Collection of Random Short Stories, Prose, Poems, and anything else I come up with

Finally, a space to put all those random writings laying about on my desk, all together in a paper-and-glue scrap book of entertainment.


5. How to wake up on the cold morning of Monday.

             Initially one would start with setting an alarm to jolt them from their warm slumber to start the day. Choosing the alarm is no easy task, it can take years of trial and error but mostly preference takes a large part. The options at the scheduled human’s disposal is vast. One can choose from the traditional analog clock or reach for the digital kind, as aforementioned it’s all preference. However there are many more possible solutions available at the finger tips. One can decide the technical route and set up the obnoxious alarm clock app on ones cellular device. In that little realm of technology opens a whole new array of options. Unlike the typical side table alarms the cellular device provides different alarm tones or raucous noises. According to one’s preference they can choose a soothing calm sound or a loud unavoidably annoying cry or maybe a tone somewhere in the middle. Whichever suits their fancy, as long as it suddenly jars them awake in the early hours of the day.

                Another option available to the more heavy sleepers, is the repeating alarm. Some digital clocks will continue to screech every five minutes to assure that they were heard. Even after one hit the snooze button for those, “extra five minutes”. And to ones chagrin even after they are awake will the alarm continue to make its presence known. Please hold back the boiling anger, do not smash the device, simply taking out the batteries will suffice. On the other hand if one chooses the cellular app they are given the opportunity to change the time between repeating alarms from five minutes to ten to even zero. Making the morning slightly more flexible, even if it is not meant to be.

                Once the harbinger of sleep-deprivation and multiple cups of caffeine is chosen, one may allow themselves to crawl under their warm covers and fleece blankets for a seemingly brief night’s sleep. Assuming, however, one did remember to brush their teeth, because no one likes a bad tasting mouth in the morning. It is also a suggestion that one lay out their clothes for the morning making the out-of-bed transition less havocked with searching for something to wear in sleepy half-open eyes. Built upon that advice comes the idea that one might as well gather the belongings that they plan to use the next day. For all the same reasons. The less stressed the morning the easier the day will be. If one has chosen to heed said advice they can then proceed in the act of forming a polyester and cotton cocoon for the night.

                If the chosen alarm performs as expected then one should wake abruptly and begrudgingly to the Monday morning. In this finite moment one has two options to make a very difficult decision. The first, a noble choice of action, would be to throw off those warm covers and face the day bleary-eyed yet punctual. If chosen the person would assume their morning ritual, eat a well balanced meal and head off into the world. The second, and more commonly chosen, option is to slam ones hand around the side table to silence the revolting alarm (hoping it will stay silent). After of which the person will pull their covers back upon them and roll to the opposite side for a misleading “five minutes”. If the second choice is picked, expect to arrive late for what ever the alarm had been set for.  

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