Summer Rose Riddle 'Harry potter story'

Summer is an ordinary girl, who may or may not be a witch, may or may not be Voldermorts daughter, May or may not be more powerful than Harry Potter and her dad combined and to top it all off Draco Malfoy may or may not be falling for her, without knowing what he is getting into. Draco knows she has a secret and says he doesn't care but what will happen once the truth gets out?


1. Summer

Hey I'm Summer Rose Riddle! I am 16 years old and i have long legs, am curvy in all the wright places,C cub boobs and i perfectly round butt and have a very toned and tanned body from all the swimming and runnning i do, big blue eyes framed by long black lashes long golden blond hair with natural black streaks which look dark blue in some lights(live a ravens feather) and perfect,pouty lips.Lena,my best friend, said if i flutter my eye lashes and pout boys will do anything for me(i am going to test that theory on Draco Malfoy who i have a huge crush on) You may of hear of my dad 'Lord Voldemort' or 'He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named' or maybe you have hear his real name Tom Riddle.You may think he is evil (just alittle, fine alot )but i will still love him what he does or how many people he kills, dont get me wrong i dont like him killing people but i will stick by him no matter what because i  honestly love him. 


I was making breakfast , bacon,eggs and toast when dad woke up.

"Morning dad!"I said cheerfully 

"Morning Rose." He grumbled not fully awake. He called me Rose because mum wanted my first name to be Rose,because it was tradition in her family for the girls to be named after flowers but dad wanted Summer,so when mum died after giving birth to me everyone called me Rose in memory of her.The only time called me Summer was when i was in trouble,witch wasnt very often because i was a daddys girl!

"Why are you cooking we have house elves to do that?"he asked 

"Dad we have the same convisation every morning , you know i like to cook , now stop grumbleing and eat up."

"Ok Rose" he said tucking in and looking more awake after he drank his coffee.

"Oh and dad Dobby (one of our house elves ) said that the Malfoys called an they would be able to pick me up tomorrow at 10 to take me to diagon ally to get all my thing to go to Hogwarts"

"Ok Rose do you remember the plan?"

"Yes dad:make friends with Harry Potter, fid out all his secrets and report back to you"

"Thats good Rose oh and Lucius Malfoy has a son called Draco, i think you might be friends"

"Yes dad i know i have seen him" but he hasent seen me.

"Oh and Rose i have told the Malfoys not to tell Draco that i am your dad yet because it will ruin the plan"

"Ok then dad"

 "oh and before i forget you are staying at Malfoy Mannor until you go to school"

"Ok dad" 

"and dont worry you can tell Draco before school starts" 

"Ok" I reply and run upstairs to get dressed.


I come downstairs wearing : a black crop top with silver acsents,grey high wasted short shorts and silver gladiator sandles.

The Malfoys came but Draco wasnt there. My dad spotted me and pulled be next to him.

" Hello i am Summer but please call me Rose!" i said polietly

"Hello Princess i am Lucius Malfoy and this is my wife Narcissa.We have told Draco that we kno  your father and we have already told him your name is 'Summer Rose' rather than Summer Rose riddle. My lord we have enroled your daughter under the last name malfoy as to not cause spicion"

"Ok and thank you"

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