complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


9. feelings

authors note:alright guys 64 readers!! love you guys! okay im sorry this has been taking forver, but i had to go to my step dads grave today and see him because memorial day my mom wont be here and i wouldnt have been able to see him but yeah then when i got home a good 2 hours of some writers block, so babes im sorry this one sucks :( i tried. i really did. okay well the next one should be good! next chapter when this reaches 70+ readers or 6+ likes! 





hannah's pov.
i just finished putting my clothes back on, liam got dressed in jeans and i black batman shirt. we are in now standing in the kitchen, im sitting on the counter and hes across from me leaning on the island. i just kept looking down, i cant believe he actually did that, i feel so violated, and gross and kind of embarassed. i sighed then said,'okay ill just say whats obviously on both our minds, its the guy who sent me the box" liam looked away from the dishwasher and at me, he said,"we dont know that for sure" i said,"liam who else could it have been?! he said he was coming, he wanted this to happen" liam shook his head, i said,"what?" he leaned forwar off the counter saying,"no it- it couldnt have been him" he crossed his arms and stood there looking at the ground seriously thinking about something. i spoke up,"then who was it? huh liam? are you not telling me something!? because it looks that way" he shook his head then walked infront of me, he said,"hannah" putting his hands in mine, again he said,"hannah" but this time his voice got softer, he said,"i know it wasnt him beca-" he got cut off by the door bell, he pulled away from me taking his hands out of mine, and walked to the door, i hoped off the counter and followed him, by the time he opened the door i was in the middle of the living room, i looked at the entry way of the door and found someone i wouldnt have even dreamnt would be here right now, i whispered said his name,"harry?" he looked past liam at me, i walked up next to liam, harry is still wearing what he was in at the meeting, he had nothing with him and no one. he looked at me with exhausted and guilty eyes, he didnt say a word, all he did was stand there starring at me, i finally said,"wh-what are you doing here?" he smiled to himself then said,"well from what im told this is my house too" i didnt smile back, instead i said,"you already made it clear you didnt want it to be" his smile dissapeared, and he looked down,  felt liams hand go on my side and pull me to him, filling in the gap we once had between us. harry looked up but stopped at liams hand but the continued to my face, the expression on his face is almost dissapointment, he said quietly,"im sorry" i could feel tears wanting to come out of my eyes, but i tried my best to hold them back, i could feel them already there, waiting to just fall out. harry continued,"liam....hannah. im sorry. im so sorry" i took in a breath and blinked, allowing the tears to fall, even though i didnt want them too. i nodded then said,"come in" i turned and started walking in the house, harry followed behind me as liam shut the door. i stopped and turned back around, liam said,"um ill give you too a moment, ill be in the bedroom" i nodded as he walked away, harry stood looking at the ground, i crossed my arms then said,"so is that all you came here to say?"  he looked up, i could feel another tear come out of my eye, he said,"um i guess" i rolled my eyes then said,"why are you even here harry" his eyebrows furrowed then said,"bcause i wanted to apologize for what i said, what else was i suppose to come here for?" i said,"i mean i dont know how about to try and remember who you use to be! the life you had! i wont give up on you as long as you dont give up on you" he laughed then yelled,"well what you said at the bar sounded like you giving up hannah!" i pointed my finger at him yelling back,"dont you dare say that to me! you know what you said was wrong! alll liam and i are trying to do is help!" he fake laughed then said,"really cause you and liam staying in OUR house all by yourselfs and always being together! oh AND the fact that you havent even tried to have a converstaion with me since the hospital, you ALWAYS LEAVE! hannah i honestly dont know what you expect me to do if your not even tring to help me get better! how about this i wont give up on me if you dont give up on me" by this time im balling i yelled,"the only reason i havent been with you is because I CANT! HARRY I JUST CANT!" i stopped yelling and said softly,"i just cant harry" i put my hands over my face and cried into them. i felt his arms go around me, i took my hands from my face and wrapped them around his body, harry said,"please tell me we didnt always fight like that?" i smiled in his shirt, i leaned away from him a little saying,"no we rarely faught" he nodded, then pulled me to his body again, it feels so good to be in his arms again, feeling his warmth, and hearing his heart beat against my ear, and just him being with me, but sadly it dosent feel the same, and i sont think it ever will. i pulled away from him, and whipped my cheeks with the palm of my hand, i said,"harry, i-im sorry too" he smiled saying,"dont be" i smiled back at him. he looked down then shuffled his feet alittle, i said,"what is it?" he looked back up then