Can Killers Love?

This story is about a girl named Violet who develops a love hate relationship with the one and only Jeff the Killer. What will happen when they meet? Will she fall for him or will they be enemies? Read to find out!


3. Meeting the Pastas

*Violet's P.O.V*

Where am I? I just woke up in a strange room with all my stuff here. The last thing I remember was getting my stuff so I could leave town, when everything went black. I was looking out the window at the forest?

"Morning beautiful."

"My name is Violet and where am-ahhh!" I screamed when I turned around, because right behind me was Jeff.

"Sh! Do you want to Go. To. Sleep."

I pushed him over and ran out the door. "Someone keep him away from me!"

"Don't worry Child. We won't hurt you." said a deep, silky voice.


"Yes, Child, but you can call me Slender. What is your name?"


"Her name is Violet. Keep her away from me or she is dead." Jeff said as he walked away.

"Child, this is Ben, Hoodie, Masky, Sally, Toby, Mike, and Eyeless Jack, but you can call him E.J. Or Jack. " Slenderman gestured to each person as he said their name.

"Nice to meet you, but please don't let Jeff near me." I said.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you from Jeff if you give me one of your kidneys." E.J. said.

"Um... can it be a kidney from someone else, cause I want my kidney."


"I'll get you a kidney next time I go out." I sat on the couch just as Jeff walked back in. Great, he is look for a seat and the only one available is the one beside me.

"Goodness." I whispered.

Toby heard me and came to my rescue. "Hey Vi, do you mind going with me to town? I need to get some stuff and I thought I'd show ya around."

"Um. I'd love to go as long as no cops find me." Mental face palm. How dumb can I get, there are no cops in creepypasta land.

"Ha ha, yeah your funny." said Toby. We got up and left in the truck. 

*Jeff's P.O.V*

I made her scream, she hates me. Well I hate her too! No I don't. I can't hate her, but she drives me crazy. Toby asked her to go to town with him as soon as I was about to sit down next to her. I am mad! I could have made her less scared, but Toby had to ruin it! They left after that.

"So she was the one that cut you? " Ben asked. "She doesn't look scary, but your right, she is pretty."

"Say away from her. She likes Toby." It hurt me to say that, I was a little jealous.

"Suuuuure, that's why." Ben was teasing me.

"Whatever" I started to sharpen my knife.

"Excuse me, but does she know why she is here?" Sally said.

"No, but we are going to tell her tomorrow before breakfast to she how she will responded."

"Oh, will she be my new sister?"

"I don't know Sally. But I hope so." I mumbled the last part under my breath. I really want her to stay. How will she react tomorrow? 

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