My second publish thingy and I still don't really get what goes in thus blurb thing (~.~) much frustration. Um... This is one has some.... A lot actually boys love and if you feel at all uncomfortable with that or you disagree with it I advise you to refrain yourself from reading it. Those who don't have a problem please continue!!
A boy who's gay at a new school and he he falls in love this gets fluffy and smutty so stay tuned! (Age 15+)


1. First day

All their eyes were on me, talk about a ugly bunch of motherfuckers cramped in this mediocre classroom.

"Good morning class!"

"Good morning, Ms. Allen." The class drowned out.

"This will be your new student for the rest of the year, from....?" Ms. Allen, my new homeroom teacher, looked at me waiting for an answer.


"From Boston! And his name is...?" She looked at me looking for another answer, being annoyingly chipper. Menopausal bitch can't even be bothered to remember my name after she forced me to walk with her to the classroom and not even allowing me to take a piss; then again it didn't even look like the short tubby woman remembered a bra.

"My Name is Harper Daisy."

I heard a few voices snickering in the back of the classroom from a group of boys.

"That's a girls name." One of them whispered and loudly. We are in god damn 10 fucking grade, when will we be mature enough to get passed the fact that some names are multi gendered.

My face went deadpan. "And I'm gay."

Immediately surprising nearly everyone in the classroom an Asian girl with hair cut into a cute pixie cut, squealed in joy. I looked at her and she whipped out her phone violently pushing the keys texting, with a extremely determined look.

Across the classroom someone's phone went off and one boy, with curly brown hair and electric green eyes, looked at the screen blushing wildly.

"I'm in the classroom I can obviously see him!" He yelled at the Asian girl across the class.

"Oops." She giggled. "Don't worry I texted everyone." She blew him a kiss, waving her evenly manicured hand.

"Jesus Christ..." He slammed his head on the desk.

Wowzers.... I'm gonna make the safe assumption this will be a rambunctious school year.

"Um.... Well, Harper you can take a seat over there, next to Cassidy." She pointed over at a voluptuous girl with wavy hair the cascaded over her shoulder she had thick lips and high cheek bones, she didn't wear any makeup and her eyes perused over the length of my body, as she bit her lip. Did this cunt just miss my whole announcement about me being gay. I felt my breakfast wanting to make a guest appearance but I choked it back down.

I lowered myself into the chair trying to ignore the fact this chick, Cassidy, was staring me down, passionately.

"Harper? Is it?" I slowly turned my head and she held out her hand. She was sporting a turtleneck but she still somehow manage to show how big her rack was. I can't seem to understand the idea of how guys can be strait, shit just doesn't make any sense.

I took her hand, which was surprisingly much rougher and stronger than mine.

"Yeah it's Harper."

She held my hand a bit longer than necessary, until I snatched it back.

"Your a cutie, what are you doing after school?" She smiled sweetly at me.

"I'm sorry, I'm gay." I was never more happy to say those words.

"Same." She winked at me.

"Um..... I'm a gay male." This bitch didn't just think I was a god damn girl.

Just then her eyes widened. "Shit..." She muttered. "I thought.... Damn. Sorry about that." She sat back in her seat looking up at the ceiling as if trying to rethink her entire life. I can't blame her though I guess I did look pretty feminine, I had a very small frame, with bright blue eyes and my hair was a really light blond almost platinum. My sides slightly shaven down, today I had decided to comb my bangs Down and that often made me look like a girl fresh out of a twenties film. I was wearing tight tan khakis, that hugged my ass rather perfectly, and a red blouse, I'll admit it was one of my more feminine outfits the one that I wore once at my oldest sister's 23 birthday.

"Alright class now take out your notes from before winter break, we will be continuing those. Oh and Harper take notes today please, I know you may not be able to follow but you can get the notes from a classmate after class."

"Sure." I replied, curtly.

She pressed her thin lips together eyeing me, then going on to teach the lesson.

I rolled my eyes and pulled out a notebook out of my bag. Shit. I don't have a pen. I looked over at Cassidy, yeah I'm not asking her. I looked to my left, and this kid was sound asleep I looked down at his bag that had his named stitched into it. What are we kindergartners. It read: Nico.

