Can Killers Love?

This story is about a girl named Violet who develops a love hate relationship with the one and only Jeff the Killer. What will happen when they meet? Will she fall for him or will they be enemies? Read to find out!


15. Announcement.

*Violet's P.O.V*

I woke up in my bed. It's funny though, because I fell asleep on Toby's lap at the party.

Last night was fun. When I was in the closet with Toby, he asked me to give him a chance to be my boyfriend. I really had no reason not to say no, so I agreed. Maybe he will leave me alone when this doesn't work out. 

I got dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans and a yellow ruffled top. I put my hair in a bun, with a cute orange ribbon. Today is the day we tell them we are dating. Hopefully, this goes well. I walked downstairs and sat next to Toby for breakfast.

After a delicious stack of pancakes, Toby stood up to tell them. "Violet and I are going to be dating."

"When did this happen?" Slender asked us, with a hint of anger.

"Last night at the party," Toby answered simply. As soon as he said that, I blushed a deep red thinking of what happened in the closet.


I walked into the pitch black closet with worry. What if something happens in here that I don't want to happen, like me actually liking him, or kissing him. The thought of us actually kissing was pretty bad, but at least I didn't throw up. I made my way to the corner and sat down.

"Violet, give me a chance. I just want to make you happy." he begged immediately.

I hesitated before answering. "Fine, but if it doesn't work for me I will break up with you."

"Yes!" The next thing I knew, I felt a warm body right next to me and his soft, warm lips on mine.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. At first, the kisses were gentle and slow, but as time went by, they got rougher and more heated. I ran my fingers through his hair, and wrapped my arms around his neck as he pushed me back against the wall. He removed his lips from mine and started to trail kisses down my neck.           

"One minute left!" someone shouted. Toby lets out an annoyed groan. We pull apart, and quickly smoothed our hair and rumpled clothes. I wonder where this would have gone if we had more time.

*End of Flashback!*

Looks like I completely zoned out for awhile, because everyone except, Sally, Hoodie, and Masky, had left. I quickly threw my dishes in the sink, and ran to sit on Toby's lap.

"Toby and Violet, please come with me," Slender said, as soon as I sat down. I wonder what we did? We followed him to his office and sat.

"You two should have asked me first." Slender said, without preamble. "I don't want you dating and it not work. If that happens there will be constant fighting, and I will not allow it."

"Ugh! Why can't we just try. I told him it probably won't work, but to make him happy, I agreed. If I didn't he probably wouldn't leave me alone for the rest of my life." I stormed out of the room.

As I left, I had heard Toby say, "It's true."

I went straight to the living room to sit down. I plopped down next to Jeff, with my arms crossed in anger. I know, why be mad? I could get rid of Toby for good. I honestly don't know why I'm upset, but I think it has to do with the fact that we just started dating last night.

*Jeff's P.O.V*

"Everything okay?" I asked and upset looking Violet.

"Yeah, but Slender is being a retard. He was yelling at us for dating because he didn't want us constantly fighting after we broke up. He said, and I quote, 'I will not allow it.'. So now Toby probably won't ever stop asking me to give him a chance. Also we haven't officially broke up."

"That sucks." I wish I could comfort her, but she's still Toby's girlfriend, which means it's his problem. Then I got an idea. "I got some tickets for that band that you like. What is it? Um...I'm 5?"

Violet giggled at me, so I knew I was wrong. She is so cute when she giggles.

Snap out of it Jeff!

"It's IM5," she corrected me. "I would love to go! It would be so much fun, but how would you hide yourself?"

"I'll think of something," I assured her.

This is great! Now all I have to do is get some tickets somehow.

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