complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


12. do you love me?

a/n: omg im soooo sorry i havent updated!!!! but omg i have 97 readers!!!! ily guys so much you are amazing! im sorry this one kinda sucks but its needed. ill get back to posting on schedual, alright next chapter when it hits 103+ readers or 4+ likes, again sorry it took forever!!





hannah's pov.
i woke up to the smell of bacon, the scent filled around my nose, making my eyes open, i sat up rubbing my head, i fely my hair assuming its all messy and curly, but i didnt care. i got out of bed reveiling grey sweat pants and my light blue tee. i took in the smeel and walked out of the bedroom and into the living room, i walked in the kitchen, and there is liam, a shirtless liam, he turned to me dlightly then turned back to the stove and said,"hey sleepy head" i smiled, saying,"hey liam" i got up next to him he smiled then said,"so how did you sleep?" i leaned on the conter behind the stove and said,"pretty good" he nodded and watched the bacon, moving it occasinally with a spatula. we are both quite the only noise is the popping of the bacin, he  scooped it upand set it on a plate, turning his back towards me now. i never really noticed how muscular liams back is, its so defined, he turned back around, and my eyes are now at his abs, not meaing too look at them, but they are pretty good too, i made my way back up too his eyes, he was just smiling, i said,'what are you all smiley about?" he shook his head saying,"hannah your engaged" i nodded saying,"i know? " he looked up at me now, his eyes aching, and his mouth is just wanting to say something but he held it back, i said quietly,"what is it liam?" he bit his bottom lip, looking down frustration came on his face. i leaned away from the counter saying,"liam what ever this is about just tell me, comunication was kind of a big deal in why our relationship ended, so i dont want it to be why our friendship ends too" he now looking at me opened his mouth but nothing came out, instead he took in a huge breath let it out then said,"go get dressed" i shot his a confused look, he answered it with,"its a suprise, just go get dressed for a fun day" i smiled walking out of the kitchen, and into the bedroom, i walked in my closet i picked out a red long sleeved sweater, with black shorts, i walked out of the closet putting th clothes on my bed, i went the my drawer pulling out tights and knee high black socks,i put on my clothes, and went back in my closet and grabbed black combat boots folding the tops down. i walked into my bayhrrom, and started my make up, not too much, i put some mascara, eyeliner,and fondation. i then started curling my hair, after all that i  grabbed my brown leather purse and out in on my shoulder walking out of the beroom and into the kitchen. liam was cleaning, but just finished, he looked up at me then smiled, he said quielty,"you look beautiful" i smiled, saying,"thanks" he walked up to me saying,"well i better go get dressed" then he kissed my cheek walking away. i put my hand up to my face, oh my god, he just kissed my cheek, why? i mean it is just my cheek and i full blown kissed him like 3 days ago but, this was diffrent, because he did it like we do it all the time, i love liam i really do, he was my .. kind of my first love, but like all things it turned sour. i wonder if he ever thinks about this stuff, like what if one of us did something diffrently would we still be together? its weird to think about. my thought are interupted my a hand on my arm, i turned and liam is stnading next to me he has on a black t-shirt, jeans, black boots, and a obey snap back, i said,"you scared me" he smiled saying,"sorry you ready to go?" i nodded, we walked out of the house and to his red mustange, we both got in he started backing out and driving to god knows where, we have been driving for a good 30 minutes, so i said,"liam where are we going? are you lost?" he shook his head and said,"probably lost, but still not telling you" i huffed he glanced at me and said,"you know hannah, i should um probably be leaving soon" i looked at him he continued,"harrys getting better, and you seem fine now, so there really isnt a reason for me to stay" oh no liam no, i looked away form him and out the window, he cant leave, he just cant, why cant i just why cant he just stay here! i know im being selfish, and greedy but i want liam, i do i want him to stay and make bacon, and be there when i need him. but i also want harry, i want harry to cuddle with me, and tell me stupid jokes, i cant have both, but i want both. i hate this. i sighed outloud, liam stopped yelling,"we are here!!" i looked out of the window, and we are at a fair, i looked at liam as he parked, he smiled gettting out of the car, i got oout with him and we reconnected at the back of the car, his eye lit up like a kid on christmas. he smiled again and said,"come on lets go" i laughed as he grabbed my hand and started drapping me into the fair, we played games, ate food, rode rides, played more games, met a few fans, tooka few pictures, and more, we stayed there all day, neither of us looking at our phone, it was great spending time with him.we are in line for the farris wheel, its dark now, the starts filled the sky, im guessing its about 10, we got to the front of the line, and sat in one of the chairs next to eachother, the buckled us in, and we started going up, liam put his hnad on my knee, he said,"hannah?" i looked at him, his face was serious, he continued,"have you um have you ever thought" wow. im a little shocked by the timing, and the question in genrel, the farris wheel stopped, and we are at the top, we havent broken eye contact, untill now, i looked down, saying,"sometimes" i felt his put his hand on my chin and lift my face back toawrds him, we are looking at eachother