a poem of love

a poem about love written by my elder brother back when he was at highschool, he's such an inspiration and personally i fell in love with what he wrote. so plz read, like, and enjoy


1. a poem of love

You stole my heart

In a handless way

You queen of bright

In a moonless night

Speak to me daily

Because i feel badly

Like missing your smily

Little teeth's white


Let's sore into the eternal love

Let's leave our feeling guide us

We'll see the perfection coming to us

In a character of a dove


Let's go for a walk

Or fly like a hawk

With wings made of love

In an attempt to reach the sky


Each day i love you more

So don't keep me waiting for

The best solution of the war

Which i'm living all alone

Which kills me to the bone

The number of your phone


I need to see your eyes

So don't say goodbye

To me, the luckiest guy

Who loved you for free


So why can't our love be

the perfect one, troubles free

From everywhere, they came to see

How we are able to fly

How we can reach the sky

By using our perfect and high

      degrees of love


Like the child's innocence

I loved you a lot since

The first time i saw you

And my love will never die

You don't have to be shy

from the feelings that you

Have for me inside you

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