Eternal Damnation

Jamie is a vampire. But not an ordinary one. A one of a kind species. She was eternally damned when she found out who she was. When she was eight, vampires mistook her adopted brother for her, and kidnapped her brother Jace. Now she's sixteen, and mad, and knows Jace last chance of survival is her. But, there is more in the dark side of the world, and vampires are disappearing without a trace. What is haunting vampires? and can Jamie save Jace before he's dead.


2. Jace and Sebastien

I apply the medical herbs on Corey, as I watched him groan quietly. I sit beside him, and watch him sleep. He looks so human, so beautiful. I was lucky that Corey couldn't read my mind. Corey could read minds, kind of like Edward out of twilight. But, not mine, and I could control people, change their moods, and make them do things that they would not want to do. It was a powerful gift, but a gift that could a lot of danger as well. I never wanted to hurt anyone, but I did. I killed my adopted parents, they were the only humans I killed, but humans who didn't deserve it. I also hurt Jace, by allowing Sebastien to hurt him, and now turn him into a vampire. I know when Jace told me he didn't care for me, that he did.

I don't love you, I never did.

I don't care for you.

I know that was Sebastien controlling Jace. I knew that wasn't the real Jace.

"I'm afraid Jamie. I'm scared." Corey whispers.

The poison in Corey was going, and now Corey was going to survive. However, Corey still had bad dreams, and slight headaches, which would soon be gone. I brush Corey silver hair, and feel his beautiful hair against my hands. Corey opens his eyes, to reveal his gorgeous green eyes, which look at me kindly.

"I love you Jamie." Corey tells me, holding my hand in his.

"i love you too Corey." I tell Corey, kissing his cheek gently.

Corey has been through so much, all because of me. I care for Corey, like I want to protect him.

"You won't give up will you. How that was one of the thing which I love most about you. You're going back to Jace and Sebastien, aren't you?" Corey asks me.

"You know I will." I tell Corey.

"Well, I'm coming too." Corey tells me, standing up.

"You're still sick, you need to recover." I tell Corey kindly.

"I'm fine, just bad dreams and a headache, but I will be fine. I have to go with you, to protect you, to make sure you don't do something which  can kill you." Corey tells me, grabbing hold of my hand.

"I know the one place, where I know that for sure we will find them." I reply.

"Where?" Corey questions me.

"My old home, it's the place Jace will be there, and I am sure wherever Jace is, Sebastien will definitely be with him." I reply.


We close our eyes, and we stand outside my old home. Teleportation. Another gift which vampires have. I look on the streets to make sure, there were no humans around. I look at my home, or what used to be home. The green door, and white walls invite me in. We open the door, and step in. Another thing, we don't need to be invited in, if nobody lives there. It's so dark, I reach for the light switch, and switch it on. The glow of the light shines on the room, making it seem alive. I look at my house, and know that someone is here. Sebastien. I run upstairs, Corey right behind me, and run towards my bedroom. I see Jace looking at me, a figure right behind him.


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