Demon Love

There was a Girl named Jade and she is 15 years old. She was very cold og she had black hair and blue eyes. When she was little died her parents or should i say they become killed. Jade hates demons because they killed her parents. One Day at the School saw jade a boy. He had black hair and red eyes. He looks Like a model. Jade didn't just see him she saw a man too. There was blood the man was dead. Jade run away from there.
The other Day at the School was there a new student. It was the guy from yesterday. He's name is Eric.


1. At School

Jade was on her way home from school at 19:30. She was up at the school at that time because there was something important she needed to do. When she was done, she would home. She was crazy tired. On the way home, she could hear a sound from behind the school.

There was a screaming sound. ''It sounds like a guy or a man'' she thought. 

she followed the sound. 

when she got there she saw a man. 

''Please leave me alone'' the man said to someone. ''Please please'' 

After a few minutes  she could not hear the man speak. She walked a little closer to see what happened and why the man is quiet. As she came closer she saw a boy. but she saw not only the boy she also saw a man lying on the ground and there was blood everywhere. The boy's head turned to her and he looked at her. The boy's eyes was red. He did not have a dot but a dash and 5 black dots. It was like a wolf's eyes.

''Who are you?'' The boy asked Jade. Jade was afraid to answer him so she ran away. ''It was definitely a demon'' she thought. The reason why Jade think that the guy was a demon was because he had a weird tattoo and the tattoo looked like a dragon but the dragon tattoo eyes glowed red. It was scary. Oh Yeah when Jade was little her parents died or we can say they become killed. It was a demon that killed them. Jade could actually see that it was a demon because the man's eyes were red and had 4 black dots. He had a sword with him too. 

Jade finally came home and she was tired. She ran too much and far. She went to her's room and lay down on the bed and slept. She could not really sleep. She kept thinking of that boy. 


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