said,"umm okay so i- um iv been wondering alot, about what um what happened to me, i just feel like its pretty weird that no one really knows what happened, you know?" i nodded saying,"yes! iv been wondering that too" he smiled the biggest smile, then said,"could you help me figure it out? at least like what accident i was in? cause the doctor told me i was in a car accident when everyone left" i nodded, saying,"yeah just um come over tomorrow whenever and we can do some research if you want" he nodded, i smiled and he said,"okay umm i better go, or louis will throw a fit, ill um come tomorrow" i said,"okay" and he walked out of the house shutting the door. i walked in the bedroom and liam is sitting in bed with a white tee on, i smiled shutting the door behind me, he said,"whats that smile about?" i said,"harry is gonna come over tomorrow" he nodded and said,"wow all i heard was a bunch of yelling' i nodded saying,"yeah we kind of had words but its alright now" he nodded and said,"well good" i changed into sweat pants and a pink t-shirt, then got in bed with liam he turned off his lamp then layed down close to me, he whispered,"hannah ?" i whisped back,"what?" he answered,"iv missed you" i smiled to myself then whispered,"i missed you too liam" he said,"good night" i said,"night liam"... i woke up to banging at the front door, i hit liam he sat up then said,"what?" the banging contiuned, he said,"stay here" he got out of bed and turned on the lamp, he tip toed to the bedroom door opening it walking out into the living room, i got out of bed and followed him, i walked into the living room right as he got to the door, they started banging again, liam motioned for me to move behind something, i stood next to the tv, he looked back at the door, the banging kept going, then it just stopped mid-bang, liam froze, then slowly unlocked the door, it is dead sclient there is no noise from anywhere, liam unlocked the dead bolt, then swung the door open, me expecting to see a person or something was dissapointed but also even more scared because what was sitting on the front portch is another package.
harry's pov.
i woke up from my alarm, i set it for 9:30 but i ended up pressing snooze till 10:30, i sat up and rubbed my head, wait i go see hannah today! i got out of bed and started getting dressed. i put on black skinney jeans and my black boots, i grabbed my rolling stones t-shirt then walked in the bathroom, i started brushing my teeth when i noticed, this huge kind of scab thing on my side, i shrugged it off then put my shirt on, i fixed my hair then walked out of the bathroom, i grabbed my phone then walked out of my bedroom, i walked into the living rooom where niall alex and louis are. niall said,"hey mate" i said,"hey" louis said,"where are you going?" i smiled then said,"too see hannah" they all smiled, alex said,"good luck" i smiled at her and walked out of the house, i got in the rang rover, and drove to her, well i mean our house. it took about 10 minutes, i got out of the car and walked up to the door, i knocked and waited, about 4 seconds after knocking the door opened, and hannah is the one who opened it, shes wearing some black nike running shorts and ahot pink tanktop. she smiled then moved so i could come in, i walked in and she shut the door, she said,"you want some coffee or something?" she came to the front of me, i said,,"oh no im fine" she nodded then said,"okay well come on the laptops are in the kitchen" we started walking to the kitchen doors she contiuned,"we will be looking for police reports of car accidnets or any umm media attention on you" i nodded as we approached the table, taht had 2 apple laptop sitting on them, i sat at mine and she sat across from me at hers, i said,"umm ill take the police records" she nodded.we sat in scilence for a good 20 minutes, both of us deep in to the internet, i searched 'car accdient in the past week tn' i looked threw dozens of accident reports on diffrent days, but none of them referring to me or the city we are in so i googled, 'bad accident tn past week' again dozens of things came up but nothing about me or the city we are in, i sighed in defeat, hannah looked away from her screen at me, she smiled and said,"find anything?" i said,"yeah nothing, no reports of any car accident here or anywhere near here, no weird injurys nothing, did you find something?" she nodded ,"yeah i did umm a litle blog said,'harry styles checks into hospital due to weird 'accident' yet no report of anything tradgic happening the day he checked in, is it for the cameras or is there a real mystery here? well i heard from a sorce, that wouldnt like to me meantioned, that harry acctually suffered memory loss and dosent remember his own fiance hannah '18' and is currently with the boys just trying to get back on his feet. i dont know about you guys but i think this was no accident i believe something or someone is behind this, but the question is, who would want too?' and quote" i said,"well who would want to do this? i dont think the fans would want to hurt me, so what would hate me enough to do this?" hannah said,"not what... who" i gave her a confused look, she said,"okay back in california this girl allie she um basically is in love with liam, hates me always screws everything up with us, almost killed niall, umm yeah bad stuff" i said,"dang umm so its her?" she shook