Diana(niall horan fan fic)

Niall horan fanfic where he finds his true love and a miracle


4. chapter 3

Diana's POV

After the flight we got off and walked to grab our luggage and then we got a cab to his mums house.

-skip car ride-

We got to his mums house and rang the doorbell because she didn't know we were coming. She opened the door and said ohh my Niall I haven't seen you in ages. While pinching his cheeks. I giggled. Hi there Mrs. Horan. I said. Good but you can call me Maura. She replied. Ok. I said in return. What is your name young lady? She asked. Diana. I replied. Ohh Diana Niall has told me lots about you and he said you were originally from Dublin Ireland. She said. Awe he's so adorable I love him. Niall blushed. And yes I am from Dublin. I said. That's nice to know Diana. Maura said. Wanna go to the movies and a restaurant? Niall asked. Sure. Maura and I said in unison. First I gotta get ready. I said. Ok, be ready in an hour. Niall said. Ok see you then. I said while walking upstairs. I looked in my suitcase and found what I was going to wear first I put my makeup on so it didn't get my clothes dirty. (http://www.polyvore.com/movies_dinner_with_niall_maura/set?id=120602470) takes quick selfie and posts it on twitter

I walk downstairs. I giggled when I saw Niall's mouth dropped down to the floor literally. Wow you look beautiful. Maura said. Thanks. I replied. You look stunning. Niall said. Thanks. I replied as I kissed him on the cheek. Niall blushed. We should get going now the movie starts in 20 minutes. Niall said. Okay. Maura and I said in unison. Let's take the car I left here last year before I went on tour. Okay. Maura and I said in unison again. We got into the car and drove to the movie theater.

-skip car ride-

Niall's POV

We got our tickets to see divergent. What type of candy do you want Diana twislers and soda. Ok 2 sodas and 1 twislers I said to the cashier. Ok that will be $15.00 Mr. Horan. The cashier said. I payed him and went into the theater.

-20 minutes into the movie-

I do the classic move and put my arm around her shoulder then she snuggled into me. I kissed her forehead. Then she looked up at me and kissed my lips. I blushed.

-movie is over-

Did you like the movie? I asked her. Yea it was different kinda like the hunger games trilogy. She replied. She is so smart how did I end up with her. We then walked into my car and started to drive to the restaurant.

-skip car ride-

Diana's POV

We arrived to this restaurant where you were forced to wear a black tie and slacks. Maura and I got a chicken Alfredo and Niall got a bowl of spaghetti we ate our meals and it was really good before the dessert came Niall got down on one knee I gasped and said would you be the lovely woman to take this ring and marry me.(I don't know the right words sorry) I got teary but didn't cry because it would ruin my make up. Yes. I mumbled and hugged him. Everyone in the restaurant awed in unison it was so beautiful.

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