"Hey, um... Nico?" I whispered, at him. He stirred, reaching his long, muscled sleeveless arms into the air, cracking his back, he sat up to his full height. Even in the chair I could see this boy was huge. His hair sandy brown hair hung over his eyes, emphasizing his strong jaw, but when he smirked down at me shining nearly perfect teeth, I melted. Fuck he's hot. He was in a tank and shorts, showing off his body proudly. Damn.... Did not expect all this sexy coming from Laveen, Arizona.

"Hey." His voice was deep, and rugged; it gave me goosebumps nonetheless.

I froze completely blanking, what did I need before other than his tongue in my mouth.

"You called." Lowered his head I little closer to my face.

"Um.... Shit!" I whispered to myself.

"Hmm?" He got a little closer. Shit if this guy got any closer, without I doubt I'd have no choice but to get naked in the middle of this fucking classroom.

Now I remember! "A pencil!" Shoot I said that too loud. "Uh, a pen or a pencil if you have it."

I could tell he was looking down my body, he still sported this amazing smirk. He looked back up flipping his hair into a perfect swoosh, gracing me with the amazing smell of his hair.

"Please?" He nodded at me teasingly.

This asshat barely even knows me, but fuck it he was hot.

"May I have a pen or pencil please?" Damn I sounded like a little girl.

He have me a slight chuckle and turned to a girl with brown hair cut into a bob with cat eye glasses, sitting directly behind him.

"Hey Caitlyn, got a pencil?"

She blushed, as red as her glasses. "Y-Yes, I d-do." She shuffled around her many notebooks and pulled out a perfectly sharpened number 2 pencil, and handed it to him, looking at the ground still red faced.

"Thanks." He winked at her and turned to hand it to me.

I paused before taking it. "Ah... Thanks." This guy is a total douch, he's sexy and he knows it, and takes full advantage of it.

I turned back facing forward, and looking at the board proceeding to copy down notes. As class went on, I could feel both Cassidy and Nico's eyes on me. Some hell of a seat I have. And was Nico even gay!? He probably thinks I'm a girl too.

The bell rang and I collected my things, I looked up to see the Asian girl who experienced the outburst from earlier come flouncing over to me, followed by the kid who seemingly had received her text.

"Hi!" She squealed. "I'm Grace! This is Theodore Michael Abrams." She waved her hand gracefully towards the green eyed boy.

"Um... just Theo, is fine." He looked into my eyes his features where strong And he was about a foot taller than me, then again being taller than wasn't exactly a huge accomplishment being that I'm only 5 foot 3 inches.

"Yeah I don't care." I tossed my bag onto my shoulder attempting to step around them, but Grace stopped me.

"What are you doing after school?! Hang with us!" The class had cleared out by now and when I looked up Nico stood at the threshold of the door and winked at me with that perfect smirk and walked out. Damn...

Grace was still beaming at me, her neon pink lipstick, was almost as neon as her smile. God this bitch was annoying.

"Come on let's just skip! Me and Theo and Clark and Mindy and um.... Oh! Joey too! I haven't talked to him in forever! Oh oh oh!!! Who else can we invite!? And maybe Nicky if he doesn't have practice! Right Theo!?" Grace hooked her arm with mine, snatching off my messenger bag and tossing it to Theo to carry. Poor boy... I sighed a bit looking at him.

"I don't want to fucking hang out with you and it's only 9:40 school doesn't let out until like 2:15."

"Well good thing I didn't pack my lunch!" She giggled, tossing what little hair she had in her pixie cut.

"Damn first fucking day of school too, least I tried." I said under my breath.

Grace stopped in her tracks, causing me to elbow Theo's stomach.

"Oh poo! I need to text everyone!" She wiped out her hot pink iPhone tapping fiercely on the screen. "Kay done!"

"And who are all these people I'm meeting?" I was able to slip my arm from her grasp as we exited the building making our way to a nearby bus stop.

"Do you have your ID? It's free if your a student." Theo spoke quietly behind me.

"Well first me I'm amazing! Then Theo, he's gay. Malik is gay too and damn I wish I could turn him. Clark, my boyfriend, and Nicky, aka Nico, are both on the rugby team yet Clark never seems to show up to practice, oh, and there both straight but if you ask me Nicky isn't as straight as an arrow. Um.... Mindy she's an absolute sweetie! And we've been besties since pre-k!"

"And why the fuck should I come with you?" I glared at her.

