Summer Rose Riddle 'Harry potter story'

Summer is an ordinary girl, who may or may not be a witch, may or may not be Voldermorts daughter, May or may not be more powerful than Harry Potter and her dad combined and to top it all off Draco Malfoy may or may not be falling for her, without knowing what he is getting into. Draco knows she has a secret and says he doesn't care but what will happen once the truth gets out?


3. diagon ally

After we were all transported to Diagon ally we mad  plans to split up and meet at the leaky cauldren in 2 hours.

i went to get my wand first and was pleasntly suprised to find out that i had the most powerful wand ever created even more powerful than the elder wand. my wand was black and had vines climing up it and white rose on the end. 


when we got all my school supplies Draco and i had a convesation.

''The Dark Lord said i have to be friends with Harry Potter and tell him all his plans.'' I said 

''thats cool. are you a pure blood?''i nodded ''good becareful of that know-it-all mudblood Granger. oh and you will be able to tell who Potters blood traitor best friend is ,Ron Wesley.You can tell if they are a Weasly,they are tall, wearing hand me down robes and have red hair ''

''ok thank i dont want to hhe making friends with the wrong sort''

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