Fayee is a senior(the new girl)at Renwick Academy her dad is in a mental home and her mum is always out on business trips she lives with her mums friend Kimberley
who is terminally ill she meets this guy called Liam but will she love him or push him away.Also she meets a girl called poppy they used to be friends are they still will Fayee make a friend or gain an enemy? you will all find out in the Confusion


1. 1st Day

Fayees P.O.V

It was my first day at Renwick Academy I pull up on parking spot A10 i get out the wind blowing my blonde highlighted hair. As I go to walk in I see a girl she looks familiar then i remember.

"Poppy" I call she looks over and walks over i havent seen her since her birthday ...

Poppy P.O.V

I go to walk in to school and i hear a familiar voice i turn round and see my best friend Fayee I walk over..

Fayees P.O.V

"Hey Fayee" Poppy says "Hi" She says "You moved schools?" yeah my mum and dad aren't that good well my mums on usual business trips and my dads ...." "Anyway" Interrupts Niall "We will see you at lunch bye" i answer "Okay..Bye" They go off waving


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