Diana(niall horan fan fic)

Niall horan fanfic where he finds his true love and a miracle


6. chapter 5

-last day in Ireland-

Diana's POV

-So to day is the last day in Ireland and tomorrow our flight leaves at 6:00am so we are going to the local zoo it will be fun especially because I have my lover with me (I am dreaming/thinking about our schedule right before I wake up)-

I wake up and I noticed everyone was sleeping on the couch and Theo. was in his crib so I decided not to disturb them and to get ready for the day since it was 9:00am.

I walked up the stairs and grabbed a towel and showered.

-skip shower as always-

After my shower I grabbed my outfit out of my suitcase and put my makeup on like always then put my outfit on.

A/N I'm gonna show you the outfit when Niall is done because it will give it away otherwise.

Niall's POV

I woke up on the couch with everyone sleeping and went up stairs to get ready(took shower got dressed etc.)

Diana's and Niall's outfit(http://www.polyvore.com/last_day_in_ireland/set?id=120616899) A/N the outfit is so adorbs there twinning again.

I see Diana and asked her what she wanted to do today. I want to do to the zoo. She said excitedly. Well I will go wake up the others so they can get ready. I said. I'm coming too!!! She exclaimed. Ok ok but be quiet I wanna change Theo. first. I said. Ok, I wanna help. She proposed. Ok let's go get him. I replied. We went down stairs and grabbed him and his diaper bag and changed him.

Theo's clothes(http://www.polyvore.com/theos_outfit_nialls_nephew/set?id=120675079)

We walked back downstairs to wake up the others so we yelled GET UP!!!!! Even Theo. tried to say it. But it sounded like et p to us. They all jumped and said what the hell. We laughed and said get ready we're going to the zoo. They all got up running to get ready. We got Theo. ready for you. I yelled. Thanks they yelled running down dressed with their shoes in their hand with them wearing the same thing as us pretty much. They got their shoes on and we all went to my car. I drove with Diana next to me, Greg, his wife/gf , and Theo. in the back because mum decided to stay home.

-skip car ride-

We got to the zoo and payed for our way in and went to the monkeys because they were Theo's favorite. The monkeys goofed around and Theo. laughed.

-skip to lunch-

We all got burgers ,fries, and a bottle of water while Theo. drank his bottle as normal. After our lunch we went to the elephants because they were Diana's favorite animal.

-Skip till they get home from zoo-

We got back to my mums house and Diana and I went upstairs to do a twitcam. We announced our engagement and our time in Ireland.

-skip the rest of the twitcam-

A/N sorry for skipping a lot of things in this story but I just don't know what to put cause every one takes a shower and most people drive in a car etc.

Diana's POV

We went in to the bed and fell a sleep because we have to wake up at 4:00am.

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