complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


19. i want to move on

authors note: alright ily my 234 readers! see im getting on top of things now!! & a little thing you can do is go on sound cloud and look up sandrahuntermusic she wrote a song for louis and its amazing!! alright! and today is the boys 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! im so proud of them! they have done so much for us and im proud to be apart of this fandom! i hope you are too! enjoy!!





harry's pov.
i got out of alexs car saying,"thanks for taking me to talk to her" she smiled and said,"no problem, hey instead of being here you could come back with me" i smiled and said,"i wish but i cant, allison is on her way here" alex nodded saying,"okay have fun with the she-devil" and drove away. i smiled at myself and walked into the house, i layed on the couch and smiled more to myself, hannah and i kissed, and it wasnt a forced kiss or a kiss goodbye, it was a real kiss, and i cant help but smile about it, my heart is doing backflips in my chest. nothing can ruin this day for me, and i mean nothing. she looked so good too! shes getting healthier basically by the minute and it makes me so happy that shes okay! gosh i cant descirbe how good i feel, she is making me feel a way i dont think i ever felt before. the front door swung open and interupted my very nice thoughts, allison walked in wearing a tight black leather skirt with a see threw white button up, showing her pink bra, wow she looks weird today. she closed the door saying,"harry where have you been?" i said,"oh sorry i was hanging out with alex niall's girlfriend, shes really sweet" allison nodded and said,"really? then why dont you date her!" i sat up looking at her confused and said,"what? what are you talking about?!" she crossed her arm infront of her chest and said,"welll since shes so sweet date her, and fuck her, and bale on her" i smiled not meaning too, my thoughts went to hannah again, allison yelled,"harry this isnt funny! why are you smiling!" i stood saying,"allison im sorry okay? i lost track of time and im sorry" she smiled then said,"okay, i forgive you just because i have something planned for you" i raised my eyebrows saying,"really what is it?" she smiled a little devilishy, then said,"wait here" i nodded sitting back down, i wonder what she got or is doing.. this is totally random. she walked back in the living room with one of my bandanas. i said,"umm?" she sadi,"shhhh" and tied the bandana around my eyes, so i couldnt see. then i felt her hands in mine, she guided me to stand then started taking me somewhere, i said,"umm aliison what are you doing?" she said,"harry trust me, you are gonna love it" i didnt say anything, instead i just let her take me somewhere, she stopped me then i got pushed backwards, i thought i was gonna fall but a bed caught me, i waited a few moments then said,"allison can i take this off?" i didnt get an answer so i started to grab the blind fold when i felt her hand on mine, she whispired,"oh let me get that baby" i pulled my hand back down, and she slowly took it off, when i could see again, i didnt even know what to say. allison was hovering over me on her knees, she only had a bra and underwear on, and she has dark red lipstick on her lips, the room is dark and only is lit by a few candles. i looked at allison and smiled uncomfortably, saying,"allison, whats going on?" she smiled seductivly, now actually sitting in my lap, she started moving herself on me. she leaned down and started kissing me hard, then out of no where her hand went in my pants, i pulled away saying,"allison um i dont think i want to do this" she smiled saying,"well something in my hand is saying you do" i shook my head, but she ignored it as she slithered down my body, stoping when her face met her hand. i said,"allison really, stop" she ignored me yet again, and started sucking on me, i couldnt help but moan a little, she started going fast and my moans became louder. then hannah popped in my head. i dont know why but shes there and shes not leaving, i started to feel guilt, and my stomach started hurting. i yelled,"allison!" she sat up yelling back,"what!" i shook my head saying,"allison i cant do this" she looked at me confused saying,"what do you mean?" i smiled a little saying,"i cant do this with you, sorry" she gave me a dirty look and got off of me, she grabbed her clothes and said,"fine! call me when you realize what you want!" and she was gone, i heard the front door slam, and her car drive away. but the thing is i do realize what i want i know who i want and if im right its hannah. i dont know why but its her. i pulled myself together, i showered,changed, and got dressed in a black cut off tee, black skinny jeans and black boots, i grabbed my phone and ran outside, i looked around and all the cars are gone, so i started to run. i started running to hannah, i know the way, and i need to get to her. i cant believe im doing this! i didnt think i would ever feel this way but i do and i know i will do anything for her. i ran for what seemed like an hour, when i finally walked up to the front door of the house where hannah is.
hannah's pov.
