way you make me feel. and if anything i would think you would get bored of me" 

do i mean the things im saying? yes do i mean the things im saying to her? no. these are the things i would say and mean to hannah. no one else.

she smiles a big smile and shakes her head

"harry i would never get bored your great babe. i just dont know how lucky i am to have you" 

i smile "come over here love" i pat the seat next to me. 

allison gets up and sits next to me, i wrap my left arm around her shoulders pulling her too me and kissing the top of her head lightly as she nuzzles her face in my chest.

i glance and liam and hannah across the room, liam looking like he could carless, but hannah looking almost heart broken as i pull this unknown girl closer to me. i dont want to hurt her, but i also dont want her to think she wont miss me. im going to show her just exactly what she will be missing when she leaves with liam.

im showing her, that im more capable of loving someone than anyone else.


heyyy! gosh i feel awful im sorry i keep making you guys wait. but im starting to get on it more. im gonna tell you right now idk when im gonna be able to update again bc im going to florida for fall break. but ill try to update soon! im sorry i love my 316 readers! thanks for sticking in there! sorry guys! hope you enjoyed it! tryed to make it long for you!

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