agaim, he said quietly,"have yoou ever wanted to fix it?' i nodded, he sighed,"then why didnt you?" i said,"why didnt you liam? i came to your house the night we faught" his eyes widdened,"you did?" i nodded, saying,"but you decided that you where gonna go out all the time and sleep with people after that so, i was beyond done liam" his faced turned back serious he said,"yeah so then you decided, ill just go out with his best friend that will help everyone" i rolled my eyes, the farris wheel started again, and we got off, we walked to the car, i got in, putting a huge stuffed dog in the back of his car, that he won for me, the whole ride home was scilent, we got home in about 45 minutes, he pulled up and i got out, with the dog in my hand i walked inside about to walk in the bedroom when the door closed and liam yelled,"hannah we arnt done" i turned around and said,"id rather not get into this right now liam" he let out a breath throwing the keys on the couch he said,"if we dont get into it now we never will, harry is gonna be back in the picture soon, and im leaving soon" i flt myself start to get mad, i threw the dog down and yelled,"fine, why did i get with harry after we broke up? how about this becasue he was there for me! he cared about me! he didnt leave when it got hard he faught for me! and even if he lost and got his ass beat, and he was hurt badly, he wouldnt think of himself, he would see if i was okay! he loves me more then anything! i feel safe with him! he was there when you wernt!" liam yelled back,"and i wasnt there for you hannah?! i would have done anything for you! and i still will! how could you say i never protected you! i loved you hannah" i said"see thats it i loved you too liam, looks like we are on the same page" i turned about to walk in the bedroom when he said,"see thats where you are wrong" i turned back around facing him, he said,"the diffrence between us is i still do love you, and i always will, no matter if you get married to harry, or a hobo, hannah i will love you and its a uncontrolable love, and i cant stand seeing you hurt, or with someone else" i felt tears escape my eyes, and fall on my cheeks, as he continued,"hannah the truth is, i hate seeing you and harry together, it just reminds me on what i fucked up on, how i messed up our relationship, hannah im leaving tonight, and if you love me back tell me, please" he had tears in his eyes, i opened my mouth but my phone interupted, i grabbed it and niall is calling, i answered,"hello?' he said,"hey um can you go see harry and make sure hes okay he hasnt come out of his room all day and we all left to go out to eat, im a little worried, maybe he will talk to you" i sai,"umm yeah im on my way" i hung up looking at liam, i said,"i have to go" i geabbed harrys keys and walked out the front door leaving liam in there alll alone, i got in harrys car and started driving there, i feel awful, i pulled up to the flat and walked in locking the car, i walked down the hall into harrys room, he wasnt in here, i looked at his un made med, and messy floor, right then the bethrrom door opened, he walked out in a towel, i turned to him, he looked at me for a second then said,"hey" i said,'hey um are you okay?" he nodded looking at me weird, then he said,"soo the bathrrom is messy too, and you cant just put all the clothes in the washer" i.. what? i said,"umm what?" he said," yeah the whites and drks it dosent matter, and i didnt know maids had that as uniforms? but hey i like it especially on you" and he winked, wait.. maid?! my heart started beating fast, i said,"harry who am i?" he said,"umm the maid" i felt my heart break, i stood there with my mouth open, and tears coming out of my eyes, he looked at me like i was insane, i shook my head saying,'noo harry im hannah! im your girlfriend your fiance!" he looked at me weird again, then said,"look hannah is it? umm im single, i think i would know if you where my girlfriend, so umm could you just do your job please?" i yelled,"harry im not a fucking maid!" he said,"then why are you in our house?" i stood there shocked, he said,'okay ma'am please get out i dont know you this is weird and im a little creeped out that people can just walk into the house, so good bye and have a nice night" i did as i was told and ran out of the house, crying my eyes out, i got int the car and drove home as fast as i could, i ran inside the house, i pray to god liam hasnt left yet, i ran into my bedroom, and he was on the bed, putting clothes in his suitcase, he turned to me his eyes widddened, and i just ran into his arm and hugged him, he hugged me saying,"what is going on?!" i cried out,"liam i do love you! im sorry! i love you so much" he stopped asking questions and just gripped me tighter around the waist, i cried hard into his shirt, my heart is broken, he dosent remember me again, i cant go threw this a 2nd time! why dose this keep happening! liam stroked my hair and started saying,'shhhhh" in a calm voice, my crying softened he sat me on the bed and asked,"hananh what happened?" i whipped my cheek and said,"harry dosent remeber me again" his face turned shocked, he said,"e dosent remember you?" i shook my head and said," liam i cant go thre this again! i lost him once and now i lost him again! i hate my life! i hate it so much!" i started crying again, liam grabbed my and oulled me to him, he pushed the suit case off the bed, and layed down with me in his arms, and i just cried, and he just held me, this is probably the worst day of my life... the only good part is liam. but like i said before all things turn sour.


oh gosh!! hananh better not do anything with liam! imma he pissed!! lol but thannk you so much for 97 readers on this one! i really love you guys! remeber 103+ readers or 4+ likes = next chapter!!


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