Can Killers Love?

This story is about a girl named Violet who develops a love hate relationship with the one and only Jeff the Killer. What will happen when they meet? Will she fall for him or will they be enemies? Read to find out!


21. The war is over

*Violet's P.O.V*

After the water gun battle we were all wet. Yes, even BEN and Slender...although they didn't like that too much, just like I didn't like getting hit with water on the butt by L.J. in our war.We were laughing and having a good time talking about how some of us like Jeff, L.J., and myself kicked butt and how the others were terrible, even if they weren't.

Jeff and L.J. had to get wood for a fire so we could get warm, because Slender kept saying we'd get a cold without one. I sorta missed having those two beside me after they left. Oh, well. I began talking with Jane about what we brought to fix for everybody to eat.

"If we get everybody to fix their own hot dog, all we'd have to do is get the baked beans cooked," I say.

"That's a great idea! Slender can cook Sally's so she doesn't have to. Now, where is that pan for the beans?" She replies as she starts searching for the pan. "Vi! Guess what I grabbed before we left!" She yells excitedly.

"Uh, I dunno," I say, not really wanting to guess for hours.

She stands up straight and puts her hands on her hip. "You have to make at least one guess," she says sassily.

I sigh in defeat, "OK, fine." What could she have grabbed? It could be anything. I can't even think since I'm so hungry. Oh, you know what would be good right now, chocolate! Maybe she got some before we left the mansion. "Chocolate?" I ask hesitantly.

"Yeah! Don't forget the marshmallows and graham crackers for the rest of the s'mores."

"Great! I could use a good s'more right now, if those boys ever get back with the fire wood." As soon as I finish my sentence, Jeff and L.J. come tripping out of the woods.

*Jeff's P.O.V*

Jack and I were out getting fire wood for everybody and I couldn't stop thinking of how I felt about Violet today. I just want to be around her and hang out more. She's also different then what I first thought she was like. I thought of her as a sister, but now I'm not sure what she is. She seems prettier and I just--I don't know anymore, and I don't like this feeling but it is sorta nice at the same time. I need to stop thinking about this and just get the fire wood. I can think about it later.

"I think we have enough wood, Jeff," L.J. says while looking around. I only nod in response and start to head back. When we get to the edge of the woods, L.J. trips over nothing and we both stumble out of the woods, looking like idiots. Thanks Jack! Way to make me look stupid in front of Vi...even though I don't care because she is JUST a friend and nothing more.

"Thanks for getting the wood. Now we just need a fire and we'll be all set!" Violet exclaims looking straight at me.

L.J. chuckles and sets his wood down, "I'll build you a fire if I get something in return." He winks at her, causing her to blush. Are you kidding me! No! He can back off!

"I'll gladly build you a fire, without you having to give me anything," I say as I build the sticks up. He won't get anything from Violet while I'm here! I have to protect her from him. He'll use her if she's not careful. Who knows what he would do to her.

I light a match and get the fire going, and start to warm my hands when Violet walks over. She gets the baked beans started and gives everybody a hot dog on a stick to cook, besides Sally. When she hands me my stick, she gives me that sweet smile of hers that lights up a room. "Thank you." she says.

I look a little startled when I ask, "For what?"

"You saved me from that awkward moment with L.J. Who knows where that would have gone," she says with a laugh.

I hold my hot dog into the fire, "It was nothing." I watch her in the corner of my eye as she passes out the beans. She's so selfless, always thinking of others before herself.

She finally gets her food when I sit to eat. "Don't forget, we have stuff to make s'mores with for dessert!" she yells as she sits to eat.

Tonight has been fun with getting out of the house and not having the cops called on us. I only have one thing bothering me out here in the middle of no where. What does Violet do to me? My heart starts beating fast and I get a little nervous around her. I always have to look cool and collected around her and she makes me want to just kiss her! I can't be feeling this because of her. She's a friend that is like a sister, right? If she's a sister then I shouldn't be feeling like this for her. What is this feeling? If it's what I think it is, I'm in trouble. I can't fall in love. Killers can't love. Is this love? Does she feel the same? I need to speak to Slender about this, 'cause this isn't normal.


Author's Note

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry it's taking so long to update!! I swear, a lot of stuff has been going on lately and I am trying to update more. I'm currently writing the next chapter, so please don't give up on me. I want to thank all of you who have put up with my crazy story from the beginning, with all the slow updates. You guys are the best! I love each one of you! Xoxoxo

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