Summer Rose Riddle 'Harry potter story'

Summer is an ordinary girl, who may or may not be a witch, may or may not be Voldermorts daughter, May or may not be more powerful than Harry Potter and her dad combined and to top it all off Draco Malfoy may or may not be falling for her, without knowing what he is getting into. Draco knows she has a secret and says he doesn't care but what will happen once the truth gets out?


8. platform 9 3/4

me and Draco ran through the wall and were on platform 9 3/4. Draco ran off to meet his friends he was sad to leave me but we had to keep up the act. i was a little worried about the sorting hat because i was very sly, cunning and a parseltongue and i think i will just get put in Slytherin. i dont know how draco got put in there he was so sweet and caring. i wasnt looking where i was going and i bumped in to a guy with black hair, green eyes and a lightning scar.Harry Potter.

''sorry it was my fault for not looking where i was going ''

''its ok'' 'wow she is beautiful she can run into me anyday'

''im Summer''

'Harry Potter'

i put on my best sad face.

''whats the matter''

''my brother told me to stay away from you. i dont know why you seem so nice ''

''whos your brother?''

''i a not going to tell you but my full name is Summer Rose Malfoy''

''your brother is Malfoy!''

''yes.i love my brother and he is so nice and caring but i just dont understand why he doesnt like you. anyway i know this is a little forward but can i sit with you on the train? i hate my broters friends!''


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