Demon Love

There was a Girl named Jade and she is 15 years old. She was very cold og she had black hair and blue eyes. When she was little died her parents or should i say they become killed. Jade hates demons because they killed her parents. One Day at the School saw jade a boy. He had black hair and red eyes. He looks Like a model. Jade didn't just see him she saw a man too. There was blood the man was dead. Jade run away from there.
The other Day at the School was there a new student. It was the guy from yesterday. He's name is Eric.


2. New student

the next day woke Jade up to go to school. She took her uniform on and she went towards to the kitchen to eat breakfast. when she was finished, she went to the door and took off her's shoes and locked the door. She took her's bike this time because she was afraid that there will be a person after her. She couldn't stop thinking about what happened yesterday. 

Now she's at school and then there came a voice behind her. ''JADE!''. She looked behind her and she could see her friend Melissa behind her running. 

''Long time no see!'' Melissa said. ''Hi'' Jade said. 

''seriously, don't you have something else to say than hi?'' 

''Why should i?'' Jade said. ''argh you're so cold Jade''  Melissa said to Jade. Melissa looked around like a dog to do. When she saw the look on Jade, she sees that Jade try and escape from her. 

'' HEY!. Wait for me!'' she shouted. 

''Jade?'' said melissa.


''Did you now that their will come a new student in our class? and it is a boy. I hope that he's hot! said melissa with her ​​big beautiful green eyes.

Melissa was one of the girls who was popular with boys and love love. She is Jade's best friend. She was always trying and get Jade to fall in love or find a guy for her. She is beautiful and very crazy when it's about boys and love. Jade has never had a boyfriend or kissed a boy actually, she has never been in love before..

''No. I didn't know!?'' Jade said to melissa. 

 Now they are in class and the bell rang. Everyone had to sit at their seats. Miss. Wilson came into the class room and there was someone with her. '' Good morning students'' she said. '' Today we have a new student. Would you please tell us about yourself'' she said to the boy. 

''My name is Eric Caym, I'm 16 years old.''


All the students looked at him and thought wow he's hot and cool. Jade looked at him with a strange look. She could recognize him. He's the boy from yesterday. Jade was quite scared when she saw him again. Eric looked at her with a smile and walked toward her. ''Hello...Jade'' He said.Everybody looked at Jade. ''Jade.Eric. Do you know each other?'' Miss. Wilson asked. 

''No. no we don't Miss...umm Eric please follow me just for a second'' Jade said.  She took his arm and run out of the class. They ran to a classroom that was empty. And then they stop. 

''Who are you. And how do you know my name....wait you're the guy from yesterday? Right? What do you want with me?'' She asked. ''Are you a demon? you had a sword with you and it was bloody. Your tattoo glowed red. Your eyes had many dots!!. seriously what are you?'' she said. She was little scared. 

''Himpf. I'm a demon. Yes i am a demon. Are you scared? You saw me and because of that you have to fall for me just like everyone else do. That's what i want!'' Eric said.


''Hm. you heard me. If not I willl do something so you will forget your memories and who you are.'' he said. ''I'll make you fall in love with me''

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