complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


6. coming back.

authors note:sooo sorry if this one sucks you guys! and i knwo there are probably 100 miss spelled words but yeah its 10 and im tired. so yeah ily my 44 readers! thanks for reading it! okay so i have the story it should get better soon!!!!! i promise. but love you enjoy and new chapter will be up whenn this hits, 50+ readers!






liam's pov.
the plane just took off from california, yeah i went back, i literally just got here yesterday, but harry is in trouble or something happened, so i need to be with him. i would have came earlier but, i had to mail afew things, and then talk to a few people, nothing big just somethings i couldnt do there. i sat back in my chair, im really excited to be seeing hannah again though. i honestly missed her alot, i missed her smile, her laugh, the way she looks at me, he eyes, her body- wow okay liam your done, stop this needs to stop. shes engaged to harry, chill, you are just friends. i really should call alex to see about where im staying, even though i really just want to stay at hannahs house. i grabbed my phone, and dialed her number, after the third ring she answerd,"hey liam" i said,"hey umm just calling too ask where id be staying?" she said,"umm you could saty at the flat the guys rented but, im not sure on if there is enough beds" i said,"oh well i mean you could see if i could stay at harry and hannahs place if its not too much to ask?" she said,"yeah ill ask, how much longer till you get here?" i looked at my watch, then said,"umm 30 minutes maybe an hour" she said,"alright ill ask hannah about you comin over, see if shes okay with you 2 there alone" alone? i said,"wait alone? inst harry gonna be there?" she paused, and her voice changed into a depressing sadness,"you dont know, do you?" i said,"umm know what?" confused. she sighed and said,"harry umm, he lost is memory and he dosent remeber anything from the trime you guys went to california, so no hannah and no me" i cant believe it, oh my god, i said,"are you serious? but he remebers us right like the guys?" she said,"yeah yeah, but not hannah not that they are engaged not that they live together, he has no memery of her" i shook my head and said,"wow, i can only imagine how she must feel" alex said,"yeah but it should be good for you to be with her, s she not alone in that house" i nodded to myself then said,"yeah okay umm ill  talk to you when im at hannahs i think we are about to land" she said,"wow that was fast" i smiled and said,"hey jets get you places, bye alex" she said,"bye liam" and we both hung up. wow i feel so bad fro hannah, i cant believe it. i wonder how harrys doing, i should stop by tomorrow, cause i mean its almost 6. the plane landed, and i got off, i grabbed my bags, and walked threw the airport, and found a red mustange waiting for me, thank you managment! i got in throwing my bags in the back, i started driving, too hannahs, yeah i know where they live, they had a house warming party, it was nice seeing her so happy. that drive from the airport took about 30 more minutes, but i fianlly pulled into her driveway, i got out and grabbed my bags, i put one strap to the bag across my bpdy and another one just on my shoulder, i walked up to the door, and rang the door bell, i stood there waiting to hear her walk towards it or just something but i didnt hear anything so i rang it again, and waited. huh i looked in the driveway, no her car is here she snot gone, so i rang it one more time, and waited, i loked down, when suddenly the door flung open, and i was greeted by hannah holding up a baseball bat i yelled,"WHOA WHOA WHOA WAIT NO ITS LIAM ITS LIAM!" and threw my hands over my head and kind of bent my knees making me shorter. hannah still didnt put the bact down so i said,"hannah its just me okay its just liam look just me" she nodded i reached for the bat, and grabbed it, her eyes suddnely filled up with tears and she started crying, and she came to me and hugged me saying,"liam" in a relieved and exausted voice. i wrapped one arm around her and walked forward so we could go inside, i shut the door and threw the bat on the couch, now fully hugging her with both arms, i spoke up and said,"hey hannah, are you okay?" she looked up barely and nodded, i leaned backwars and put my hands on her shoulders, she let go of me and i said,"are you sure?" she whipped her tears and said,"yeah im fine" i nodded putting my bags down then said,"okay now that your fine would you mind telling me what you where doing with the damn bat about the bash my face in?" she smiled a little and said,'yeah come here" i followed her into the kitchen and to the table, on the table was a box, and in the box is pictures of her, black lingerie, and a note. i looked at her and she was starring at the stuff bitting her thumb nail. i said,"hannah what is this?" she said,"i have no idea liam, its just like back in california, but worst read the note" i noded and grabbed the note opening it, it said,"dear hannah. it has come to my attention that harry.. is shall we say out of the picture, and im so happy about it because now you and i can finally be together because harry is fianlly gone. i hope to see you soon baby. love, yours truley." i looked up at hannah, and she looked at me saying,"no thats not it, read the skicky note" i looked at the box and stuck to the lingerie was a yelllow sticky note that said,"wear this, we are gonna have some fun tonight" i looked at hannah, shelet a tear fall form her eyes, but she quickly whipped it, i said,"no hannah. your fine now okay? cause im here with you and ill fucking kill him if he lays so much as a finger on you" she said,"i know liam" and hugged me. i said,"hey go get some sleep okay? you need too rest" she nodded and we both walked out of the kitchen, i said,"ill be in here if you need me" she nodded and dissapeard into the bedroom, i walked back in the kicthen and said to myself,"alright you son of a bitch what secret code do you have now" i grabbed all the pictures and turned them over, nothing. i emptyed the box, nothing. i looked at every inch of the lingerie, nothing. i sat in the chair and took a breath, i looked at the box and all that it contained, then i noticed something, ther is a mark on the tissue paper. i stood up and moved everything out of the way and grabbed all the tissue paper, each peice had a word on it, i layed out all the pink and white paper, there are 10 words; coming, worry, anymore, baby, harry, im, really, soon, about, dont. what is that suppose to mean?! i starred at the paper, when i relized, wait there is 5 of each color, maybe theres like a pattern! so i put it in white pink white pink white pink. and it spelled out; i'm coming really soon baby, dont worry about harry anymore. wow i have to say this guy is really persistant. i tunred around about to walk out of the kitchen wehn the bedroom door opened, hannah walked out, and looked at me, i said," hey love you are you doing out of bed?" she blinked really slow, and she said,"i know this is gonna sound cheesy, or stupid, but i cant sleep, im really scared, so would you please come sleep in there with me? just i hate being alone and this dude has freaked me out, bu just at least untill i fall alseep?" i smiled and said,"yeah come on let go to bed, she msiled and walked in the bedroom, i grabbe dmy bags then walked in too, she was on the right side farthes from the door, so i shut the door then walked to the left and sat my bags on the floor, i pulled out basket ball shorts and a white tee, i took off my white tank top, and then my jeans, i grabbed my shorts and out them on, then turned towards hannah. she is looking at me, i smiled and said,"you still like what you see?" she smiled and then looked down, with the smile gone, i stopped and siad,"what? was it something i said?" she shook her haed and said,"no just harry said that to me before he got in the accident" i instantly felt bad, i said,"hannah im sorry i didnt now" she shook her head and said,"no no its fine you didtn know" i looked down, and out my shirt on, the layed down next to her, turning off the lamp on the side tbale next to me. i sat there on my back, and thought, i really do feel bad for her, and i know that her asking ,e to sleep in here was purely her being scarred because she loves harry. and i know that, and i know she feels lonley and scared and just yeah alone, i understand , and i know harry would act the same way, she just wants comfort.suddnely i felt her skin touch mine, she had my left arm and was snuggled up next to it, i smiled to myself, wow i really did miss this, alot more then i thought. with that i felt myself going to sleep with the warmth of hannah on my arm.

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