complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


20. he came back

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harrys pov.
me having to sleep in the guest room is kinda sucking, but i guess hannah wouldnt be comfortable sleeping with me. i really shouldnt be comfortable with the idea of sleeping wiith her either but in a weird way i am totaly okay with it. i looked at my phone, its already 10 p.m , i should probably get some sleep. hannah obviously dosent want to talk to me, ever since alex and liam left she has locked herself in her bedroom. i changed into pj's along time ago, so i layed down and turned my lap off, i closed my eyes, just to hear all the noises the house makes, the small creeks of it settleing, and just the long relaxing silence. i felt myself about to fall asleep when my happy silence was inturepted by a loud bang from the kitchen, shorty followed by more bangs, i got up running down the hall and into the kitchen, not to find a robber or murderer, but hannah, holding a basically empty bottle of wine, and sitting on the floor with her legs out. i smiled at her, shes probably drunk, or shes sleep walking. i walked in, sitting infront of her, she looked up at me with a weak smile, she said,"hay herrryyyy! you wanna drinnnk?" i shook my head saying,"hey, and no i dont" her smile was gone as she said,"whimp! your too chiken and to much of a girly irl for this stuff anyway" even though shes drunk im a little offended, i grabbed the bottle out of her hand and threw most of it back. she laughed clapping at me. i swallowed the wine and handed her the bottle back, she smiled again and said,"wow guess i was wrong" she got up, opening a cabnit grabbed another bottle of wine, she opened it and sat back down. she took a big drink, then handed it to me, i took a big drink as well. this bottle of wine and 2 more are now empty, and hannah and i are now in her bed room laying on the bed. its silent again, it has been silent for awhile, ever since we got out of the kitchen neither of us said a word. i looked at the white ceiling not really focusing on any part really just the ceiling as a whole,when hannah broke the silence,"harry where you ever bullied in school?" weird question, but i answered shaking my head and saying,"no, not really, i mean everyone gets teased alittle but, no not ever actually bullied" she nodded saying,"so never as bad as liam?" i shook my head, then said,"what about you? where you bullied?" she was quite for a moment then she spoke,"yeah i was, in high school, i forget why though" i nodded saying,"people can just be so mean for no reason sometimes" she nodded, agreeing with me. a few more quite moments pass by when she blurts out,"harry do you love me?" i nodded, she said,"then why did you say thoughs mean things too me?" i shrugged saying,"im not sure, i guess i didnt want to love you but i knew i did". a few hours passed by we just talk about random stuff. my drunkness was wearing off, and i started to become me again, so i knew hannahs was wearing off too. we are still laying on her bed, looking at the ceiling. when she sits up really fast, i sat up slower, and said,"what is it?" she turned too me, saying,"ohh its nothing" i nodded, she turned back around and on her neck i saw a little purple red spot. wow is that a hicky! is she really sleeping around with lance! i said,"hannah can i ask you something?" she nodded standing up, i stood up also then said,"uhh are you really sleeping with lance?" she turned to me smiling, i smiled back, as she said,"wow wouldnt you like to know" i laughed it off trying not to sound obsessive or anything. but she spoke again," im kidding, but no im not, lance is just my personal trainer, liam worked with him and called in some favors" i nodded, wait then how the hell did she get the hickey?! i opened my mouth to ask her where she got it, but she beat me too it, saying,"well since i answered your question, you answer mine. are you sleeping with allison?" oh shit. i just stared at her, i dont wanna tell her yes! because i have slept with allison beofre, we did it maybe twice or three times, but im not gonna say that! but i dont wanna lie either! god im in some deep shit right now! why couldnt i just let it go! she yelled,"harry!" i said,"what?" she said,"iv said your name 4 times, answer the question" i shook my head saying,"no uhh i dont feel comfortable with the question" she lifted her eyebrows saying,"not comfortable? i answered yours, you answer mine!" i shook my head again, she rolled her eyes, then weirdly she smiled, she said,"wow so that means you have done the little whore. now tell me how big is her dick?" i rolled my eyes but she kept going,"harry you might wanna make sure you dont have an STD cause you never know who the bitch fucked " i shook my head and said,"you act like your some saint! im pretty sure you have fucked plenty of guys in your time! one of them recently obviosuly, from that big hicky on your neck!" hannah instantly slapped her hand over the mark, as i said,"yeah who was it this time? lance? an old high school friend? huh WHO WAS IT!" she didnt flench, she didnt look mad, she just said simply,"liam"  i felt my whole body tense up and my fist's clenched, she brought her hand back to her side and said,"yeah and he did me good, he just never seemed to stop, he has been the best by far" ldont know what happened just at one point im away form hannah and the next i was right in her face. i cant help but be pissed off, she fucked my friend! liam didnt even tell me he was with her and she expects me not to care! i looked into her eyes hard, not braking contact. when all the sudden i crashed my lips on hers, she kissed back hard. i grabbed her thighs and lifted her up, as she wrapped her legs around my waist. i layed her down on the bed, hovering over her, my hands started to travel her body, they stopped at the rim of her t-shirt, and i pulled it off over her head, she unclasped her bra throwing it to the floor. hannah grabbed the back of my shirt, ater pulling it off of me, she went stright for my pants, unbuttoning them, then shortly after they came off.  my hands where still at her sides, as they trvled inward and down, i went under her pants and underwear, slowly i started rubbing her. her lips broke contact with mine, letting her moans escape. i slipped a