Love Lilly

Ever since her farther died, Lilly has been writing to him in hope that one day he would return.

When problems start happening at school Lilly is questioning her own life. Her mother is desperate for Lilly to give one last chance or the family will fall apart. Lilly decides there's one thing in the world that means a lifetime to her-the boy with the Hazelnut hair.


5. Ultra Violet and Bell

Dear Dad

I was walking Digbee yesterday and you will not believe what I saw! On one of the street lamps there was a poster, with a picture of Jake and his gang. I stared at it for a while until Digbee barked for me to keep moving. At the top of the page it said: 

Don't miss out on their tour around England! 

Book tickets now to see Ultra Violet play in the London 

Concert this Sunday!!

I couldn't believe it! Jake was in a band! I ran with Digbee all the way to Jake's house. I could see his parents weren't home so I let myself in and ran up to Jake's bedroom. "Why didn't you tell me?!" I yelled, confused with the mixture of happiness and anger. He looked at me blankly. "You're in a band?!" He sighed. "Well, cause," He looked calm but sad. "cause, I guess, you wouldn't have wanted to get to know me. You would just think 'Oh, he's just one of them hair gel kids that chase after girls.' I wanted to get to know you cause, you know, you're cool and stuff." "Me? Cool?" I raised my eyebrows as I sat on his bed. I heard a bark coming from downstairs and Digbee immediately sprinted for the source of the noise. I looked at Jake. "You have a dog?" "Yeah," He smiled. "her name's Bell." I smiled back and me, Jake, Digbee and Bell set off along the pavement. "It was Sarah's funeral yesterday." Jake said. He seemed different, no tears, yet something else, something worse. "I wasn't invited." I stopped and stared at him. "What? But-" "I know. I gave her flowers and sang to her, but then I got asked to leave." I held his hand. "That's horrible.." I said, looking at the ground. He looked at me. "Oh, I forgot," I said as getting out with present. "It's for you. I know you're going through a tough time and all as you really loved her and things-" "Thanks." He smiled and hugged me. I smiled too. "I wasn't so depressed cuz of Sarah's death, it was cuz at the funeral, it seemed Sarah had a boyfriend, who wasn't me." "What...? She was cheating on you?" Something burned inside me. The same feeling as when I heard of your death, dad. This boy had been through too much pain. I understand him-but I don't. I'm so confused. I looked at the ground. "She was." He said. He turned around and ran with Bell in his arms back to his house. "Wait!" I shouted after him. He ignored me and slammed the door shut. I don't know what to do dad. Most parents would say "Give him some space, things like this take time." but I can't give him space. Every time he comes near me, it's like I have to be with him. I had I dream about him last night. He was wearing black jeans with spikes. I narrowed my eyes confused. He started smashing mirrors. Covered in blood he continued, screaming and yelling. I yelled at him, begging him to stop. He ran to me with a piece of glass in his blood-dripping hand. I wasn't scared of being stabbed. I wanted him to stop. He dropped the bit of glass and slowly stepped closer to be until I could feel his breath. I put my hand on his bear skin above his heart and made my way across. I woke up with my hand in my hair, panting. No! That's not going to come true! Is it? I don't know! Dad?

Love Lilly

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