Being me:This is me

Amelia has an tough life with dancing,bullies and family!She uses an diary to express her feelings and uses it too speak to people.


2. My New School!

Hii,Today is going to be my first day of school.I kinda can't wait but I don't want to be bullied.I am going to wear my blue darkwash skinny jeans,my 'lucky' tee-shirt,my Nike trainers and a hoodie. 

Amelia x 


Hello,I just got back from school,boring and I didn't get bullied.May be because it's my first day! This girl called Sophia spoken to me and asked if I wanted to be her friend and I said yes.I'm working on this new song called 'Free' and it's going to be about not being bullied any more,by just being me! It's not that good to be honest but I don't really care!!! 

Amelia x 

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