In The Mind Of A Shadow

Once apon a time, the clouds and the stars shared the same sky.

And then there was night.

And then there was darkness.

And with it came me.



1. The Twelfth Hour,

The night will know me now. The night will know me never. 

I am just another colourless shade of extinct earth. Unourished. Devoured by the night. But always there. Forever. But no-one knows me, even if I am part of every single one of those breathing beings. I will have that breath. During the twelfth hour.

I have a mind, a heart, a soul. Though my conscience belongs to the night's sky. Pure navy. Sometimes there is a burning within me, a small white ball of fire. It's flames threatening to extinguish my dark life. Those flames are stars. Those flames are inside me, because one day I will be that midnight sky. I will own those stars, and I will make all light.


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