killing college

a college student has just seen a dead body. trying to prove his innocence and impress a crush he takes on the case. soon the murderer's targets get close to him. and even sooner, he himself wants the killer dead, but that won't happen very soon.


2. crush

Mr. Hith had finally left, and I got a glimpse of Veronica. I had developed a crush on her since Kindergarten. She had perfect blonde hair and nice light almost turquoise eyes. I daydreamed about her constantly.  She liked strong men who could overcome obstacles almost impossible. I got a master's degree at 15, but she didn't know. I mean I didn't expect her to.  She got up to dump her tray. Somehow as she did it sparked an idea. If I won this case she might even start to like me. With that in mind I had to win. To much at stake not too. She left holding a large quantum physics book, her friends tagging along. I shook my head, trying to concentrate on other things.

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