Diana(niall horan fan fic)

Niall horan fanfic where he finds his true love and a miracle


5. chapter 4

-Next morning-

Niall's POV

I woke up went downstairs and started the coffee pot. I walked back upstairs grabbed a towel and took a quick shower.

-skip shower-

I finished my shower and dried my hair and etc, I put my outfit on. Then I went to the bed to wake Diana up. Wake up babe. I told Diana. What time is it? She asked. It's 10:00am. I replied. Ok I'll get up just let me take a shower and get ready for St. Patricks Day. She told me.

Diana's POV

I got up grabbed a towel and hopped in the shower.

-skip shower-

I finished my shower and got dressed into my outfit for St. Patricks Day. (http://www.polyvore.com/st_patricks_day/set?id=120583917)

I walked downstairs and said good morning to Maura and Niall. Morning to my little Irish fiancé. Niall said. Hey I can say the same to you because you are the same hight as me and we are both Irish. I snapped back. Oh I never thought about that. Niall said sighing. It's ok my little leprechaun. Is your dad coming to visit for the holidays or what. No we're having super here and Greg, Theo and his wife/girlfriend. (honestly I don't know if it's his gf or wife so no hate) oh ok I finally get to meet baby the little Horan yay and your brother.

-Skip rest of day till guests arrive-

I heard the doorbell and yelled I'll get it. Thanks Diana! Maura yelled back. Np. I said. I opened the door two see little Theo. Awe he's so adorable I cold just eat him up. I told them.(metaphorically speaking) Awe thanks. Greg said. How about I let you guys in its cold out there. I said. That would be great. They said. Niall, Maura Greg and his family are here! I yelled. Niall came running down he stairs to go get Theo. real quick to play with him, he is so good with kids. I think to myself. Um so how have you been lately Greg I asked him. Great, how about yours? He said. Mine is amazing because I just got engaged incase you didn't see the ring. I said sassily. Wow it's beautiful. Greg's gf/wife said. Thanks. I said. COME EAT!!!!! Maura yelled. Coming we all said in unison.

-skip dinner-

Diana's POV

Let's watch a movie or something. I suggested. Sure how about horror since Theo is sleeping. Niall suggested. Sure how about that haunted house movie with that Marlon Wayans guy that came out last year (since it's 2014). I suggested. Sure that sounds great. They all said in unison.

-1hour into the movie-

We all fall asleep and don't wake up till morning.

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