Demon Love

There was a Girl named Jade and she is 15 years old. She was very cold og she had black hair and blue eyes. When she was little died her parents or should i say they become killed. Jade hates demons because they killed her parents. One Day at the School saw jade a boy. He had black hair and red eyes. He looks Like a model. Jade didn't just see him she saw a man too. There was blood the man was dead. Jade run away from there.
The other Day at the School was there a new student. It was the guy from yesterday. He's name is Eric.


3. What The Hell!?

The Next Day


''What's with him? Argh. What the hell does he mean, I'ii make you fall for me.'' Jade thought to herself. She was so angry that she was about to yell but then she could hear something coming. She opened her's bedroom door and go down quietly. The sound came from the kitchen. She walked toward the kitchen. '' Maybe it was Eric. If it's him, I will kill him'' she thought. 

She came to the kitchen. She could see a person but the person was a girl. The person turned and looked at Jade with cake in her mouth. Jade could tell her it was Melissa. She had completely forgotten that Melissa has a key to her house. ''Melissa, what ya' doin'. I thought it was the new Guy, Eric. You scared me, don't you ever come in without telling again'' Jade said to Melissa. 

''Oh. sowwy. i. wass hungr and my phone is gon again'' Melissa said with her mouth full of cake. ''And what do you mean with 'I Thought that it was the new guy, Eric'? Does he have a crush on you'' Melissa asked and stared at Jade with her BIG green eyes like she wanted to eat her. 

''No!'' Jade said. ''Then what it is?'' asked Melissa. Jade told her everything. Melissa stared at Jade a few minutes. ''Hahaha. What Ya' talkin' about? Jade.'' she laughed. Jade looked at her really angry. Melissa knew that if Jade looked really angry if she didn't believed what she said means that Jade was right!. 

''I can believe it. Is he really a demon?....Wait he said that he will make you fall for him! Right? Why would he say that. I think he has a crush on you!'' Said Melissa and smirked to Jade. ''Shut it. He's a demon. Demon's don't have heart'' Jade said and smirked back. ''Then why do you think that he want you to fall for him?'' Melissa said. ''How should i know. Like i care anyway. He can just kiss my a**... '' Jade said with a really angry voice.

There has gone 2 hours and Melissa was about to go home. They walked to the door. Melissa took her's shoes on and walked out of the house. When Jade closed the door and was about to go to her room  the doorbell rings. ''Argh did she forget something again'' Jade said to herself. She walked back to the door and opened it.  when she opened the door it, was not Melissa but Eric. 

''What the, why is he here. Noway he's here!!'' Jade thought to herself. ''What a-are you doin' here? what do you want?'' Jade said. ''I know everything about you. I know your parents too and that they become killed by a demon!'' Eric said. ''So w-wh-what?'' He looked at her with he's red eyes. He took her towards his body and hugged her. Jade was shocked. ''What the hell'' she said. ''Jade'' Eric whispered in her ears. ''W-what?'' She was scared. ''You.......You don't remember me from 8 years ago?'' Eric asked. What does he mean by that'' Jade thought. 





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