"Oh! Well I'm a matchmaker! I've successfully paired 14 different couples since the third grade and only 3 of them have broken up and only one of those still have feelings for the other! I've never successfully paired any LGBTs so you, sir, are my next project!" The bus stopped in front of us and we whipped out our IDs stepping into the bus.

"Sorry but no."

Theo tapped my leg. "Hey um..." The words stopped in his mouth.

"What do you want?" I didn't bother turning my head, to him.

"Ah...." He kept looking back and forth between me and the ground.

"What do you wanna fuck? You know since we're both gay? The bus driver looks straight why don't we just match him up with Grace then." I saw I was being rather rude to the boy. "You are kinda cute though, well just keep it a secret." I whispered the last part of my sentence.

Surprisingly enough he nodded, his curls bouncing in the sun shining through the window.

"Let's go losers!" Grace stood, stepping off the bus, followed by Theo. I decided to tease Theo a bit when Grace wasn't looking, I stretched my hand squeezing Theo's ass. His body tensed blushing like crazy. Cute reaction, although, even at his height I doubt he could pleasure me. Grace turned eyes glued to her phone.

"Nicky and Clark both say they see us." Her eyes were big, vigorously searching for them. But I'm not gonna lie my eyes were also looking for Nico's sexy ass. I spotted him. Nico, in his baggy tank, coming up to us behind another walking male super model. Nico caught my eyes and waved, giving his perfect smirk. Grace followed my lustful gaze and squealed.

"Clark!" She jumped wrapping her arms around his neck stamping kisses all over his face as if they hadn't seen each other in years. That's what I like to call a clingy whore.

"Yeah yeah babe I'm here." He voice had a hypnotic appeal, and his beach boy look complimented him nicely. So bottom line, would I fuck him? Totally without hesitation. "This the new student Nico told me about?" He nodded over at me peeling his girlfriend off his chiseled body.

I looked at Nico and his smile was just as playful as it was in the classroom. I then felt Theo's body move closer to mine almost protectively. I know this motherfucker isn't jealous. I thought I saw the corner of Nico's mouth twitch down a bit.

I looked back over at Clark and saw his hand was held out to me.

I grasped his big hand that swallowed my own. "It's nice to meet you I'm Clark." The tone of his voice was calm and he spoke at low decibels.


"Cute." A girl appeared beside Nico, lacing her arm into his. "Mindy." She had brown eyes and dark brown hair that fell to her shoulders.

"Hi Mindy!" Grace waved to her, from the other side of Clark.

"Hey" Mindy looked up at Nico. Before I knew it Mindy had her tongue deep in Nico's mouth roaming the inside then she pushed him off her gently. Well fuck I guess there goes my chances of getting in his pants. Then again Grace did say not straight as an arrow...

"Alrightey we are all here!" Grace clapped excitedly, leading the group down the street.

"Gracie, wasn't Malik coming?" Mindy seemed to take her rightful place at the head of the group, her bitch of an ego radiating almost ten feet.

"O-oh! Um... Y-yeah... M-Malik i-is coming... He um... Will meet us there." Grace kept looking back at me as of looking for help. Was she afraid if Mindy?

"Good. I'll like Malik and Daisy together." She whipped her hair around, glancing over her shoulder at me.

Grace stumble a bit behind her. "Oh but um.... I like Theo an-"

"I don't care." Mindy cut Grace off. She turned stepping into a small cafe, as I followed her in I felt a heavy hand on the small of my back. I glanced up and saw Nico's perfect smirk. Of fucking course. Was I mad or happy about this?

I felt his breath on my neck. "Let's stay back for a bit." Nico hooked his finger in my belt loop pulling me out the cafe and into an ally in between the café and an AT&T store. He pushed me up against the brick wall with my back to him holding my hands above my head. He had his hand into the front part of my pants stroking my cock and kissing my neck. Shit, he moves fast. A moaned escaped my lips, immediately remembering how extremely vocal I am in any given sexual situation. He had my pants unzipped jerking me off with fast jerks of his wrist. Oh so he knows I'm a boy, that's good. A few whimpers escaped my lips, as my breathing hips.

"Brace yourself." He growled, into my neck. Suddenly my feet were off the ground and my back was on the brick wall six feet up with Nico's head between my legs. A throaty scream escaped my lips as he swallowed all of me, twirling his tongue around my head. He pulled off with a pop blowing lightly on my tip. I didn't need to look to know pre-cum dripped into his hot mouth. He took me back into his mouth sucking hard, I felt my stomach tighten knowing I was getting close.

