Collection of Random Short Stories, Prose, Poems, and anything else I come up with

Finally, a space to put all those random writings laying about on my desk, all together in a paper-and-glue scrap book of entertainment.


4. Your news when you need it. Channel 1234.



This last week a jelly bean factory had been testing its new flavors on volunteers. Flavors such as Pepper, cherry, mint, tomato, I-Pod, and jelly bean. One unmentioned flavor, Flesh, has sparked the memory of a plane crash survivor of 3006, who had to eat the dead in order to survive before being rescued. The recovering cannibalistic went ballistic over the bean flavor and proceeded to eat the volunteers. However, the Bean flavor had a fast working dormant virus, which was used to create the flavor, that turned the bitten volunteers into cannibalistic zombies that went ballistic and ate the factory workers. Since the factory breakout, the Bean Disease, as it's being called, has spread to neighboring towns. The Zombie Awareness Association (ZAA) as been working hard to cover up the situation and take care of some 5,678 zombies. Nearby neighborhoods of the infected have been evacuated or quarantined. Current information has yet to be revealed. Tune in again at 12 pm for more news. This is Leslie Brokke signing off. 

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