Being me:This is me

Amelia has an tough life with dancing,bullies and family!She uses an diary to express her feelings and uses it too speak to people.


1. Welcome!!!!

Hello,my name is Amelia White and this is my diary! I'm 15 years old and everybody makes fun of me for loads of reasons loads i can't even explain!! I move school like every year and sometimes houses if i'm really getting bullied. I've never made friends because everybody uses me!I'm starting my new school today,I'm just hoping that I stay here because I moved to Hollywood from all the way from Australia. I live with my mum (Ellie),my dad (Simon) and my big brother (Josh). 

I want to make my family proud of me because I always have made them worried about getting bullied.Most of all I have made them sad because we had to leave our family behind ad friends as well.  I haven't got no talent I think... 

This time I'm staying till the end no matter what....................! 


Amelia x 

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