"N-Nico! Shit! I'm close!" I moaned out, my lips quivering.

I felt him moan with my dick I'm his mouth, the vibrations driving me wild.

"Ahh!" I squealed, my cum shooting into his mouth. Nico didn't fail in swallowing and licking it all up cleaning me off. He lowered me down onto my feet, he bent pushing his mouth to mine, I really couldn't care where his mouth had just been, his kissing was amazing his tongue played and toyed with mine forcing me to want more of him. I was moaning against his mouth as he spoke to me between kisses.

"Your body is amazing." He moaned. My hands trailed down his abs to his belt unbuckling it and unbuttoning his pants. He dropped to my knees planning to pleasure the painful looking tent in his boxers, with my tight ass.

He pulled me back up when he saw what I was doing. "You don't have to do that." He kissed my mouth.

"No I want to." I bent back down to the ground.

He stepped back buttoning his pants. "No I don't want you."

"Why the hell not?" I had my hands on my hips standing looking up at him.

"Just get dressed." He walked off when he got himself together.

"What the fuck?" I said to myself, tucking in my blouse.

"Ah... Hey, are you Harper? Harper Daisy?" I looked up and saw a boy my age and height with black shaggy hair half smiling at me.

"And who the fuck wants to know?" I glared killer eyes at him.

"Malik. And I saw you and Nico-"

I cut him off. "And do you want me to call him back for another round so you can watch a little closer know?"

He looked visibly annoyed with me. "No actually I wanted to warn you to the fact you and Nico will not be going anywhere."

I got further annoyed with him. "And why the hell do you think that."

Malik crossed his arms. "Because the same happened with me no ones knows though. He's still in the closet."

"Oh wow..." I paused looking at him.

"Hey do you wanna go to my house? I'm tired of hanging out with all of them."

The offer was quiet appealing. "Fuck it why not."

I followed him into a parking lot behind the cafe, Malik pulled out some car keys and walked to the drivers side of a 1969 corvette convertible.

"This is your car?" I felt a smile play on my lips.

"Ah... It's my dad's he loaned it to me until I buy my own car." He opened the car door dropping into the car.

I buckled my seatbelt. "I like it."

"Most do." He grinned at me. I felt something in my stomach twist, I must be still a little horny from Nico a moment ago.

We drove for what felt like hours and we pulled into a neighborhood with huge, glamorous homes he drove through the complex and into a long driveway with a house almost entirely made of glass. Yeah... I'm pretty fucking convinced this guy is rich. He drove into a garage and parked, he wasted no time in coming around to my side opening the door, taking my hand and guiding me through the huge house he pulled me into a huge kitchen. He grabbed a handful of chips, soda, dips, and pretzels. He dragged me up a flight of steps, down a hallway and into a room with double doors.

He collapsed on a bed. "Ugh finally today was a long day."

"It's only 10:00." I sat next to him.

"Damn really?" He sat back tearing open a bag of chips.

I rolled my eyes. "So can you tell me more about..."

"Mindy and her subjects? Yeah totally." Malik popped a chip into his mouth.

"Ok" I shrugged.

"Mindy is... A bitch and then there's her king Nico and she doesn't know anything about-"

"Him being gay?"

"Ya. I also believe Clark wants to break up with Grace."

"Why do you think that?"

"I don't know I just don't trust him." Malik tore the cap of the dip open dipping a finger in then offering me some.

"Ok...? Theo?"

"God that little boy is untouchable! He has too many watching over him, not me, you or anyone could get in his pants." Malik plopped onto his back on the bed.

I rolled over, straddling Malik's hips. "I'll take that as a challenge." I smirked down at him.

He put his hands on my hips grinding my crotch into his. "You think YOU can get into Theodore Michael Abrams pants?"

Well I already had a head start. "Totally!" I winked at him, leaning closer to his face.

He rolled over topping me. "Wait so, I'll assume from these suggestive movements we are gonna have sex now?"

"Well being as Nico didn't fucking finish what he started yes we're having sex."

"Awesome." Malik kicked the food off the king sized bed and reached over to his dresser pulling out some lube. We started to make out and I rolled over straddling him again. My tongue roamed his mouth as I quickly maneuvered my fingers to in button both our pants and rub our members together. Beneath me Malik pulled off both our shirts. I grabbed the lube from his hand and pored half the unused bottle into my hands, I took his full length into my mouth and I pulled off my khakis sliding two fingers into my hole. I whimpered against Malik's mouth.

