Summer Rose Riddle 'Harry potter story'

Summer is an ordinary girl, who may or may not be a witch, may or may not be Voldermorts daughter, May or may not be more powerful than Harry Potter and her dad combined and to top it all off Draco Malfoy may or may not be falling for her, without knowing what he is getting into. Draco knows she has a secret and says he doesn't care but what will happen once the truth gets out?


9. on the train

harry led me to his compartment and went in but i wated outside because i heard his friend say ''Harry i need to talk to you . i just saw the hottest girl i have ever seen and she was smiling and laughing with Malfoy! i think they are going out! she has long blonde hair and gray blue eyes'' he sighed dreamily

i walked in side his compartment and said''are you talking about me ?''

''ye'' he blurted out i think he was going to say no but seing me made him blurt out the truth.

''i am Summer Malfoy Dracos twin sister ''

''oh'' he replied''wait what''

''is it ok if i sit with you harry said its ok ''

''im Hermione andthe one gaping like a fish is ron'' she said.

i sat next to Hermine and whispered ''dont be jelous Hermione it doesnt suite you dont worry i can get Ron to admit his feelings for you before the term is over .''

after that hermine was a lot nicer to me and we instantly became best friends.well in her mind anyway, like i would be friends with a mudblood.

I saw Draco and shifted into a different form shocking all the others.

''sorry Draco cant see me or he will tell mum and dad some stuff he promised to keep secret. he told me to stay away.''


''hello Potter Weasel mud blood.'

''what do you want malfoy?'' they started inculting each other and i had enough of it.

''i am fed up of this''i said and changed back to my normal form. 

Draco pretended to looked shocked and then said'i am going to tell mum you are hanging out with these blood traitors and mudbloods''

''well i am going to tell all your friends what happened when you watched that scary movie and i will tell mum and dad t happened when you invited you-know-who over''

''fine'' he replied and stormed off with Crabbe and Goyle following behind him like lost puppies.  



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