complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


13. day at the studio

aouthors note: alright guys i have the most amazing readers!! all 117 of you are just amazing! again i know i havent been keeping up and for that im really sorry!! but i just got back in the game of writing! but you guys!!!! my first story has a cover now!! thats what i was doing all day yesterday and im so proud of it!! check it out! but okay enjoy ily!



liam's pov.
when i woke up hannah was still sleeping, i looked at my phone and its about 9, i got up slowly, trying not to wake her, i slipped my arm out from under her, and stood up, i have the clothes i wore yesterday on still, so i know im gonna have to change, i walked into the bathroom, looking in the mirror you can tell i barley got any sleep, i started taking off my clothes, and turned the shower on, i slipped in, watching as the glass around me fogged up from the steam in the shower. i washed my hair and body, then stood under the water, i thought to myself, how dose one day harry know hannah then the next not know her at all? how could he forget unless something happened? i winder what he said to hannah? was he like who are you? or something. god i cant even imagine how she must feel. and after we had the fight she had to find out. was her telling me she loved me real then? or was she just saying it becasue she didnt want to be alone? all these unanswered questions with no one to answer them. i turned off the shower getting out i wrapped a towel around my waist, i dired my hair fixing it all nice, brushed my teeth, shaved alittle, then walked out of the bathroom. hannah hasnt moved postions, i walked to my suit case getting out underwear,  a white tee-shirt jeans and white adidas, i put on my clothes grabbed my phone and wrote hannah a note saying,"dear hannah, im at the recording studio in nashville, when or if you wake up you are welcome to come, im sorry about what happened, just be strong. love liam" i sat it on my pillow and walked out of the house, i got in the car and started driving to the studio, when my phone started ringing, its niall, i answered it,'hello?" niall said,"hey are you on your way to the studio?" i said,"yeah i left about 20 minutes ago, so i should be there soon" he said,"alright, and um after we all need to talk" my heart started beating faster, i said,"about what?" he sighed saying,"its just important, but i gotta go, see you there bye" he hung up, what are we gonna talk about? what is there to talk about? besides harry at this point. i pulled into the parking lot of the studio,i got out walking in the building, i walked to our recording room opening the door, zayn is in the recording booth singing, while all the other guys and alex are chilling on a couch and in chairs, i walked up to them, niall and alex are on the couch, while louis is in a chair to the right of them, niall saw me walk up he smiled saying,"hey liam" i waved then said,"um where's harry?" niall said,"oh i dont think hes coming today, he said he had a bad head ache this morning" i nodded sitting to the left of niall. we wrote one complete song the last time we where here, now we are suppose to be wroking on the rest, but it dosent happen sometimes, and now is one of the times where we just chill, and talk to eachother. alex and louis are having a conversation about how more clothes should be knitted, i tuned out when louis said the word crochet, instead i looked at zayn singing, and all our producers, and people at the sound board, there is a new guy, obviously an intern from how confused he looked. then my attention went to my phone, i unlocked it, going on twitter, just threw my news feed, after about 20 minutes on that i got off, and its about 12, zayn fonally stepped out of the recording booth, telling louis its his turn to go in. louis stood up walking in the booth and zayn took louis seat, he got on his phone after sitting down, i sighed then said,"anyone hungry?" everyone nodded, i said,"alright jersey mikes good?" everyone nodded, i got up about to leave when zayn said,'ill come with you" i nodded as we both walked out of the room, we walked down the hall then out of the bulding, we got in my car and started driving to the sub shop, zayn said,"so wheres hannah?" i sighed saying,"home probably still sleeping" he said,"really?" i nodded he said,"wow girl can sure sleep" i nodded agin saying,"yeah but i mean what else would she be doing besides crying" he gave me a confused look then said,"why would she be crying?"i pulled into the parking lot of jersey mikes saying,"because of harry?" i pulled in a parking place stopping the car, zayn said,"but i thought he was doing better?" i turned to him and said,"he was but he forgot everything again" zayn was stunned, his mouth fell open and he sat there, i said,'you didnt know?" he shook his head, we got out of the car, he said,"how did you know?" i put my keys in my pocket answering him,"she went too see him and he thought she was the maid, she came back home and told me, it was last night when you guys went out" he nodded as he walked into jersey mikes, we ordered everyones food payed then walked out, he was quite, we got in the car and drove back to the building, he still hasent said anything, we pulled up and he got out, i followed, but stopped when my phone started ringing, i pulled it out and its hannah, i answred,"hello?" she said,"hey liam" in a tired voice. i smiled to myself then said,"what are you doing?" she said,"um waking up, probably about to shower" i said,"alright thats good, hey you should come to the recording studio, i dont want you to be home alone" she hesitated then said,"i dont know liam" i said,"hes not here, hes not coming either, please i..i.. want you tobe here, with me" she sighed then said,"okay, ill come" i smiled then said,"okay see you soon babe bye" and hung up, i walked in the bulding now, and to the studio, we are all on break now, i passed out the sandwhiches and we all ate, after eating, and taking a little, our producer asked niall to go in the booth, he nodded getting up and walked in the booth, it was about an hour after hannah called me when the door open and she walked in, she had on tights and jean high waisted short, with a black and white stripped shirt tucked in and a maroon cardagin over it, her hair is strightned, and she didnt have much make up on, she smiled at me, i stood up and walked over to her, she said,"hey" i said,"hey, you feel better?" she shook her head saying,"not really" i said,"im sorry" she shrugged it off, when alex screamed,"HANNAH!!" and ran up hugging her, alex said,"oh i havent seen you in such a long time," hanah smiled saying,"i know" and alex led her to the couch, they both sat down and started having you now girl talk, i just listened, i dont know i just love the sound of her voice, its so sweet and calm, i smiled to myself, they talked for a good 30 minutes non-stop, i wowuld just smile, when hannah looked at me, i know shes still hurting, and i knew seeing alex would make her feel better, shes been with me and just me forever, and i know she misses people. niall got done, and walked out saying,"liam its all you" i laughed and walked in putting the head phones on, and the music started filling my ears, when the door to the studio opened, it caught my attention, but who walked in was the thing that left me speechless.



next chapter will be up when it hits 123 readers! or 6+ likes!! you guys my first story now has 288 readers! im so freakin happy!! i love you guys so much! thank you for reading!1 lol that cliff hanger tho! who do you think it is?!

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