"Are you a squealer?" He laughed against my mouth. Then soon after I felt Malik take my wrist and pull my fingers out and shove three fingers into my ass. That immediately had me screaming.

"Malik... are your parents here?" I breathed.

"Don't worry babe scream as loud as you want." He sucked and nibbled my neck sending shivers down my spine as I continued to grind against his fingers. My hands on our members went weak when Joey scissored his long fingers inside of me.

"I wanna see you ride me Harper." He moaned, dragging his tongue up my neck biting down on my ear. I nodded, I lifted myself up bracing myself on his chest, I had a hand spreading myself for Malik as I felt his full length enter me. I threw my head back screaming.

"Fuck!" I held Malik's hand at my waist as his other hand pumped my member bringing me to a climax. I started to bounce and grind on him feeling the twist in my stomach getting closer and closer to coming.

I looked down meeting Malik's hazel eyes, why the hell did I not notice how sexy he was before long black hair and hazel eyes, absolutely fantastic. Malik slowed his pumping motion on me and then with a quick flick of his hand and his thumb brushing over my tip I let loose a load onto his stomach screaming much louder then I had before. Seconds later his eyes widened and he released himself into me with a heavy grunt. I kept my hips moving slowly riding out his high until I collapsed onto his chest.

After I few moments of our heavy breathing he spoke. "Do you mind if I smoke?"

"Ew. Yes I do mind if you smoke." Asshole, sweetheart for asking me first though.

"Fine fine don't get an attitude." He laughed, kissing the top of my head.

I tried to sit up but a sharp pain ripped through my spine, never mind that. "What time is it?"

"Almost 12:00, you need a ride home?"

"Actually I'll stay, if that's ok with you?" I rolled off of him onto my back. Being naked is really fucking awkward after a while.

"Yeah sure I've got clothes for you so we can just hang out here... Unless..." He paused rolling over to meet my eyes.

"Unless what?" I was confused. Is he asking for another session? Let's just hope not my body is not ready.

"Come on throw this on." He hoped out if the bed running to his closet. He tossed me black shorts that stopped right at my butt cheeks, then behind that he tossed me a hot pink top. I pulled on the clothes and looked in the mirror, I looked like a girl, a cute girl actually. The hot pink shirt was short showing off my nearly hairless stomach.

"And why am I wearing this?" Not that I was against it.

"We are going out." He had on a black shirt and black jeans, looking into the mirror combing his hair up with gel.

"What clubs are open in the middle of the afternoon?"

He stopped fixing his hair, and ran to his black curtains ripping them open.

"Ah! Fuck these god damn curtains!" He threw himself on the bed grabbing a bag of chips with him.

"Did you seriously think it was 12:00 at night?"

"Don't talk!" He whined. He popped back up and took his phone off the counter and started typing. "We're having our own party."

"Isn't everyone in school who are you inviting?"

"Friends~" he hummed, dropping his phone on the desk. Joey walked across the room to a intercom system, pressing a button he spoke into it. "Those who are here, I'm throwing a party so get the house ready please, and someone come up here and change my sheets, and get me something sweet, I'm in that kinda mood."

I was sitting on the bed when he motioned me to come out his room.

"I invited Theo so you should get your ass ready, I'll give you $100 dollars if you actually do it, I mean it's not hard getting my pants down or Nico's but I'll wish you luck." He slapped my ass as we walked down his stairs.

The doorbell rang. I looked around where the fuck was this front door? It's rang a few more times.

"Is someone gonna answer the fucking door!?" Malik shouted. "Hey stay here." He jogged off away from me around the corner. This house is a fucking maze.

Malik came back around the corner holding hands with a tall lanky guy with short blond hair and thick rimmed glasses.

"Harper this is my boyfriend Caleb, Caleb this is a new kid at our school his name is Harper."

My jaw dropped. The fact that he was smiling so sweetly at this kid after being balls deep in my ass not ten minutes ago.

"Um... Harper say hi." Malik and Caleb looked at me.

"Hey" I nodded at Caleb, feeling like total shit. "Can you drive me home?"

"You said you were staying for the party." Malik eyed me.