finger in her and started going fast, her moans got louder, i said,"dose liam do it like this? huh?" she looked at me and said weakly,"he dose it better" my anger came back, i pulled my hand out, and ripped her black leggings off. i put my hand back on her and jammed 3 fingers in her hard. she screamed as i pullled in and out, i said,"what about now?" she said threw moans ,"hes still better" i jammed my fingers up as far as they could go, then pulled them out. i pulled my underwear off and got to where we are now face to face, i whispered,"are you ready?" she nodded, i took a breath, postioned myself, and entered her slowly, she gripped the bed sheets in her firsts, and i started pulling in and out. she screamed with pleasure, i smiled as i started going fater, her hands went to my back, and she started digging her nails in my skin. i slammed in her, making all of me go in, i said,"god baby your so tight!" she ignored me and kept moaning, i thrusted hard a few more times, untill i knew i was about to hit it, so i started going hard and slow, and i felt myself hit it as i thrusted in. i layed my head on her chest, i heard her heart beating really fast,i smiled to myself. she brought her hands up to my head, and she started playing with my curls, the inly noise in the room was us panting like dogs. i said threw breaths,"so was that better then liam?" she giggled, saying,"it was alright" i looked up and thrust in her hard, she said,"ohhh wow there tiger" i smiled, kissing her on the lips. then layed back down on her chest, she twisted my curls threw her fingers and started humming, i felt my eyes get heavy, when i heard ,"i love you" then i felt myself go to sleep. 
hannah's pov.
i rolled over and basically fell off the bed, i shot up, and saw harry with out a shirt on wrapped up in my sheets. i looked down, omg im naked! i ran into the closet grabbing underwear, a bra, and the first shirt that i saw, which was one of harrys button ups. i peeked around the closet door, looking at harry who is passed out. oh god did i sleep with him! oh shit i did! i remember some of it, oh god oh god oh god! liam! i tip toed out of the closet, and out of the room, i shut the door quietly and ran into the kitchen. what do i do! i grabbed my phone off the counter, ughh i have 5 texts from liam! i cant tell him,'oh sorry i got drunk and slept with harry!' i unlocked my phone, went to my contacts and started to call alex, it rang 3 times beofre she answered,"hello?" i whispered,"oh my god alex! i slept with harry!" she yelled,"what!?" i whispered,"i slept with harry! i dont know what happened, all i know is i got drunk, and i woke up naked with him in my bed!" she said,"okay okay, maybe you didnt sleep with him then" i shook my head saying,"no i did cause i remember liking it!" she yelled again,"hannah!" i said,"i know i know! but i dont know what to do! hes still sleeping! and its not like i can leave this is my house! oh shit what if liam comes home!" she said,"oh god oka well wait till he wakes up, ask him what happened, and ill stall liam okay?" i said,"alright thank!" she said,"your welcome good luck" and hung up. oh shit! i ran my fingers threw my hair, and sat down at the kitchen table. what have i done! what have i just done! i cant believe i did that, im such an awful person! why did i do this! ugh kill me now! right then i heard the bedroom door open, and him walking out. i didnt dare to turn around, i dont want to look at him, i dont want to talk to him, i just want this all to be a dream. i sat there listening to  him move around in the kitchen, i heard him, turn the coffee pot on, open the fridge, turn the coffe pot off, get a cup, get a sppon, pour, stir, close cabnits, and then start to walk. instead of walking away his foot step got closer so he was coming to me, shit. he got behind me, kissied the top of my head, and then placed a cup of coffee infront of me, and walked away, back to the sink. i looked in the cup at the coffee, i grabbed the cup by the handle and sipped some out of the cup. wow this is just how i like it? how? i turned to him, hes wearing only grey sweat pants, and his back is to me. i said,"uhh harry? how did you know how i like my coffee?" he turned around, looking at me weird he said,"because i make your coffee every morning" he gave me a half smile then turned back around. oh my god. did he just! i stood up knocking the chair over, its loud noise made him turn back around, he said,"hannah what are you doing?" i walked towards him slowly, when i got up to him i said,"harry?" he nodded saying,"yeah im harry, and your my weird fiance hannah, whats with you this morning?" he walked around me and picked the chair up. oh MY GOD HES BACK! he turned back around and i jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist, and my arms around his neck, i said,"oh my god harry!" he stummbled backwards a little, then wrapped his arms around my back saying,"whats gotten into you? your acting weird" i said,"i love you! i love you so much harry!" and i started to kiss his neck and side of his face. he laughed saying,"im kinda starting to like it" i laughed, and unwrapped my self from him. i looked up at his smiling face and felt myself start to cry, im so happy im crying! he said,"babe why are you crying?" i shook my head saying,"i thought i lost you" he looked at me weird and said,"what do you mean?" hes actually confused. dose he not remember, not remembering me? i said,"harry you got in a bad accident a few moths ago, and you didnt remember me or alex, it was awful" he shook his head saying,"really? i dont remember that?" i looked down saying,"i do" he grabbed my hands and said,"well it dosent matter anymore because we are together, and everything back to normal now, im not ging anywhere" he pulled me too him hugging me around the neck, i hugged him back. im so glad hes back, but in the back of my head all i can think about is, whats gonna happen with liam.




HARRAH is back in business baby! maybe! you never really know with this story! & for ppl that dont like the whole sex thing, srry lol it had to be in there, i know i suck at writing sexual parts but it just had to be there! lol i apreciate when you guys comment on what you think & i always answer! QOTD: out of harrah & hanim who do you ship more? 

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