Summer Rose Riddle 'Harry potter story'

Summer is an ordinary girl, who may or may not be a witch, may or may not be Voldermorts daughter, May or may not be more powerful than Harry Potter and her dad combined and to top it all off Draco Malfoy may or may not be falling for her, without knowing what he is getting into. Draco knows she has a secret and says he doesn't care but what will happen once the truth gets out?


4. a week with the Malfoys

Me and Draco have become good friends.even though we are friends I still teased him. one of the funniest things I did to him was yesterday.

I was just getting out of the shower and I heard draco outside the door.i decided to have a little fun with him. i was only wearing a small towel and it just barely covered me up.i smerked, composed myself and opened the door.


(Dracos POV) 

Summer was just standing there smilind at me all friendly like she wasent in the smallest towel i ever saw. i sware if she wasent so innocent i would seriously think she was doing this to mess with me. Her perfectly round breast were practicaly being forced out of the tightly tied towel and she turned around and bent over to pick up her clothes and i got a VERY nice view of her but.


(Summers POV)

This is so funny! i dont know how i am keeping a straight face! i movedthe towel while i blabbed about my plan getting Potter to be friends with me! for all Draco knows i could be talking about wanting to be a mud blood. he was just staring so i think i might mess with him a bit more.

'Draco i said do you agree?'

'yes of course' he mummbled with a slight blush. 

'Draco you arnt listening to me'

'yes i am i just said i agree'

''i know you did Draco but the question was 'Potter thinks we should all be friends with mudbloods'then i said do you agree and you said yes so you meant you wanted to be friends with a mud blood.'' draco looked shocked he agreed with me in the first place ''anyway what were you thinging about so hard about?''

'You'he thought but said ''nothing just school.''

'ok i am just going to get changed to you want to watch a film later?can we watch it in your room? ok and by the way i get to pick.'

i but on a tight black tanktop and babyblue short pj shorts.i grabbed the scaryiest film i could find and knocked on  dracos door.

.'Draco i know we havent been friends for long but you are allready feeling like a brother to me .' i spiled sincerly.'if only you knew half the things i have tought about you' he thought  . i put the film in the DVD player and said

''my friend Lena told me its only a little scary but i havent seen it yet.''

'thank god she didnt pick a chick flick'oh Draco this is going to be much worse...well for you any way because im going to enjoy this.


the movie was quiet scary but i had seen it before. i pretended to be teriffied and put my head in Dracos chest and was practicly grinding on his leg every time i 'got scared'. he had a sixpack but it was still quite the end of the film i was praticaly in Dracos lap.

'next time i would rather watch a chick flick'

''Draco i am scared, can i sleep with you tonight.''i bit my lip and looked up at him through my lashes looking innocent and scared.this is so funny!

'oh no this is pure torture, she thinks of me as her brother and i am thinking about fucking  her i am the worst friend EVER!'i snuggeled up to Draco and threw his arm over his waste so we were spooning. I may have wiggled against his dick but only to try and get comfy;) .when i woke up in the morning we were all tangled up. i didnt open my eyes but i knew Draco was awake because i could hear him thinking 'oh i know its selfish but i want a few more mins to stay like this and watch her sleep 'i  stayed there for a few more mins and then acted that i was just waking up.

''morning Draco''

''morning he replied still looking handsome even though he just woke up a few mins ago then i realised i was falling for him little did i know that he was thinking the exact same thing.

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