"And now I'm saying drive me fucking home. Now." I glared at him.

"Just chill out I'll get someone to drive you, just have a drink." Malik waved his hand and someone in a suit walked up to us with three beers on a platter the waiter opened then for us and walked off. I took a sip and stormed up the steps. I was literally the other woman, man actually. Being a mistress is a lonely fucking life as they say.

"Hey Harper wait!" Malik called me, running up the steps toward me.

I flipped him off, guzzling my beer.

"Mali-bear, what's wrong?" I heard Caleb say. They even had cute fucking nicknames.

"Harper!" Malik grabbed my arm, making me drop my beer.

"I don't want you fucking talking to me unless there's a car waiting outside." I glared at him, snatching my arm back.

"Look let's just talk." He took my arm pulling me to his room, and slamming the door.

"What did I just fucking say!?" I'm yelled at him.

He took my wrists and pinned them over my head. "Look I'm breaking up with Caleb! So just wait! Can you!?"

"Then what the hell did you bring me here for?!" I struggled against his grasp.

He pushed his lips sloppily onto mine. "You're hot." He kissed me again. "You were in heat when I found you." Another kiss. "And I'm tried of Caleb" this time he added tongue, I moaned against his mouth.

"So I was just someone to give you a fucking boost in breaking up with him?" I snapped.

"Mostly to make him realized I've moved on." Malik kissed my neck.

"Your a fucking asshole." I moaned, as Malik was now biting my ear.

He took my hand. "Ok let's go then." He opened the door and Caleb was standing there with silent tears falling from his eyes. His glasses were fogged up and he was sniffling.

Malik let go of my hand. "Aww... Caleb come here." Malik had his arm outstretched ready to embrace him.

Caleb whipped his head up, pushing him out the way, Caleb took a step towards me, and slapped me clean across my face. It took a moment for me to register, it wasn't until my left cheek began to sting and two men in suits appeared in seconds restraining Caleb and escorting him out the door. That fucking dick! I wasn't quiet sure who I was mad at exactly but I knew I was fucking pissed.

I winced when Malik put an ice pack on my cheek which he received from one of the men in the suits.

"Hold still." He said. "I'm so sorry about that."

I looked at him.

"Look why don't we go watch a movie in the theater until the party starts?" He was nodding guiding me down the long hall.

"I think it's really time for me to go..." I tried to turn, but Malik stopped me herding me into a dark room.

Suddenly the wall across the room lit up.

"I only have Lady and the Tramp." He spoke through the darkness to me. I turned seeing the screen read 'The Lady and the Tramp'. As big as this house is and you only have this single Disney movie... Or was it Pixar?

I felt hands on my waist guiding me in the dark, I was lowered onto a beanie bag on the ground sitting in Malik's lap. At some point he handed my a box of popcorn because I was currently devouring the bucket in my lap. What the fuck, some hell of a day I had skipped school, had sex, got bitch slapped by a jealous boyfriend, and now I'm sitting in a guys lap who I just met and fucked, watching 'The Lady and the Tramp' and my day still wasn't over.

I was still wearing the short shorts and crop top, which allowed Malik to slide his finger tips up and down my back during the movie.

"Where are your parents?" I looked at him.

"You worried about who heard you scream?" He snickered.

I punched him playfully.

"Ok ok they should be in Africa saving some kids or something."

"Aww they sound nice but why are you such an ass?"

"Haha thanks." He said sarcasm oozing from him. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Malik ordered.

The door opened showing the same guy who gave me a beer holding two more. "Sir your guests are here."

"Awesome." Malik took the beers popping one open and handing one to me. He held my hand as we walked down the hallway when we got downstairs the entire area was packed with teenagers, music was blasting through the house and alcohol was already spilled on the floors.

Malik leaned close to my ear. "Don't get too lost and have fun."

I nodded. Looking at my surroundings I didn't know anyone there, I just moved through the gyrating and drunk and horny body trying to find myself a drink. I spotted a punch bowl... Do I really wanna be Knock out drunk? Nah I'm ok.

I heard a loud argument behind me it took me a moment to recognize her with her hair pinned up, Cassidy was screaming at some girl.

"I tired of you! You keep talking shit behind my back!" Cassidy was red faced.

