killing college

a college student has just seen a dead body. trying to prove his innocence and impress a crush he takes on the case. soon the murderer's targets get close to him. and even sooner, he himself wants the killer dead, but that won't happen very soon.


3. studying

I finally got to my classes which I was excused from. I was told I had to work on the case. I left, without arguing of course. I didn't have much evidence so I went back to the crime scene. Once I got there, I examined it. The walls were still fresh with blood . The body was taken, though. I took a deep breath. This was nearly impossible. I tried to remember something. All I could was the knife slit on his neck which I ignored. I kept on thinking. The knife slit kept on popping in my mind. Finally, I remembered another thing. A constant beeping which was triggered by metal. The guy who triggered it came here and had a knife. I couldn't help myself. I went in search of Akshat Minasproon. 

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