Can Killers Love?

This story is about a girl named Violet who develops a love hate relationship with the one and only Jeff the Killer. What will happen when they meet? Will she fall for him or will they be enemies? Read to find out!


9. Avoiding people is hard!

*Violet's P.O.V*

Last night was crazy. I nearly had to sit on Jeff's lap next to Toby, when Sally came to my rescue. She wanted me to play with her till she had to go to bed. I went to bed after playing with her, because I didn't want to have to hang out with Offender. He is such a creep! I woke up with a terrible thought. What if Offender stayed the night?

I got dressed in a pair of blue jean shorts that came down to the knee and a black shirt that said "SMILE" in white, with the smiling emoji on it. As I headed down to breakfast, I ran into Sally, who looked like she needed some help. "Morning, Sally. Need some help with something?"

"Yes! I want to do my hair different than I normally do it, but I don't know what to do."

"Well, I can do a french braid or a fishtail, if you would like. It would look cute with your hair color."

"A fishtail would be fine." I started a quick but neat job, and finished with two minutes to spare.

"Thank you so much. I love it!" She seemed really excited for no reason.

We headed down to breakfast where everyone, even Offender, was sitting. I guess they did spend the night. As I sat down I heard a slight whisper that, apparently, no one else heard but Sally. It was Hoodie saying, 'Your hair looks nice, Sally.' When she heard that she started to blush a light pink. Aw. How cute! Someone has a crush...maybe Jeff can help me get them together? He does seem like the best one for the job. My thoughts were interrupted by Slender and Splendor bringing out the food and my stack of waffles a foot high.

After breakfast, I went straight to the living room to get a seat so I wouldn't have to sit on anyone's lap. Lucky me! There were two seats open that I could choose, where I wouldn't have to worry about Toby, but I would either have to sit by Offender or Jeff. Being the smart person I am, I choose the lesser of to evils. Jeff.

"What are we doing today?" Toby asked.

"Lazy day with a killing spree!" Jeff and I yelled at the same time. Freaky!

"Um, okay. Whatever you guys want."

"Let me go change. I don't want blood all over my legs."

*Jeff's P.O.V*

It was pretty cool how Vi and I yelled the same thing at the same time. That's what makes her great, besides her purple hair. She gets me.

We split up in groups of two, and to my surprise she said I was her partner. Violet picked the house, so we sneaked in. She crawled through the doggie door and unlocked the door for me. After we had killed the teen boy, little girl, and parents that lived there, we went back to the mansion to begin our lazy day.

"Violet, can I ask you something?"


"Why did you sit by me earlier and choose me as your partner instead of Toby? Not to be rude or anything."

"Well, to tell you the truth, I'm avoiding Offender as much as I can, because you know how he is. Toby, well, I kinda found out that he likes me and the feelings are not mutual. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, avoiding people you live with. Don't let Toby know about this, please."

"Okay, sure."

"Oh, and one more thing. I need your help to get Hoodie and Sally together."

"I can help with that, but we need to focus on avoiding Offender and Toby, first." It made me happy that she can come to me to avoid people, and get people together. I am so happy she doesn't like Toby, and who would like Offender anyway? Now to be happy.




Author's Note:

How are you my Killer Nobodies? Well I just wanted to say, you guys are amazing and you brighten my day when I see your positive comments. I love you all even if I don't know you personally. I read EVERY comment even when I don't reply. I appreciate your feedback. Shout out to @Raven_THE_slytherin for just being awesome! Oh and I would like to know how many of you actually have heard of Dalton Rapattoni, and if you looked him up. If you have never heard of 'Disney Dudez' you need to watch that video on youtube! Well, enough of my rambling.


Melody<3 xoxoxoxo

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