complicated (book 2)

after a wild vacation in cali, and a marriage proposal in Tennessee, the guys ,Hannah ,and Alex decide its time to settle down, and just be happy and enjoy life before the guys have to go back to touring, but just as soon as things start getting better, fear strikes in the heart of Hannah. for something horrible has happened, and shes scared not only for herself but everyone else.


31. boyfriend

Hannah's pov.

*6 months later*


I cringe at his voice. that's his angery voice.

pulling my short leather mini dress down a little I trot out of the bedroom in my basically 12inch heels.

Dax stands tall next to the door. wearing a white t-shirt with a lether jacket and dark jeans.

"can we go now. or do you need to stuff your bra some more?" he says harshly.

I shake my head and look down in shame.

"alright let's go. we are already late."

he walks out of the front door and I follow behind and close it. we get into this black mustang. he backs out and we head to the club.

im getting sick of the whole clubbing thing but this is how we get money. it's either this or we starve.

it takes about 15 minutes before we are in the club 'echo' parking lot.

"God hannah thanks to you we are fucking 30 minutes late. what do you have to say for yourself huh?!"

I look up at Dax. his eye hard and filled with fire.

"I'm sorry baby" I squick

"sorry?! this is the 4th time we have been late because of you. so I need to punish you when we get home so you will understand?"

I shake my head. the last time he 'punished' me I cried for 3 hours. I'd rather not do that again.

"how about to do it now?" his voice gets low, eyes now fill with lust and passion.

his hand goes to my upper thigh and he tries to go under my dress, but I grab his hand.

"Dax we are already late. you don't wanna keep these people waiting any longer do you?" I remind him

he rolls his eyes "your right. let's get this goin"

we get out of the car and walk to the entrance if the club. skipping the almost 2 mile line.

the security guard let's is in. he's a good client of Dax.

as soon as I walk in the smell of alcohol and weed fill my nose. it really just hits you like a brick wall.

Dax grabs my hand and drags me threw the crowded dance floor and to our regular table in the far back corner.

he sits me down.

"alright babe. I'm gonna go make my deal and sales. stay here and be a good girl for me okay?"

I nod.

he smiles and slowly disappears into the crowd.

putting my purse down in the seat next to me I get the bar tenders attention and he nods in response.

Dax and I are regulars here so the bar tender immediately brings me a beer smiling.

taking a few sips I watch as everyone dances and has a good time.

I wonder who these people really are. under all the make up, alcohol, and and clothing or lack there of. but these people have life's and family's and jobs and none of the seems the matter to them right now. so why dose it matter to me?

having no one to talk to but yourself really makes a person think about them selfs.

I miss my mom. I wanna see her sometime soon. I wanna see my family and old friends. I wanna see Harry.


no stop Hannah

I immediately go into my bag and pull out a small white bottle and pour 2 little white pills into my hand. throwing then back I chase them with beer and go back to looking at the people.

ha. the more I look at them dancing. the more I wanna dance!

I spring to my feet and run to the dance floor.

I start grinding and rubbing all over the people around me.

this is great no worries. no priorities. now I understand why these people do this all the time. ITS FUCKING AMAZING!

I dance for awhile when I feel someone come up behind me and grab my hips and grind Into them.

feeling the music. I rub back into then and feel them get a little excited.

I half turn and find Dax is the one behind me.


he's sweating a little and seems out of breath

he comes close to me and whispers "let's get outta here"

I nod.

he runs back to the table and gets back to me grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the crowd and out of the club.

I feel myself swaying.

"oh shit!"

I trip over a little pot hole but catch myself

this is funny. haha.

Dax grabs me and pulls me to the car.

we both get in

"why are you spinning babe?"

"hannah buckle up. haha babe your so fucked up" he laughs

I laugh at him.

"oh my god babe your so funny. holy shit I'm fuckin hi heyyyy"

I yell at people walking beside the car.

Dax laughs in this seat as he pulls out and start driving home.

I lean my head against the window and watch as the city goes by. all the lights are blurry and everything else is black.

within seconds he pulls up into the drive way. we both get out.

he comes to my side and guides me into the house and I to the bed

"haha honey can we take our shoes off?!" I ask excited!

"yeah we can" Dax answers laughing

"YAY!" I yell

I pull my heels off and throw them across the room.

"I'm gonna take a shower okay?"

"alright have fun getting wet! Haha"

Dax smiles and rolls his eyes them goes into the bathroom and closes the door.

I look up at the white ceiling. and I feel my eyes get heavy and soon everything is black. and ll I hear is the soothing sound of running water.

"but Harry I love you ! why are you doing this!?" I scream

"becUse hannah iv moved on. you mean nothing to me. grow the fuck up and move on too!"

I shoot up and look around. I'm in my bedroom Dax is next to me the lights are off. we are in bed.

I look down and see I'm wearing a t shirt and my underwear.

oh fuck Harry.

quietly I pull the covers back, get up and walk into the bathroom closing the door behind me.

I open the bottom drawer and pull out a little plastic baggy, a bowl, and a lighter.

tears start falling down my cheeks as I sit in the tile floor and lean against the wall next to the open window.

I place the green lively leaves into the bowl and then light them, I in hale the smoke and hold it for a few moments the exhale.

I guess there are perks to dating a drug dealer.

In hale the smoke again and ex hale. repeating this process many times.

maybe I just need to go home.... no because then this.. you you will be there problem and no one wants to deal with you. except Dax. Dax loves you and tells you the truth. he's a keeper.

I guess.

I repeat the inhale and exhaling until my thoughts are clouded and the once green leaves are now black and dead.

I take one last big hit and hold it in. then exhale slowly.

I watch as the smoke makes circles around it's self and then slowly disappears.

letting out a breath I dump the leaves out in the sink. rinse it the out everything back In the bottom drawer under the towels.

I stand and start walking out when I see my reflection. I see what shirt I have on. it has hands all over it. I'm wearing Harry's shirt.

I look down and turn off the light then quietly and gently get back into bed.

i wrap my arms around myself and snuggle deep into the shirt.

oh it even smells like him. he always smelled so good. I miss that little loser.

hannah stop. he just hurts you. your better off with Dax.


I sigh and close my eyes going to sleep to the thought of my old life with .. him

authors noteee :// sorry I haven't posted. so this is the story why: I wrote a really long. good. interesting chapter for you guys a couple weeks ago and when I hit publish. it FUCKJNG deletes EVERYTHING!!!! I was so mad I didn't even wanna re-write it lol sooo I wrote this one. end of my story lol but again sorry anddd I hope I post another chaper really soon!! OMG SO CLOSE TOO 500 READERS GUYS!! ILY ALL SOOOOOOO MUCH ! hope you enjoy the story.

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