Fayee is a senior(the new girl)at Renwick Academy her dad is in a mental home and her mum is always out on business trips she lives with her mums friend Kimberley
who is terminally ill she meets this guy called Liam but will she love him or push him away.Also she meets a girl called poppy they used to be friends are they still will Fayee make a friend or gain an enemy? you will all find out in the Confusion


2. Meeting Everyone

I finish my lesson before lunch and see Poppy gesturing to come. I go to her "Hi Fayee Meet Liam, Harry, Zayn, And Louis "Hey what about me" Niall says why stuffing his face with chicken "Babe she already knows you" Poppy says "Oh Yeah" I take a seat in between Zayn and Liam they both smile and i get butterflies in my stomach.

Poppy says "oh Fayee have you heard about the talent competition" I look at her confused "No Whats it about" I say She sighs like she had said it a thousand times before Louis cuts in "Its were you sign up to sing or dance or whatever and you can have a band or solo or duet and you go up on stage and win money for the school" Harry interupts "We was going to do a band but we needed another singer" I look more interested "Really well ill sing if you want" "Sure I hope your good" he smirks.

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