complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


11. feelings erased

a/n:alight 80 reader!! whooo! okay sorry i didnt update earlier but i had to go to my cousins birthday party and ended up there all day! god i need friends! okay, so i know this chpater is short thats why i will update after this get 83+ readers cause its so short, or 4+ likes, ily guys enjoy!! 




*continuing on harry's pov.*
i felt myself starting to wake up, i started hearing noises, like running water,a beeping sound, it kind of sounded like a microwave beeping when your food is done, but this one kept going. i also heard the slight sound of foot steps on hard wood floor, of corse i thought i was dreaming, and that i was back at home in bed, but thats obviously not whats going on. i started to regain feeling in my feet, i could feel from my knee down, but that could help, except for the fact i couldnt move them, they are restrained by something, i start seeing a bright light threw my eye lids, indicating to me that i was under a light, and it is shinning right on me, i my eyes slightly only seeing blurred images of shapes and colors, but things started to get more detailed now that i have fully opened them. which dosent really make me feel any better, because the fact that i am in an empty room, with nothing on the walls, and nothing acctually anywhere, except the bed im on, and a few medical equitment around me, dosent make me feel to 'safe'. i looked down to the bed i was restrained on, and there is a door right ahead on my bed, i caant help but wonder where i am, and who im going ot see walk threw the door, but that quickly left my mind after i started feeling all over my body, i could feel pain absolutly everywhere, i looked at my arms, they are red, they kind of looked sun burned but, then they looked pale, like my skin is burned but im pale, me on the inside, i feel weak, and helpless. my eyes started stinging with hot tears wanting to come out of them, and my throat had a knot in it from where im holding back thoughs hot tears. all i want is to get out of here, and go back to hannah, be in our bed, in our house, and hold her till te end of time, like i always told her i would. i have to get out of here, for hannah, i have too see her, i cant just die, we havnet even gotten married yet, i cant just leave her , she will be so lost, okay harry you can do this. i started pulling on my arm restrains, trying to slip my hands out, it hurt my wrists so bad, they are buring and sore but i have to keep fighting, just keep telling my self, hannah needs me. damn i cant go out like this she hasnt even met my parents, come on harry! i pulled harder and managed to almost get it off, but the door flung open, my attention went straight for the now opened door, there is someone in the door way, im taking that it is a guy, from the tallness, and quiffed up hair, but it was a little dark in the room, because the only light is the one on me. the person walked a little in the room, then shut the door, he stood there, just stairing at me, i found the courage in me to say,"w-who are you?" he laughed a little, walking up to me, this time fully into the light, i know who this is, but i cant quite put my finger on it, e has brown hair styled in a quiff like i said before, but his face looked so firmillier to me. he spoke in a deep hateful voice,"what are you looking at fag"thwn with his huge fist decided to punch my left cheek, sending my head flying to the right, he laughed at my pian, thoughs tears i was once fighting are now coming down like hot bullets on my face. the guy said,"you know what bitch, when my boss asked me if i wanted to 'take care' of you, i was a little hesatint, but now i know what she meant" he punched me again, same place too, which just made the tears come faster. his words spit out at me like acid. i finally found my voice saying,"why am i here" he smiled at me,then said,"well because you have been a bad little ass hole, basically putting, my girlfriend in fucking ja-" he stopped, he turned to me his eyes sparkling in he light of the lamp on me, he turned ack to the medical equitment, and turned something on, i looked at what he was doing, he started pressing some buttons and humming a song, which just mad this even creepier then it should be, wait wait, his voice, its , i know it, oh my god! i felt my eye lids get heavy but i got out the words,"ryan? is that you?" he turned to me, about to say something when the door opened and in walked a girl, she walked up to what i know is ryan, and she said,"what did you give him?" he told her a long ass name i didnt even want to think about then he said ,"about a liter" she pushed him back yelling,"its not enough we have to get rid of his memory plus all of the feelings he has for hannah give him more stupid fucker! more!" he ran out of the room feltching a guess another liter, she wants to get rid of my love your hannah?! why?, she tunred to me, and walked slowly to the bed she had a surgical mask over her face and a white apron on, she said,"hey harry you comfortable?" i chocked out,"fuck you" she smild, then said,"uhh abay your so hot, you turn me on using that language" she leaned down, and started kissing me, i jerked my head to the side, she pulled away and said,"i love when you resist, god i want you harry so bad! but that is gonna have to wait for next time" she leaned kissing my forehead,  then ryan ran back in, he gave her anohter liter of liquid, she hooked it up the the machine, and smiled, ryan said,"nice going babe" she smiled, then the door bell rang, my eyes started closing, ryan ran to the door, she stayed, she said," good night baby see you soon" then ryan yelled,"allie its for you!" wait...allie?!



mind= blown. lol jk but yeah thank you to my beautiful readers! for reading!  next part 83+ readers of 4+ likes!!! love you!

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