Eternal Damnation

Jamie is a vampire. But not an ordinary one. A one of a kind species. She was eternally damned when she found out who she was. When she was eight, vampires mistook her adopted brother for her, and kidnapped her brother Jace. Now she's sixteen, and mad, and knows Jace last chance of survival is her. But, there is more in the dark side of the world, and vampires are disappearing without a trace. What is haunting vampires? and can Jamie save Jace before he's dead.


1. Eternal Damnation

The wind blows ferociously, and the trees dance sinisterly, their twisting branches watch you, ready to wrap their claws around your necks. The moon is silver, shining amongst the dark sky. No stars are to be seen. My figure in the dark, impossible for any human to see. I'm hungry, the thirst for blood urges my fangs to come out. I drank the blood of an animal, earlier today. But, I know that animal blood holds no competition to human blood. It's human blood, that vampires like me read. Yes. I'm a vampire. I know you won't believe me, but I wouldn't either, if I wasn't one. I was born a vampire, not turned, so the vampires thirst has always been in me. But, only a year before on my fifteenth birthday, did it become too much. I'm a monster! I killed Jace's parents. They were like my parents too. I was adopted by Jace's parents when I was a few weeks baby, and Jace is my lovely adopted brother. But, we have always been like real siblings. My whole world broke down, when I was eight, Jace was eleven. It was at night, I couldn't sleep. I watched vampires mistook me for my brother, and took him away from me. It was my fault, the vampires had him now. I didn't know which ones had him, but whoever they were. I would get Jace back. I know Jace is still alive, waiting for someone to save him, and I'm his last option. The day I killed my adopted parents, I knew that the human inside me was dying out. The vampire inside of me was growing stronger inside of me, wanting me to rampage on humans, and drain all their blood out. But, I wouldn't let the monster inside of me win. I was on a mission. Vampires were disappearing. This was very unusual. I mean, what was hunting us out. Maybe, if I found out who was doing the hunting, maybe it could help me find Jace.


I didn't know who had Jace. But a name. Sebastien Black. I didn't know who he was. But, he was my actual brother. I had received a letter on my fifteenth birthday, telling me what I was, and that apparently he was my brother. A brother which I had never seen before. All, I could do was roam this land. I had been given details, which confirmed my suspicion that Sebastien was close by. I could feel a powerful pull, which I know could I only be him. I had a feeling, that if I found Sebastien. I would find Jace.


"Jamie. What are you doing" a familiar voice speaks out, and out steps from the darkness my friend Corey.

Corey was a vampire too, but he wasn't born a vampire. He was turned by Sebastien, my brother, and then abandoned. A monster in the making, luckily I had saved him, and took him under my wing. Corey was quite good looking, with silver hair, and green eyes that could pierce into a soul. He had full pink lips, which I knew would feel good to have your lips pressed against, and a nice angular face, and a broad figure.

"I'm just looking for him." I state as a fact.

"He's dangerous Jamie. Why are you looking for him, you don't know how dangerous he is?" Corey tells me.

"I do. He has Jace. Jace my adopted brother, who was always a better brother than Sebastien. Jace who was kidnapped because of me." I shout out desperately, if I could cry, I knew I would.


Vampires were nothing like in the twilight novels. Well, none I have seen. They are not as angelic as you hear Edward is, or kind as Esme is. They are mostly cruel, dangerous, and only think of themselves. The few which are good, hide out, knowing that the bad ones would hunt them down. The sun didn't hurt us, which was a fact which Stephenie Meyer got right, but we didn't sparkle either. We were just there, it hurt us a little, but nothing more than a burn, and as we got older, the burn decreased. Another thing, which in the twilight books was correct, was that we couldn't be seen in the mirror. No one knew the reason behind this. Also, being a vampire is much harder than you may think. In stories vampires are pale, elegant, but not all of us are like that. Vampires come in different colors and shapes, but were all deadly.


Corey walks towards me, and places his hand on my shoulder. I look at him, and I know he understands. After all, he had killed his family, all because of my brother.

"I understand Jamie. But, you have to be careful." Corey warns me.

"I'll be fine. We'll find him, and then I'll kill him." I say.

"Easy on tiger. That will much harder than you think. He's one of the most powerful vampires alive. He could kill you, in a flash of an eye." Corey tells me.

"Maybe now. But it's not impossible is it." I tell Corey, knowing the answer was yes.


A nauseating  stench fills the air, making my fangs slip out. I smell the air. Blood. The delicious copper smell of blood, calling to me like a beacon. The monster roars inside of me. My lips curl up in a smile, while my eyes roam around, looking for my prey.

"Blood!" I exclaim.

"Be careful Jamie, it could be a trap." Corey says, saliva dripping from a corner of his lip.

"I'm hungry, let's go." I tell Corey, before running fast.

I hunt the prey, my footsteps quiet but letting all other animals know, a predator is there. I smell the blood before I see it. Human blood. I gasp quietly, what I see in front of me shocks me. There tied up is a human girl, with copper colored hair in curls, blood trickling down her neck. I walk towards her, and see that someone has bitten her, vampire bite marks stand out on her pale skin. Blood. So much blood. I see Corey run towards the girl, and began drinking from the blood, before he begins spluttering.

"Corey!" I exclaim, watching Corey spit out the blood.

"It's toxic!" Corey gasps.

Suddenly a dark figure stands in the shadow, black hair, wearing black clothes.

"You're friend will be fine Jamie, just a little toxic. But, he'll be fine in a couple of days. You on the other hand won't be." the voice  tells me.

"Who are you?" I ask questionably, wondering who on earth would try and poison us.

A feeling of dread fills me, and fear haunts me. I know that whoever this person is, they are not friendly. Danger. Red alert. Something inside of me, tells me. I take a step back, knowing the answer before he replies. I know who it is, he found me.

"Jace. Hi Jam-Jam! How have you been? Sebastien will be so happy, his little sister is here." Jace says, before stepping out from the darkness.

"What happened to you Jace?" I ask cautiously.

"Sebastien turned me." Jace tells me, confirming the thought in my head.

"Jamie, don't talk to him, he's bad." Corey splutters out.

"Shut up Corey, bad is something which doesn't even seem anything compared to me." Jace snaps back.

"I" Corey begins to say.

I watch Jace hiss something, before Corey begins shaking vibrantly.

"Leave him alone, please Jace." I cry out loud.

I watch Corey stop shaking, and watch him look at me wide open, feeling very scared. That was exactly how I felt, looking at Jace. He scared me. But this was my Jace. My big brother. He wasn't scary. He wouldn't hurt me. He loved me.

"I came all the way to find you Jace. Whatever he has done to you, please understand Jace. I care for you." I tell Jace.

"Sebastien told me you would say all of this. You don't care for me, and I don't care for you." Jace snarls at me, showing off his fangs.

Panic hold me in its grasp, and I stare at Jace mesmerized, wondering what had happened to him, he became a vampire because of me. Jace. Oh Jace.

"Jace. I don't believe that. You're my brother. I love you." I reply.

"Well, believe it or not. It's true. Sebastien is you're brother too. You're real brother, and he wants me to tell you he loves you. But I don't love you, and never have." Jace shouts out loud.

"Jace." I say, uttering the word pleadingly.

"Also Sebastien wants me to tell you to get out of his way, or you'll end up hurt." Jace tells me.

"Why doesn't Sebastien tell me himself?" I ask.

"My master is busy, he's watching you Jamie. Beware!" Jace shouts out to me, before stepping back into the darkness.


I'll save you Jace.


You better watch out big brother.



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