Can Killers Love?

This story is about a girl named Violet who develops a love hate relationship with the one and only Jeff the Killer. What will happen when they meet? Will she fall for him or will they be enemies? Read to find out!


22. The talk.

*Violet's P.O.V*

Hanging out with everybody the other day was fun. It was a real bonding experience with everyone . . . except Jeff. I feel like it drove us apart for some reason and that bothers me. I don't like being away from him but it's like he's avoiding me.

And, he's also been very distant lately around everybody. I hate this.

I've been hiding in my room today just to think about all of it. I don't think anybody realizes something is wrong. I haven't eaten as much as I normally would and I have this awful feeling in my chest. It's like we are meant to be around each other.

Whatever is going on, has to stop. I can't handle this anymore. I need to get off my butt and do something.

I get up and get dressed in some jeans, my Black Veil Brides shirt and matching bracelets. What will I even do? I guess I could go hang out with BEN, so that's exactly what I do.

*Jeff's P.O.V*

I decided that today would be the day I talk to Slender about what's going on with Violet. I am currently waiting for him in his office but I don't think he's coming. I've been waiting here for twenty minutes already! What could he be doing!? Oh, never mind. He's just walked in.

"Good morning, Jefferey. How can I help you?" He says as he sits behind the desk.

"Well, I need to talk to you about something really important. You see, I have been feeling weird lately and I don't know what it is that's making me feel this way." I explain and he laughs.

He laughed at me! What does he think he's doing, laughing at me!? I could easily slit his throat right now!

"Jeff, what exactly is the feeling towards?"

"A person of course!" He just keeps getting me more mad then I was before!

"I knew it. Jeff, there is not one thing to worry about. You are simply in love with her."

"But I can't be! I think of her as a sister!"

"A sister, or something more then that?"

Crap. He's right. She does mean more to me then just a sister. I sigh, "Whatever. I knew I shouldn't have come to you." I can't be around him anymore, or I'll try to kill him.

I get up and walk out to the living room and that's when I see it. She's kissing BEN's cheek! Violet is kissing him. He isn't forcing her! What's going on?

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