Move on (Sequel to *Choice*)

It's been a year and Liliana and Harry are still holding on tight. But what will happen when Harry gets tired of a long distance relationship and wants to take a "break."

Read Choice first.


1. Breaks

Liliana's Pov 

"We need to take a break." Harry said. Every word broke my heart into pieces. What should i say. 

"Ok-aa-y" I stuttered. 

"Sorry." He said. 

"Just leave already." I said. 

He made a confusion look. "Dont you want to know why? and are you really okay with it?" 

"Harry we've been through this already. Just leave your making this harder for me. Because i'm just not gonna beg you. I'll admit it breaks my heart but who am i kidding? I should be used to this. Just leave now." i said.

"I Love You." He whispered.

"Stop fucking around with my emotions. I'm sick and tired of false devotion. Devote yourself to moving on or suck it up and let it go."And with that I opened the door and he walked out. and with him he took what was left of me. I sat against the door. Shit. I let it all go. Then i got a text from Nash. Yes Nash Grier. 

From Nash -"Hey i heard about what happened. are you okay?"

To Nash -"According to you what happened?"

From Nash- "Harry changed his status to single." 

To Nash - Oh, I'm Okay.


And with that i threw my phone across the room. This hurt so badly. I felt so.... so Used.

Fuck you. Harry Fucking Styles. 

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