complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


21. can this wait

authors note: heyy lovely 260 readers! im so tankful for every single on of you! & i know you reached the goal a long time ago, butt i was at the lake with my dad without my laptop or internet! it was fun but awful! remember you can follow meh on the twitter @xxQxeenHarryxx for updates &such! it would mean alot! ENJOY!






continuing on hannahs pov.

i just got off the phone with alex, i told her and the boys to get here as soon as possible and that it is a life or death thing. so they should be here soon. i stood from the bed, walking to the closet to get some proper clothes on. i put on skinny jeans and a pink floyd t-shirt. after getting dressed i walked out of the bedroom, and into the kitchen. harry is now sitting at the table, i smiled in his direction. i leaned on the counter and said,"how do you feel harry?" he turned to me smiling, he said,"good" he stood and started walking to me. he leaned in to me whispering in my ear,"id be better if i could get you out of those clothes" his warm breath sent chills down my spin, i smiled. harrys hands went to the bottom of my shirt, and his lips went to my neck. he started kissing my sweetspot, and unbuttoning my pants, wow iv missed this so much, i love his lips on my neck, and his hands on me, it feels like forever since he touched me. i put my hands up to his head, and sent my fingers threw his curls. he grabbed my thighs lifting me to where i am now on the counter. he started kissing lower, when the doorbell rang. he stopped and sighed, i smiled saying,"maybe next time" he smiled a little annoyed, i hopped down and walked to the door. i opened it, and the first person my eyes landed on was liam. his eyes darted around me and all over my body, when he finally said,'hey whats the life or death situation?!" i moved aside not answering him, but allowing everone to come in. i shut the door, turning to everyone i said,"okay um maybe it wasnt life or death but it is pretty serious." liam said,"well what is it?" i opened my mouth but before i got to say anything harry walked out of the kitchen saying,"babe who was at the- oh hey guys what are you doing here?" everyone just stared at him, shit, okay this is not going as planned. i yelled,"harry has his memory back!" but still everyone stared at him. then niall slowly walked up to harry, he smiled and they just hugged, then louis joined and zayn and liam. alex walked up to me hugged me and said,"hannah this is great!" we let go of one another i sighed saying,"yeah i know it is but alex what am i gonna do about liam?" her face got concerned, as she said,"hannah i really dont know, has he said anything?" i shook my head, she said,"well just wait till liam says something, but till then think about whats best for you" i nodded saying,"thanks alex" she smiled. i turned back to the boys and they are all tlaking and laughing, i smile to myself, because this is how it use to be, and i want it to stay like this forever, but it wont because here comes liam. oh shit. he walked to me smiling, he said,"i cant believe hes back!" i smiled saying,"i know" he turned to me gazing at harry, he said,"hannah what about us?" i looked at him my smile is gone and im now serious,i said,'liam can we talk about this later?" he said,"no we cant because if you are with me, i dont want you guys kissing and fucking acting like a couple" i grabbed his arm, and lead him into the bedroom, i closed the door saying,"liam, i dont understand why we cant just enjoy everything being back to normal" he yelled,"because hannah 'everything being back to normal' means i loose you again!" i looked down, as he said,"do you want to be with harry?"his voice sounded scared, and anxious. i cant answer him, because i dont know the answer. i do want to be with harry but i want to be with him too, i just dont know what my heart wants anymore. he spoke,"well that was enough answer for me" i looked up his eyes are red, from tears wanting to fall. he walked up to me, for i was infront of the door. he said,"bye" he reached for the handle but i grabbed his hand, his eyes locked on mine as i slowly brought his hand away from the knob. the thought of liam leaving and probably never coming back completely breaks me inside. i cant let him leave. he opened his mouth about to say something but before he could i grabbed his black t-shirt and pulled him to me, kissing him hard. our lips started moving together as one, his hands went to my waist pulling our bodys closer. liam always makes me weak in the knees when we kiss, i dont know how but it always happens. he leaned away, breathing hard he said,"so what did that mean?" i took a breath saying,"it meant for now we are together-" he smiled, kissing me again. he moved away saying,"alright lets go break the news to harry" i freaked sayign,"but! but liam but im gonna tell harry when i feel like the time is right, so dont go in there saying anything. for right now harry just needs to be happy, and figure everything out, and get use to being him again." liam rolled his eyes saying,"but you are apart of his life. him going back to normal means still being with you!" i nodded and said,"i know liam, let me ease him out of it, i wont do anything with him" liam looked up rolling his eyes. my eyebrows rurrowed as i said,"liam trust me" he looked back at me saying,"i do trust you! its him i dont trust!" i smiled and said,"hey all you need to do is trust me, to not let anything happen, so just trust me" he nodded, and said,"alright, but i dont want you two sleeping in the same bed, or anything like that" i nodded saying,"okay, now come on, and quit worrying about everything" i turned around openeding the bedroom door. we walked out, everyone is talking on the couch, liam walked past me and sat next to zayn, join the conversation. i walked over next to harry who was sitting at the end, oh i just fucking got myself into some deep shit with liam and harry. i have no idea what im gonna do. harry got done saying something, when he looked up at me smiling, i smiled back. i looked at the front door, when all the sudden i got grabbed my the waist and pulled on the couch, i turned and im not sitting in harrys lap, with his arms wrapped around my waist, he nuzzled his head between my arm, forcing my arm to go around his neck. i looked down at him smiling, as he just continued the conversation. i looked at the group, and everyone was just laughing and enjoying eachother, my eyes stopped at liam, he was acting okay but he would glance at harry and i whenever he could. i know this is probably bad for me to be doing but, i cant just say no harry im dating liam, sorry. he would be so confused and he would think he did something wrong when he didnt. god, why me! i snapped out of my thoughts when i felt harrys grip tighten around me. i looked down and he was fine, i looked back up and liam is looked at my hand, shit, i was playing with harrys hair, its a force of habit. i stopped and let my hand hang, when harry nudged my arm with the back of his head, basically telling me to keep playing with it. so i started twisting his curls threw my fingers. i could almost feel liams anger. i do feel bad, because im not doing this on purpose. alex spoke,"oh gosh, we need to go, guys you have to record today, harry im pretty sure your good and can stay home with hannah, but boys we gotta go" everyone stood, including harry and me. we all waved saying bye, and they left closing the door behind them. when the door closed harry almost instantly grabbed me, he said,"now we wont have anymore interuptions" he leaned, in but i put my hands on his face stopping him. he said,"whats wrong?" then my phone rang, harry let go i grabbed it and i got a text from liam saying,"that didnt seem like you easing out of it" i sighed sitting on the couch, i should probably do this now. so it will be easier on everyone including harry, so he can just know fast and it not be a slow painful process. i looked up at harry who looks down at me concerned. i said,"harry we need to talk"




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