Can Killers Love?

This story is about a girl named Violet who develops a love hate relationship with the one and only Jeff the Killer. What will happen when they meet? Will she fall for him or will they be enemies? Read to find out!


20. The Beach

*Violet's P.O.V*

The girls and I have been hanging out more lately. Ever since I told them about what happened between Jeff and I, they won't stop bugging me about it.

I honestly don't know if I like him. Sure, he is nice but, I don't think I'd date him anytime soon. The thing is, if I did date him and it didn't work out, one of us would more likely leave the mansion. I know he wouldn't go because he was here first, but I really like this place. I feel welcome here and loved. The only true friend I have are here too. If I were to look at the pros and cons, I think the cons would win. This can wait a while.

We're supposed to go to some secret beach area in 30 minutes.Slender is taking all of us to the beach, and when I say all, I mean all. He's forcing BEN to go, even if he just sits on the sand no where near the water. I can't wait to go! I have been sitting on the couch wearing a tee shirt and shorts with my beach bag all ready to go. The guys aren't very excited about going, but I'm sure they'll be okay with it when they start the water gun battle.

I wait patiently until I hear Slender say, "Let us go, Children."

~Time skip~

We just arrived at the beach, and it is hot! I can't wait to swim in the crystal blue water. I set my bag down next to Slender and quickly take my clothes off, to reveal my red, black, and white bikini. I race into the water and splash around with Jane. I can already tell, today is going to be fun.

*Jeff's P.O.V*

When we got to the beach, the only thing I could think about was the water gun battle. That was, until Violet pulled her clothes off. I forgot about the battle as I stared at her thinking, She's so beautiful. I quickly snap out of it, reminding myself that she probably doesn't like me.

I take off my shirt and throw it at BEN, who is setting up his area with food. He's a wimp to be so scared of water. I grab my gun and run to the water to fill it up. While I'm filling it up, I can't help but notice Vi looking at LJ and smiling that bright smile of hers at him while they talked.

I knew it, of course she doesn't like me. I'll just forget about her. She isn't important. I don't need her. I look down with shame in my eyes, of course that's not true but I need to believe that all of it is true.

I pull my gun out of the water and shoot LJ in the face. Now I'll forget about her, if that's even possible. My attention is caught after I get hit in the stomach by Toby.

I smirk.

"I'm gonna kick your butt, Toby!" I yell before running after him. This is how the war started but I know I'm going to win it.

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