i handed alex my phone yelling,"theres a video now!" she grabbed my phone and started playing the video of harry getting a blow job from allison. she stopped it handing me my phone back, she said,"hannah it could be just a look alike of him" i rolled my eyes saying,"yeah but how dose it explain allison, and his bedroom!" she nodded to her self. i yelled,"see somehow i knew something was gonna happen to ruin this, him and i where starting to get along!" alex said,"i know i know, well i wouldnt jump to conclusions untill i talked to him" i stood and paced back and forth infront of the tv, i yelled,"god alex i cant look at him now! im so pissed! how could he say he cared about me and he loved me then go and let allison give him a blow job!" before alex could answer, the door bell rang. im so annoyed who the hell could be here, i walked to the door, opened it, and saw the one person i didnt want too see. harry was breathing hard and smiling, he was about to say something but before he could, all my anger came out and i slapped him right across the face. he grabbed his left cheek saying,"what the hell was that for?!" i said with attitude,"you know what you did" he looked at me confused as alex said,"oh god hannah let the boy in so he can explain! im sure theres a reason it happened" i rolled my eyes, walking away from the door, harry came in and closed it. alex said,"alright harry what the fuck man?! i leave you for 30 minutes and you do this?!" he still looks confused as he says,"guys i dont know what your talking about?" i cant believe hes playing dumb! i cant believe i kissed him back! i said,'well maybe this will refresh your memory!" i grabbed my phone, played the video and handed it to him. i grabbed it looking at the video in horror, he looked up, his eyes are wide and his eyebrows are up, he said,"hannah no! i mean yes it happened but not the way you think!" i rolled my eyes yelling,"not the way i think?! because i think you got a blow job!" he shook his head, im so tired of this i stopped him brfore he could say anything. i took a breath and said,"look harry i dont care if you two are together. i dont care if you like her, fuck i dont care if you love her! but i be dammned before i let you try to come back in my life. all you do is give me pain, and anxiety and im over it! it was nice of you to come and say those things to me ealier but why the fuck are you back?! that was the end of us when you left. we where gonna end on a good note, but no you had to fuck it up by telling allison to send me the videos? like reall harry whats wrong with you?!" he shook his head saying,"hannah i didnt tell her to send the videos! she wanted to have sex! but i told her no! she wouldnt listen to me! i told her to stop but she wouldnt ! what you didnt see was me yelling at her and her leaving...." i shook my head saying,"what you kicked her out?" he nodded slowly. i stood there not really knowing what else to say, i dont wanna yell anymore but i feel like i need too. so instead of doing anything i stood there, waiting for him to say anything else, but he didnt say anything either, instead he just looked at me, hes trying to know what im thinking, hes trying to....honestly i dont know what hes trying to do. then all the sudden the fornt door opened, i looked past harry and there is liam, wearing a white tanktop with light jeans and boots. he smiled saying,"hey im home" even though im looking at liam i can still see harry looking at me, he  hasnt talkin his eyes off me since we stopped talking. liam walked up to me, he kissed me lightly on the top of the head saying,"hey babe" i smiled and leaned into his kiss. liam spoke again,"hey harry didnt know you would be here" harry looked at liam saying,"yeah just um stopped by, i was acctually hoping i could stay here tonight. im in a little trouble with allison at the moment and i know she will try something" liam nodded and said,"sure i was actually gonna stay with the boys tonight, ill help cover for you. you can stay as long as hannahs okay with it" both of them looked down at me, i really dont want him to stay, but i guess this would be a good way for me to acctually finally end things with harry, so i said,"yeah that would be fine" harry smiled at me. i rolled my eyes and walked into the bedroom with liam behind me. he closed the door saying," wow i dodnt think you would agree with it" i sat on my side of the bed and said,"yeah well this willl be a good way for harry and i too clear the air and end on a good note" liam walked in the closet grabbing a duffle bag, he walked out and said,"wait end? your gonna end things with harry?" i nodded saying,"yeah i need to move on, i do love him i always will but i need to do something for myself" liam smiled sitting on the bed with his back towrds me, putting clothes in his bag, he said,"well thats a great reason, im glad your becoming happy again" i smiled, and crawled behind him, i wrapped my arms around his neck, whispering in his ear i said,"yeah and so i can finally love you completely" he saw him smile, he turned his head to me saying,"i love you baby" i smiled back at him saying,"love you too" and gently kissed him on the lips.



oh gosh im bringing hiam back!! lol leave comments on what you think of this chapter! & sorry for the many misspelled words im tryping fast! next chapter when it reaches 240 readers! or 5 likes! also follow meh on twitter @xxQxeenHarryxx for updates & stuff. and also im still thinking bout writing another fanfic, idk what it will be about tbh the larry thing was just an idea! but idk should i write another fan fiction ? 

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