"I never said any of those things! Please believe! Mindy made all of that up!" The girl pleaded. Yeah I'm not going to get mixed up in that. I kept walking around the large house and saw Nico at a pool table with a couple of other guys, I rolled my eyes and kept walking I made it outside to a pool area, I heard a moaning sound and saw on the other side of a plant standing next to me was Clark with his tongue deep inside a girls mouth, with his fingers tangled in her dark brown hair.

My eyes widened. "Mindy!?"

They snapped there heads towards my voice and Clark took off towards the house. Faithfulness doesn't mean shit on the west coast, no offense to anyone who lives here.

Mindy popped out a mirror and fixed her lip gloss, then looked at me but I cut her off before she said anything.

This fucking bitch, I don't really like Grace but I hate liars; but I might as well make it to my advantage.

"Grace isn't my friend, nor are you, so I'll keep quiet and you'll have my back." I crossed my arms.

Surprisingly she smirked. "Fine. Oh! And I missed you at the cafe maybe next time." Then she walked off.

That's when I spotted Theo, stepping out of the pool dripping wet and glistening. I must admit this kid had his moments he caught my eye and I waved him over, he snatched a towel and walked towards me.

"Hey!" I smiled at him.

"Hi." Theo dried his hair.

"You up for meeting me upstairs? In a bedroom? Naked?" I let I finger slide down his flat chest and stop at the band of his boxer briefs.

"Actually I was gonna head home sorry Harper." He pushed my hand away.

I furrowed my brows. "You sure you don't have a few minuets?" I moved a little closer putting my hand on the back of his neck.

He took my wrist and pulled me off. "No I'm sorry... Maybe some other time I can make it up to you." He kissed my hand and jogged into the house. Did I just loose a bet? No I've still got time. I cursed at myself for being so competitive.

"Hey! Daisy!" I heard someone call my name. I looked around and someone caught my waist, then I felt lips on my neck.

I looked up and it was Nico. "Do you wanna go upstairs?"

Before a new it Malik was standing between us, shoving Nico off of me, I was surprised by his strength based on his height.

"Actually I'm taking Harper home so 'no' he doesn't want to go upstairs." Malik took my hand and pulled me around the corner.

"What the fuck was that about!?" I was thrown into the backseat of Malik's car, as he hopped in driving away.

"Did you not here what I said!? No Nico!" He speeded down the road.

"That doesn't me you govern my fucking life!" I yelled at him.

He didn't respond, instead he kept driving. After a few minuets he pulled over, and turned in his seat to look back at me.

"Look I'm sorry I just got a little jealous." He looked into my eyes when he spoke.

When I didn't respond he hopped into the back seat with me. "Please just understand."

Wow he almost looked sincere, I shrugged.

He pressed his lip to mine. "Please." He kissed me again.

This time I kissed him back sliding my tongue into his mouth, moaning. He laughed against my mouth and slid his hands into my shirt, pinching and twisting my nipples making me moan harder.

I tried pushing him off but he took my hands trailing kisses down my neck.

"Ahh! M-Malik... take me home."

He had my shirt up and he bit my nipple. "Oh I'll take you some where."

That's when I heard sirens in the distance. Police sirens and soon the blue and red lights flashed past our car towards Malik's house. We were both sitting up now and Malik cursed under his breath.

"Let me take you home someone else can deal with that, where do you live?" We climbed into the front seat and I told him my address.

After about an hour we pulled up in front of my house.

"Thanks." I leaned across then armrest and placed a kiss on his cheek, but he took my jaw and pulled me to his mouth giving me a long kiss.

"Need a ride to school tomorrow?" He smiled letting me leave car.

"Yeah sure." I smiled through the open window.

"I'll be here at 8:00." He winked at me.

"You do realize school starts at seven?"

"Oh really? Then I'll pick you up at seven and we can go to breakfast." I'm not to sure if this guy was serious or not but I didn't press it.

"Whatever, bye!" I waved to him unlocking the door to my townhouse.

Behind the closed door I heard him honk and drive off.

"Ma! You home!?" I called into the house hoping she was anywhere to be found.

No answer. Then again I wasn't surprised she was never home, instead she was probably at a bar drunk off her ass, until she comes home two or three days later smelling like sex and liquor or at least that's what has been the routine since we left my father.

Ugh! I should have stayed with Malik at least I wouldn't have been so lonely, I ran up the steps to my room. I hadn't realized I was so tired until my head hit the pillow and I was fast asleep.

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