her head then said,"im not sure, you told me she was locked up right before it happened, so either ryan lied or she broke out really fast" i said,"wait whos ryan?" she said,"umm my ex he was in cali andkind of harrasted liam then when allie got in the picture he helped us, umm he bea..... basically  um still liked me a little and didnt like me and liam so yeah and yeah just alot of stuff happened" i nodded then said,"wait what do you mean didnt like you and liam?" she took in a breath, she looked a little nervous acctually, she finally said,"um he didnt um like me and liam being friends basically" i nodded saying,"soo if it is her, which it could be i guess, umm she would have had to have help right?" she nodded and said,"ohh yeah she couldnt pull all this off by her self" i nodded looking at her, i said,"you know we make a good team" she looked into my eyes smiling, then said,"i always thought so" i smiled, then her hpone rang, she broke eyes contact and reached for it, she said,"oh its liam ill be right back" i nodded and she got up form the table and walked out of the kitchen, i heard the bedroom door close, so i guess she went in there. i got up from the table and walked to the counters and stove, i looked at it all, wow this use to be my life, my home away from home, huh amazing, i walked to the pantry and opened it, i looked at all the food, i smiled to myself, i looked in the trash not even looking more like glanced in it, and some pink and white tissue paper caught my eye, i pulled out a box, that cintained the paper, i took it to the table, it was open, i lifted the tabs of the box and inside is a note, the front says,"my love" i looked at the kitchen door then turned back to the card, i flipped it open it read,"my dear hannah, did you like my vist the other night? i quite enjoyed myself to be honest, the way you moaned, and loved my lips on your neck. im sorry i had to leave your side but the punk liam in your bed was starting to wake up. my sweet i wasnt lying about what i said, i promise you some nice sex with me would just melt away your feelings for harry. he never deserved you anyway. well my offer on the love making will stand for as long as i live. im closer then you think honey, i cant wait for us to finally be together, xoxo" what.the.hell. is this? umm, soo this is probably why she refuses to talk to me, is she guilty about all of this?! i put the card to the side and in the box is a lock of her hair? oh my god shes into this kind of stuff? okay forget the hair umm the card is what im more concerned about, i know this is gonna have to be talked about, i left the card on the table then put the box back in the trash. im sick and tired of people not telling me anything! god and her keeping this from me just pisses me off, i walked out of the kitchen and in thenliving room, i heard her talking in the bedroom, i opened the door lightly, she turned and smiled then said,"hey liam i have to go, harry needs me, alright bye see you when you get home" and she hung up, im leanign on the door frame, she said,"hey whats up?" i said,"you know hannah, you being my fiance you should know how i feel about secrets" she gave me a confused looke, i pulled out the card, her eyes widdened, she yelled,"yoou went threw my trash?!" i yelled back,"our trash! hannah what is this? who is this?!" she yelled,"i cant believe ou went threw my trash!" i yelled back,"hannah our trash alright and who is it?!" she said,"you wouldnt understand" i said,"try me" she rolled her eyes and said,"it dosent mean anything" i stood up straight and yelled,"it obviously dose if hes saying and i quote'i promise you some nice sex with me would just melt away your feelings for harry' how can you say that dosent mean anything?!" she didnt answer me, i yelled"did he really touch you!? huh? did he ?" tears started coming down her cheeks, i said,"hannah" she yelled,"harry i dont know! alright i dont know! i thought it was liam, it didnt i didnt i just dont know!" she fell ot her knees and cried, i sighed, i got on the floor and sat next to her, i said softly,"hannah, look im sorry, its just i dont want any secrets between us, i want to know everything i can, i didnt mean to yell its just i feel like i dont know anythhing and im so mad because i want to remember but i just cant" she looked up at me, her tears are still on her cheeks but her crying kind of stopped, she cleared her throat then started talking,"it umm the packages started happening in california, and then stopped the just recently started again, and its just been creepier and i should have told you i guess, but i just didnt want to put more on your plate and ill tell you everytime something happens now, but before i honestly thought you wouldnt care" i shook my head then said,"hannah i dont know how but for some reason, i care about you more than anything, i honestly cant explain it, i dont know how i care about someone i dont know but i do and i will never let anything hurt you, but you just have to tell me" she smiled then said,"okay" i smiled back, and thats when the front door opened and liam yelled for us.


okay guyssssssss next one when it reaches 70+readers or 6+likes!! remember! and again sorry this one sucks! i really am! theres like so much hannah and harry fighting, lord i think they both just needs to chill!

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